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Five Great Grilled Cheese Recipes

April 12 is National Grilled Cheese Day — So, mix things up with five differently delicious recipes for grilled cheese sandwiches!

Five great grilled cheese sandwich recipes for national grilled cheese day!

Today is National Grilled Cheese Day! Just so many food-related holidays I can get behind, I tell you… So, in celebration of this cheesiest of days, let’s round up five of my favorite grilled cheese recipes. What do you like to put on yours? 🙂

Great Grilled Cheese Sandwich Recipes

jalapeno popper grilled cheese sandwiches recipe

Can you take a bit of heat? Well, this first sandwich may be for you! Jalapeño popper grilled cheese is a deliciously different take on the subject, and so fun to throw together with garden fresh peppers on a summer evening. Sometimes you don’t want to cook a heavy meal, but still want something substantial enough to fill you up. This fits the bill nicely.

chipotle cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches recipe

Speaking of a bit of heat, ALDI carries chipotle cheddar deli slices seasonally. Commingle a bit of chipotle cheddar with a milder cheese (such as Havarti or mozzarella), for great grilled cheese with a smoky kick! Chipotle cheddar grilled cheese sandwiches elevate the genre in this simple four-ingredient recipe.

naan grilled cheese sandwiches recipe, with pesto and tomato

Speaking of simple (yet elevated) recipes, these five ingredient grilled cheese & tomato naan sandwiches are just out of this world. A great Meatless Monday option, naan grilled cheese replaces traditional bread with pre-packaged naan, with savory results.

open face caprese sandwiches with avocado recipe

Grilled cheese & tomato is a classic combo for a reason, and these toasted open face Caprese sandwiches with avocado have fun playing with the genre. Another Meatless Monday option, these vegetarian sandwiches mash up Caprese flavor with grilled cheese comfort. Melty marinated mozzarella matches up with ripe tomatoes, avocado, and balsamic vinegar — and, perfectly complements chewy Ciabatta rolls in this different baked take on grilled cheese sandwiches.

roasted asparagus grilled cheese sandwiches recipe

While we’re oven roasting things… how about some asparagus? Roasted asparagus grilled cheese sandwiches mix another classic flavor combo (roasted asparagus & dijon) with Havarti & Parmesan in this “grown-up” take on grilled cheese.

What grilled cheese favorite are you going to enjoy today?