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National Potato Day Recipes

So, yesterday was National Potato Day! It may come as no surprise to any of you who’ve followed the recipes here over the years, but… I’m a fan. Do you love potatoes as much as I do? It’s almost disturbing, really.

National Potato Day recipes! Favorite potato recipes to enjoy.

A day late, but not a potato short, here are a few of my favorite potato recipes to help you celebrate National Potato Day 2021 (August 19).

Or hey, just call them easy potato recipes to make all year, because: Every day can be National Potato Day, if you just believe.

National Potato Day Recipes

cut up little potatoes in water

Potatoes sometimes get a bad rap, in these days of loving low carb. But did you know that they’re actually high in fiber, a good source of vitamins B & C, high in antioxidants & potassium, & fairly decent in calories (as long as you don’t, say, fry them and/or drown them in cheese…)?

There’s even an Idaho Potato museum in Blackfoot, ID, that’s on my bucket list of places to visit one of these days.

Potato soup recipes

potato soup with spinach and bacon

Potato soup is so deliciously comforting, especially on a chilly fall or winter day. Try one of these soul-warming options:

And on that “lots of bacon” potato soup note… August 20 is National Bacon Lover’s Day, so a twofer there!

Instant Pot potato recipes

everything bagel potatoes

So many people swear by their Instant Pot — but, to be honest, I don’t use mine as often as most. What do I always use it for? Little potatoes! They come out so creamy and magically delicious, every time. Here are a couple of my favorite Instant Pot potato recipes:

If you’re not a fan of everything seasoning, you can still cook up little potatoes in your electric pressure cooker and then change up the seasonings to your own taste.

Leftover potato recipes

pan fried seasoned potatoes

Leftover potatoes are the perfect ingredient, don’t you think? I love throwing curries over oven-roasted potatoes, enjoying chili over leftover baked potatoes, or using mashed potatoes to thicken soup. And did you know that: If you cook potatoes ahead of time and refrigerate overnight, it increases the amount of resistant starch they contain? That’s good fiber!

Here are a couple more ideas for leftover cooked potatoes, starting with this super seasoned pan fried potatoes recipe to help bring new life to leftover baked potatoes — just slice them up, season, and pan-fry. Or, if you have leftover mashed potatoes, try these Southwest hand pies for a different flavor twist on an old standby.

Potatoes AND leftovers recipes

pulled pork & potato bowls

Not only are leftover potatoes a fantastic ingredient, but adding potatoes can breathe new life into any number of leftovers. Like, for instance, these family-favorite Southwest pulled pork & potato bowls, which make great use of leftover pulled pork.

Still on the Southwest theme — if you have leftover mashed potatoes, instead try making these Southwest hand pies. This is a great dinner idea to change up flavors after the holidays, too.

Roast chicken and potato recipes

chipotle chicken and potatoes

Chicken and potatoes go together so naturally; it’s no wonder they’re a classic recipe combo. It’s so easy to throw potatoes in whenever you roast a whole chicken — I mean, why would you not, really? You have deliciously different choices, such as:

Or, you can roast up chicken parts & potatoes, if you don’t want a whole chicken tonight. I prefer bone-in thighs, because they stay more juicy in the oven, but choose your own fave.

chile-lime chicken and potatoes

Here are a couple ideas to get you started: Try Italian chicken thighs with zucchini & red potatoes, or spice things up a little with roast chile-lime chicken and potatoes.

Sheet pan dinner recipes

lemon garlic chicken and potatoes

Winner, winner, sheet pan chicken dinner: You have to love an all-in-one dinner recipe! Try one of these options on for size:

Change things up with your own favorite veggies to pair with chicken & potatoes, too.

tilapia and potatoes

Or if chicken isn’t your jam, try another protein alongside your sheet pan potatoes — as in this sheet pan tilapia dinner, or this sheet pan sausage, green bean, & potato dinner, perchance?

Potato bakes and casseroles

pizza chicken and potato bake

Here are a couple of older potato bake & casserole recipes to try! Check out this kid-friendly chicken potato pizza bake, or warm your soul with a slow cooker buffalo ranch chicken potato casserole.

Fry ’em up

Korean vegetable pancakes

Of course, one of the classic way to enjoy potatoes is to fry them up in a pan, whether you dice, slice, or hash brown yours. Change things up next time you fry, with some savory Korean style vegetable pancakes.

Potato chips recipes

BBQ potato chip turkey burger bowls

OK, one more recipe just for fun. Because, why can’t potato chips also enjoy their time in the spotlight on National Potato Day? Try using them in these summery BBQ potato chip turkey cheeseburger bowls, for instance.

What’s your favorite potato-based recipe?

I could do this all day, but hope these National Potato Recipes help inspire you to get cooking!