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Refined Sugar and Me — The Complete Series

refined sugar and me graphic

Here’s the complete list of posts from the Refined Sugar and Me series, and I’ll continue to update here when new posts are available. To be honest, I completely fell off the wagon with this in the covid-19 era (and am feeling the results), so have been going back through this series to remind me of the process and with the determination to get back on track.

How are you all doing? Has the covid 15 (or 20…) crept up on you as well?

Refined Sugar and Me

This series was originally intended to be weekly — I ended up skipping weeks (and months…) here and there, but here’s every Refined Sugar and Me post, so that you can read the whole series in order! I may start a new one here soon as we get closer to the end of our endless 2020.

added sugars in ingredient lists
I will not emotionally eat today graphic
social eating, sugar, and societal expecations
new nutrition labels postponed
box of cherries
before and after photos