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Top Twenty CHEESIEST Cheese Recipes Roundup

There is both a National Cheese Day and a National Cheese Lover’s Day… and, this Cheesiest Cheese Recipes roundup works for both! 😉

top twenty cheesiest cheese recipes

So… It’s National Cheese Day today! Talk about made up national days that are right up my alley, right? In honor of our special day today, I’m pleased to present the top 20 cheesiest recipes on Mashup Mom, 2019 edition. Take today as your excuse to indulge in a little cheesiness of your own, maybe. 🙂

Top Twenty Cheesiest Cheese Recipes Roundup

grilled cheese & tomato naan

You can’t have a proper cheesiest recipes roundup without a nod to grilled cheese, so Five Ingredient Grilled Cheese Tomato Naan proudly represents that category. Havarti is one of my favorite cheeses to use for grilled cheese, and here it nicely plays off a little juicy tomato and tangy sun dried tomato pesto. Plus: Naan. Enough said, right?

Cheesy soups and chilis

chicken enchilada chili

Slow Cooker Chicken Enchilada Chili demands its rightful place in the top 20 cheesiest recipes list, because it sports both cheddar cheese and cream cheese in a deliciously cheesy brew of smoky chili goodness. The two cheeses here also help smooth out a bit of the underlying heat, letting this easy chili recipe keep just a bit of a kick without being overly spicy.

cheesy summer corn soup

Next up: Cheesy Summer Corn Soup. Because cheese, it’s right in the title! This gluten free vegetarian soup recipe is a great way to use fresh seasonal corn on the cob, with just a few simple ingredients + spices. Cheesy summer corn soup gets most of its creamy cheesiness from cheddar cheese, plus just a touch of sour cream to add tang.

kielbasa potato soup

While corn soup is best when fresh corn on the cob is in season, here’s a hearty gluten free soup recipe you can throw together year round. Comforting Kielbasa Potato Soup is packed full of flavor, and reminds me so much of sausage & pierogies in a bowl! Spinach and carrots jump in to add some veggies and nutrition to the whole sausage + potato experience, too.

potato soup with spinach and lots of bacon

While we’re potato souping, here’s one of Middle School Guy’s favorites. Potato Soup with Spinach — And Lots of Bacon! was born out of his firm belief that the best part of any potato soup is usually a little bacon garnish on top. This particular potato soup features lots of bacon, and owes its creaminess to garlic & herb spreadable cheese.

Pack in some Parmesan

parmesan chicken thighs & green beans

While we’re singing the praises of cheese, let’s hear it for Parmesan’s ability to kick flavors up a notch! You’ll see that exemplified in these Sheet Pan Parmesan Chicken Thighs & Green Beans, where Parmesan adds just the right salty kick to an easy one pan 30 minute weeknight meal. 

flounder & asparagus packets

Parmesan plays off fish just as well as it does chicken, as in these Easy Flounder & Asparagus Packets. Another simple one pan meal, flounder & asparagus packets give you an all-in-one protein + veggie side, all wrapped up in convenient individual foil packets.

almond Parmesan crusted low carb cod

On the fishy front, cod also works quite well with Parmesan — and, who needs bread crumbs when you can cook up this gluten free, keto friendly Almond Parmesan Crusted Low Carb Cod any time you want? Serve on its bed of garlicky spinach for a complete meal.

beef, tomato, & spinach tortellini

You can also use Parmesan to make a simple light sauce, as in this Easy Beef, Tomato, and Spinach Tortellini recipe… featuring, of course, cheese tortellini! Such a simple way to use up a pound of ground beef, while tomatoes & spinach add color & flavor.

roasted vegetable tortellini bake

Or you can combine Parmesan with mozzarella for an even cheesier sauce, as in this Roasted Vegetable Tortellini Bake. (This one, by the way, is the best recipe to try out on the avowed carnivores in your family on your next Meatless Monday — ease them in to the idea of vegetarian meals with a bunch of roasted veggies + cheese!)

roasted veggie paninis

Speaking of roasted veggies, cheese, and vegetarian options, Roasted Veggie Paninis with Parmesan & Provolone are packed with flavor, veggies, and cheese.

Cheddar is Beddar

sheet pan cheddar Parmesan pork chops & green beans

Let’s venture out into additional cheeses now. Parmesan plays particularly well with others, as in this savory Sheet Pan Cheddar Parmesan Pork Chops & Green Beans recipe. The pork chops stay tender and juicy in this all-in-one sheet pan recipe, while the two tangy cheeses help tie the flavor profiles together.

cheesy sausage, rice, & spinach skillet

What else can you do with cheddar? Well, this simple Cheesy Sausage, Rice, and Spinach Skillet is an excellent choice for meal prep — it reheats well, and portions out nicely for lunches throughout the week.

chicken drumsticks southwest skillet

For the cast iron pan fans, cheddar also stars in this Chicken Drumsticks Southwest Skillet — a colorful, gluten free, one pan dinner recipe. Enjoy your cheesy chicken with its built-in side dish of corn, beans, and bell peppers.

loaded baked chicken nachos

And of course, you can’t enjoy nachos without their cheesy covering. Loaded Baked Chicken Nachos help you use up leftover cooked chicken, and then you can incorporate more of your own favorite nacho toppings in a whole pan full of cheesy nacho goodness.

pork & spinach baked taquitos

Or let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you have some leftover pulled pork instead of leftover cooked chicken. No worries! These easy 30 minute Salsa Verde Pork & Spinach Baked Taquitos are equally full of cheesy goodness, of both the cream cheese and cheddar variety.

Amaze Me Caprese

open face caprese sandwiches

What National Cheese Day would be complete without a nod to mozzarella? Toasted Open Face Caprese Sandwiches with Avocado are another great Meatless Monday choice, and are just bursting with Caprese flavor.

caprese chicken + kale skillet

Pack more protein into your Caprese world with this Caprese Chicken + Kale Skillet. Talk about the perfect one pan meal — this cast iron skillet recipe is naturally low carb & gluten free, and comes with its own veggie-packed side dish to help balance out all that cheese.

Neato Keto

cheesy chicken & spinach skillet

What’s more keto than cheese? This easy Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Skillet uses both cream cheese and mozzarella for maximum cheesiness in another simple one pan meal.

heart shaped cheese crisps

What’s more cheesier than just… cheese? Neato Keto Heart Shaped Cheese Crisps are exactly what they sound like, and a cute low carb treat for the favorite keto/Atkins/high protein person in your life. They’re super easy to make, and fun to shape.

What will you enjoy on National Cheese Day today?

top 20 recipes for national cheese day

It’s kind of a tough decision, right? Oh, and if you’re wondering why pizza isn’t represented here… you might want to check out the National Pizza Day roundup from back in February 2019. Enjoy!


Wednesday 5th of June 2019

caprese chicken and kale skillet and Sheet pan parmesean chicken thighs and green beans have been faves in our home.