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Everything Bagel Seasoning Recipes

How about a few new recipe ideas for everyone’s favorite Everything Bagel Seasoning? From veggie sides to savory main dishes; enjoy these everything but the bagel recipes.

Everything Bagel Seasoning recipe ideas

Who doesn’t love everything bagel seasoning? It’s one of my personal faves (try it on eggs with avocado toast… yum), so I thought it might be fun to round up a few everything bagel recipes to give you a few more ideas about how to use yours.

Everything Bagel Recipe ideas

Let’s get started with a flavor bang! It’s hard to beat a four ingredient, 15 minute veggie side dish — and boy, does this Sauteed Everything Bagel Zucchini with Parmesan ever deliver. Naturally low carb and gluten free, too.

everything sheet pan chicken

All-in-one sheet pan dinner? Don’t mind if I do, really. You can’t go wrong with this incredibly flavorful one-pan meal: Everything Sheet Pan Chicken & Veggies: One savory marinade just kicks everything up a notch here.

oven roasted everything asparagus

You can also kick up just about any veggie side. For instance, this deliciously crisp-tender Oven Roasted Everything Asparagus turns into something special with the addition of everything bagel seasoning + a little sesame oil. Easily elevate a simple roasted veggie side dish.

everything bagel potatoes

Speaking of awesome everything bagel side dishes: Creamy, easy, salty-garlicky good Everything Bagel Instant Pot Potatoes cook up quickly in an electric pressure cooker, then finish up beautifully with a little butter, Parmesan, and seasoning.

everything crescent shapes

Just for fun, you can play around with crescent rolls and everything bagel seasoning when you jazz up a basic can of rolls with these Everything Crescent Shapes.

everything bagel whole chicken

Low carb, keto friendly, gluten free, and garlicky good: Everything Bagel Whole Chicken requires just three ingredients, but packs so much flavor into a simple recipe. Roasted chicken is the quintessential comfort food; everything bagel seasoning provides a nice twist on an old classic.

Where can you buy Everything Bagel seasoning?

If you want to try out a small bottle to see how you like it, Trader Joe’s originally kicked off the trend here with their Everything But the Bagel seasoning, and ALDI now carries its own brand with Stonemill Who Needs the Bagel? seasoning.

At both stores, expect to pay about $2 per 2.3 oz jar. If you use a lot of this type of seasoning, though, you can generally get a better per ounce price if you pick up a bigger jar at Costco, or when you look for everything bagel seasoning on Amazon. Each brand contains slightly different proportions of the base everything bagel ingredients, too; some will be less salty or more garlicky than others.

Update: In comments, YK also suggests Dak’s spices Everything but the Salt seasoning for those watching their sodium intake.

How do you like to use Everything Bagel seasoning?

avocado toast with everything bagel seasoning

Everything but the bagel seasoning really does live up to its name, being good on (almost) everything. Try one or more of the recipes above, then let me know: What’s your own favorite way to use this salty garlicky good seasoning… wherever you choose to buy yours?

Robin Richardson

Sunday 17th of October 2021

I love the recipe for Tomato Tart with everything bagel seasoning. The recipe was in the Washington Post newspaper Food section.


Monday 13th of September 2021

For those, like me, watching their salt intake, Dak's Seasonings has Dak's Everything but-tha' Salt Seasoning. It's so good.


Wednesday 15th of September 2021

That's a great point -- I'll add that to the post!

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