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Top 11 Mashup Mom Recipes 2021

Let’s look back on some foodie favorites: Here are the top eleven recipes on Mashup Mom over the past year. (Why not top ten? Because this one goes to eleven!)

top eleven recipes on mashup mom in 2021

Happy almost 2022! We’ve finally about made it through another long year (good BYE, 2021!) So while we’re looking forward to 2022, let’s look back on some of the foods that helped us through. 

This year’s top 11 recipes have been collected from a mix of page views, comments, shares, and Pinterest engagement — with an eye towards a little variety, as well.

Top eleven Mashup Mom Recipes, 2021 edition

From Meatless Monday meals to quintessential comfort food, these top recipes from 2021 run the gamut.

andouille sausage pasta

A later entry this year (but an instant favorite for many!), one pot creamy andouille sausage pasta has just a bit of a kick — but, cheddar and cream cheeses work together to smoothe that out nicely. So easy and so flavor packed; I’ll be making this one again and again.

Speaking of again and again, chicken with chunky mango-tomato salsa is a lovely & fresh weeknight dinner recipe. I especially look forward to cooking this one up again next summer, when mangoes and tomatoes are ripe and in season.

naan pizza with zucchini

And speaking of fresh produce, naan pizza with pesto, zucchini, and tomatoes makes for just the prettiest Meatless Monday dinner. Light, yet filling, this easy naan pizza gets its flavor from thinly sliced zucchini, fresh tomatoes, and a dash of prepared pesto.

smoked salmon ricotta frittata

This next one works equally well for brunch, lunch or dinner. Versatile and filling, my smoked salmon, avocado, & ricotta frittata pairs creamy avocado & mild ricotta with the salty goodness of smoked salmon.

If you prefer your eggy pie with a crust (or are looking for a vegetarian option), try a hearty & filling spinach ricotta quiche, instead. Featuring fresh spinach & tomatoes, this colorful quiche packs in plenty of veggies, and plenty of flavor!

Another deliciously vegetarian option, cheese tortellini with broccoli & tomatoes takes just 20 minutes to throw together on a busy weeknight. Jazz up refrigerated tortellini, and it can become a complete, filling meal.

2021 wouldn’t be complete without a new favorite soup recipe, and an easy salsa verde chicken soup fits the bill. Spicy comfort food goodness, this super simple soup makes good use of leftover cooked chicken + salsa.

jalapeno popper chicken chili

Soup’s heartier cousin also steps up to the plate in 2021, with this next flavor explosion of a recipe. Instant Pot jalapeño popper chicken chili kicks up traditional white chicken chili a bit, giving it the flavor of a jalapeño popper plus the filling heartiness of a chili, all in one pot.

Oh, and speaking of the Instant Pot, here’s the top side dish recipe of the year: These everything bagel Instant Pot potatoes are one of the kids’ favorites! Deliciously creamy, delightfully easy, and dependably good — plus, just so easy to throw together.

sausage, peppers, and pierogies

No yearly recipe roundup would be complete without a sheet pan dinner, so let’s revisit sheet pan sausage, peppers, and pierogies (oh my). A hearty one pan meal, this recipe mashes up the classic comfort food vibe of pierogies with the traditional flavor of sausage, peppers, and onions.

italian chicken sandwich

Our last recipe of the year is somewhat less photogenic, but five ingredient slow cooker Italian chicken makes up for it in ease and juiciness. Throw this one into your slow cooker, go about your business for hours, then come back and shred for the simplest Italian chicken sandwiches ever.

There you have it — the top 11 recipes on Mashup Mom this past year

Comment and let me know your own favorite recipe picks over the last year, or let’s just chat about what you’d like to see more of on Mashup Mom in 2022! For older favorites, see also:

What Mashup Mom recipes do you keep coming back to from years gone by?


Wednesday 29th of December 2021

I missed the Instant Pot Jalapeno Chicken Chili the first time, I am definitely trying this tonight for dinner!


Wednesday 22nd of December 2021

My fav mash up mom meals are pork butt slow cooker recipe for pork tacos and then using it to make taquitos. Family fav of my mom and husband. I do like sausage cheesy pasta a lot that you have on list. Also, just made kielbasa white bean soup and it was amazing! My husband looked at me skeptical and then was sold after one bite. Paired well with tortilla ships and cream cheese keeps it from being too spicy. Love all your recipes. Super easy to make and saves us tons of money. Love Aldi! Found you from Dave Ramsey follower online talking about using your free meal plan recipes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Gainesville, Florida!