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Top Seven Mashup Mom Recipes 2023

A tasty trip down memory lane, it’s the top seven Mashup Mom recipes from 2023: From sausage, peppers, & onions pierogi casserole to garlicky shrimp with cheddar, chickpeas, & zucchini, these deliciously easy options will keep your family well fed and happy into the New Year — and beyond!

Seven top Mashup Mom recipes 2023: Recipe roundup

As is traditional around here, let me present our 2023 roundup of the top seven Mashup Mom recipes over the last year. And as we step even further back down memory lane, let’s also revisit some older roundups:

It’s kind of fun to look back on the evolution of our recipe process around here, so: Which ones do you keep coming back to from years gone by? A number of these recipes have made it into our own regular dinner rotation, and I hope that your family has also found a few faves over the years.

Top Seven Mashup Mom Recipes 2023

sausage peppers and onions pierogi casserole

Let’s start this year’s recipe roundup off with a bang! A comfort food bang, that is — because my sausage, peppers, & onions pierogi casserole really epitomizes what you think of when you think of a warm & hearty comfort food recipe. This here is simple, unpretentious, and just plain family-pleasing food, chock-full of cheesy goodness… and, of course, pierogies. Starting with a box of frozen pierogies makes this an easy meal to throw together, with minimal prep work.

ham bone and lentil stew

While we’re on the subject of comfort food, this next recipe option will definitely be useful when planning out your post-holiday dinners. Tender and satisfying, ham bone & lentil stew cooks up beautifully in either the Instant Pot or your Crock-Pot, and is a great way to use up your ham bone after a holiday meal.

cheddar jalapeño bread

Aren’t copycat recipes fun? If you’ve ever tried and enjoyed the cheddar jalapeño bread at Trader Joe’s (or even if you haven’t), this copycat Trader Joe’s cheddar jalapeño pull apart bread will do you one better. Deliciously cheesy, either fresh out of the oven or cold the next day, this copycat recipe starts with a can of refrigerated biscuit dough. Then, we kick things up with fresh jalapeños, plus both cheddar and Parmesan cheeses. You can’t get much easier than that!

sheet pan balsamic chicken drumsticks with asparagus and carrots

Next up, we have my favorite sheet pan dinner of 2023. Sheet pan balsamic chicken drumsticks with carrots & asparagus is an elevated example of the genre. While remaining easy and affordable, this sheet pan chicken dinner is also colorful and lovely — while roasting up beautifully caramelized, to boot.

garlicky shrimp with cheddar, chickpeas, and zucchini

Simple family dinners are our jam over here, but simple doesn’t have to mean boring. On a busy weeknight, why not try whipping up a skillet full of garlicky shrimp with cheddar, chickpeas, & zucchini? This all-in-one 25 minute meal has everything: Veggies, protein, dairy, plus all of the flavor your family wants (and deserves!).

asian chopped salad kit stir fry

On that same quick and simple note, this easy Asian chopped salad kit stir fry may start out as a pre-made salad kit — but it doesn’t stop there! Add some chicken, mushrooms, and sweet bell pepper to bulk up your meal, then use the dressing packet and toppings to finish off a fresh & delicious stir fry dinner. That’s a 30-minute meal with minimal chopping, and easy to change up with different proteins or veggies you might have on hand.

artichoke mushroom pasta

Last, but definitely not least: How about a vegetarian pasta that will knock your socks off? Easy artichoke mushroom pasta takes just 35 minutes to throw together, but is so much more sophisticated and full of flavor than simply popping open a jar of sauce to top your pasta.

Tell me about your own favorite recipe picks over the last year, too! Here’s to a fun- and food-filled 2024.