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Resources for turbulent times (part 2)

Resources for turbulent times: From grocery delivery, to restaurants, to Internet access, to freebies, to educational resources, to relief efforts, to what you can do to help.

New 3/29/20 — I broke this up into separate posts for easier browsing of these lengthy lists of resources.

Resources for turbulent times, part 2

So this is somewhat of a departure from the normal recipe + ALDI meal planning content. But, let me hearken back to my librarian roots for a moment here. I’ve been sharing lots of resources and links on Facebook lately, and thought it might be useful to organize and pull them all together in one place.

Have any pertinent resources or links to add? Please comment on this post. This is not a comprehensive list by any means, but I hope that you’ll find these resources useful! I’ll continue adding new links as time permits.

Note: These may change at any time; make sure an offer is still valid before using. Please do not post political arguments in comments; these will be deleted.

See also: FOOD resources (grocery, restaurants, more).


Here are some educational resources and freebies to help keep your kids’ minds active at home, or to supplement what your school has been sending. See also this list of educational resources from ABC7.


K – early grade school

General, or Pre-K and up


Internet & mobile access

Relief & assistance


Books & magazines


Movies & video streaming




Who’s hiring right now? Grocery stores, and delivery services.



What can you do to help?

Social isolation contributes to feelings of helplessness, so here are some things we can do right now.


Whether you’re donating monetarily or donating your time and efforts, every little bit helps.

Random articles I found useful

Managing anxiety and expectations

Just a few links to articles I’ve found useful in managing anxiety and expectations.

Understanding the epidemic

Resources for first responders

More from Mashup Mom

What else have I posted lately that might be useful?

See also: Saving on food, scoring food (in these strange times)


Tuesday 24th of March 2020

Great resources! Don't forget the value of using Zoom to connect with more than 1 person. I let my teen use it with other friends to talk about art or whatever they are doing these days. Also, if you've never seen her before, look up Depression Cooking with Clara on YouTube. She was a gem :) She passed a way a few years ago, but her wisdom of frugal cooking is still with us, and she was so charming. A dose of cheer when you might need it!

Melissa Sugzdinis

Monday 23rd of March 2020

Thanks, as always, for the great info. Are you planning to post a meal plan for next week? I know that I would love one. I have felt pretty lost this week without one. If we can’t get ingredients I’m sure some of us savvy cooks can sub in other ingredients. I always knew that I relied pretty heavily on your meal plans but without one this week I feel completely unmoored. Help a gal out? 🥰❤️❤️❤️


Thursday 26th of March 2020

Hi - Sorry I missed this, but yes! I did post a meal plan yesterday. :)


Monday 23rd of March 2020

Don't forget local radio. It helps me feel connected to my community when I'm stuck inside. Last night (Sunday) The Drive, 97.1, played live concerts from their archives. Is was great! We cleaned up the kitchen after dinner and danced and sang along. I think WXRT, 93.1, is doing the same thing on Tuesday nights. So check your local radio stations to see what they're offering. Music and movement are great for relieving stress.