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Top Ten Mashup Mom Recipes 2022

Let’s look back on some foodie favorites from 2022: Here are the top ten recipes on Mashup Mom over the past year, from homemade poke bowls to loaded potato pizza.

top ten mashup mom recipes from 2022 --

It’s been a good eating year, if nothing else! I had fun looking back on this year’s recipes and picking out some faves, and hope that you’ve had fun cooking up and eating some of these over the past year.

These top ten new recipes have been selected from a mix of recipe views, comments, shares, Facebook interactions, and Pinterest engagement — with an eye towards a little variety, as well.

Top ten Mashup Mom Recipes 2022

ahi tuna poke bowl

One of my own personal favorites (and one that the kids just love), homemade ahi tuna poke bowls are super fresh, super easy, super customizable, and so much cheaper than buying at a restaurant. This weeknight dinner fave only takes 30 minutes to throw together; just be sure to thaw the tuna overnight in the fridge so that it’s ready to go when you’re ready to eat.

loaded potato pizza

Speaking of kid-friendly favorites, loaded potato naan pizza is another 30 minute family pleasing weeknight dinner idea! Combining everything you love about a loaded baked potato with everything you love about a personal pizza, some creamy garlic herb spread meets plenty of potatoes, cheddar, bacon bits, and green onion. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

rosemary chicken & white bean soup

And speaking of combining recipe favorites… If you ever have trouble deciding between a classic chicken soup and a comforting rosemary white bean soup, why not just mash up both? Flavorful and filling, our rosemary chicken & white bean soup recipe is the perfect comfort food — especially on a chilly day.

black bean & pumpkin soup

Soup is good food, so let’s do another soup recipe. It was of course fall, y’all, when I made up this creamy black bean & pumpkin soup. Take advantage of seasonal pumpkin pasta sauces, or substitute some canned pumpkin along with regular sauce to create the sweet, savory, & tangy flavor combination in this vegetarian option.

spinach mushroom calzone

Of course, we do have more Meatless Monday dinner options. Take these overstuffed spinach mushroom calzones, for example. (Well, don’t actually try to take them, because I think my family would fight you for these…) These cheesy little pockets of wonder are simple, delicious, filling, and easy to throw together with the help of refrigerated pizza dough.

rice noodles with tofu & spinach

Fresh spinach also comes into play in our next recipe for rice noodles with tofu & spinach — but in a very different way, in this satisfying vegan stir fry. Packed with fresh lime-basil flavor and filling ingredients, noodles with tofu are a filling vegetarian alternative — especially when the price of meatier proteins has been through the roof.

bowl of cheesy chicken chili

While we’re talking comfort food, let’s put our slow cooker to work now. An old Crock-Pot family favorite, our slow cooker cheesy chicken enchilada chili only improves with age! You might remember this one from days of yore, but it’s been rewritten and updated for this… well, decade.

spinach salad with strawberries, chicken, and chickpeas

Let’s cool things off a bit with a hearty dinner salad now. Strawberry spinach salad with chicken & chickpeas brings warm spices & hearty proteins together with cool fruit and creamy avocado, all topped with a cooling poppyseed dressing. Somehow both light & filling, as all of these ingredients work together in harmony.

chicken thighs and rice

Another way to jazz up some simple chicken? Well, baked chicken & rice is of course the quintessential comfort food. Instead of “cream of” soup in today’s oven baked chicken thighs & rice recipe, though, chicken broth, sweet peppers, and tomatoes add flavor and interest.

tater tot taco casserole

While we’re oven baking things… Last, but definitely not least: Mix up your next Taco Tuesday with taco style tater tot casserole! I made mine with ALDI’s (seasonal) crispy potato circles for extra crunch, but regular tater tots would be lovely as well. (This one also became an instant family fave with the kids.)

There you have it — the top 10 recipes on Mashup Mom this past year

Tell me about your own favorite recipe picks over the last year — or, let’s just chat about what you’d like to see more of on Mashup Mom in 2023! And for some older recipe favorites, see also:

Which of our recipes do you keep coming back to from years gone by?