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Lucky Thirteen More Favorite Meatless Monday Meals

Enjoy lucky 13 more Favorite Meatless Monday Meals: Easy vegetarian dinner options for Meatless Monday, or for any night of the week!

13 favorite meatless monday meals: Easy vegetarian dinner recipes!

Are you looking for some vegetarian recipe inspiration, trying to reduce your consumption of meat, or simply seeking more affordable dinner alternatives? These lucky 13 most awesome Meatless Monday meal ideas should help get you started.

Lucky thirteen more Favorite Meatless Monday Meals

Oh, and if you need even more vegetarian recipe ideas? Take a few minutes to browse through the Meatless Monday category for additional dinner options, or:

Enjoy! Some of the hearty & delicious vegetarian recipes here should convert even the confirmed carnivores in your family to the joys of Meatless Monday meals.

Meatless Stir Fries

Stir fries are always an easy vegetarian meal option, and this easy Honey Lime Ginger Vegetarian Stir Fry dinner takes just 20 minutes to cook up! Pair yours with cooked rice and this simple carrot stir fry side dish, for a full satisfying dinner.

rice noodles with tofu and spinach

In our Rice Noodles with Tofu & Spinach recipe, we use tofu instead of chicken in a satisfying skillet jam-packed with rice noodles & spinach. This one is chock full of fresh lime-basil flavor and filling ingredients.

Colorful veggies? Check. Satisfyingly slurpy noodles? Check. All-in-one vegan meal? Check, check, check! Easy Fresh Vegetable Lo Mein has it all. Instead of just plopping a bag of frozen stir-fry veggies into your next lo mein, choose your own fresh faves.

Eggses, anyone?

If you’re looking to enjoy some Spinach Ricotta Quiche, note that you’ll want to use a pie crust that does not contain lard if you wish to keep it completely vegetarian. Perfect for incorporating fresh summer veggies, though, this delightfully simply veggie quiche recipe features fresh spinach, ricotta, and tomatoes in colorful combination.

Vegetarian Soup

black bean and pumpkin soup

Our next Meatless Monday pick? A hearty vegetarian soup recipe that’s just perfect for fall: Creamy Black Bean & Pumpkin Soup is so savory and satisfying, with a few sweeter pumpkin & red bell pepper undertones underlying its slightly spicy base.

Or how about a big pot full of vegetable soup: But, with a kick! Use jarred arrabbiata sauce to jazz up a classic, in this somewhat spicy (and completely delicious) Arrabbiatta White Bean & Vegetable Soup.

Pizza my Meatless Monday heart…

Pizza always makes for another great vegetarian dinner option, and it’s easy to change up the toppings according to what’s in season or what you have on hand. Naan Pizza with Pesto, Zucchini, & Tomatoes lets you enjoy your fresh garden produce in pizza form — but also proves equally delicious as a pop of fresh flavor during the depths of winter.

Something to taco-bout

How can you not love lentils? They take on the flavor of your seasonings, they fill you up, they have the most satisfying slight bite to them… and, they work perfectly in Vegetarian Chipotle Lentil Tacos. Change things up with a meatless filling, while still preserving all of the taco flavor you want.

The other good thing about vegetarian tacos and the like? Some varieties can be fast. Case in point, these Easy 25 Minute Veggie Fajitas incorporate a classic mushrooms, peppers, and onions combo. Serve yours wrapped in flour tortillas with avocado, tomato, and shredded cheese — so easy, so quick, and so good.

What packs in elote-style frozen corn, spinach, black beans, salsa verde, and plenty of melted cheese? Why, it’s Vegetarian Elote Tortilla Casserole, of course! When you have more time on your Meatless Monday or Taco Tuesday, try this one. (And, try it topped with avocado slices as shown here: They set off the other flavors to perfection.)

Or, let’s go a little cheesier. Just look at these little flavor-filled pockets of deliciousness! Sweet tomatoes, satisfying spinach, and BOTH feta & mozzarella cheese round out our next recipe: Spinach Feta Quesadillas have it all.

Not a spinach fan? That’s all right: Many Mushroom Quesadillas should work for you just as well. Mix things up with your own faves and think about all the deliciously different veggie combos you can throw into quesadillas: Sauteed peppers & onions, avocado, roasted corn kernels, and more.

Think of the pasta-bilities…

Last, but not least: When you need to get dinner on the table quickly, pasta is your friend! Cheese tortellini makes for a filling variation, and this Cheese Tortellini with Broccoli & Tomatoes recipe can be on the table in just 20 minutes. Use frozen broccoli here; its texture works well with the tortellini, and it’s easy to keep on hand for a fast meal.

Meatless Monday Mayhem!

meatless monday dinner ideas -- 13 easy vegetarian recipes

With so many good options, how will you ever miss the meat? But again: If the above recipes don’t do it for you, or if you’re looking for even more vegetarian recipe ideas, take a few minutes to browse through the Meatless Monday category for additional dinner options. You can also check out our older roundup of fifteen Favorite Meatless Meals.