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Elote Tortilla Casserole + Black Bean & Pumpkin Soup — with this week’s ALDI special buys!

A couple of my favorite foodie Finds are back on the shelf at ALDI this week, so I thought I’d share a couple of delicious (and incidentally vegetarian) recipes to make with this week’s special buys. Will it be elote tortilla casserole or creamy black bean & pumpkin soup this week… or… maybe… both? You decide!

aldi dinners from aldi finds: Elote tortilla casserole and creamy black bean + pumpkin soup

Since these particular ALDI Finds don’t roll around very often (and one is only out in the fall), why not take advantage of a couple of this week’s special buys when planning out this week’s dinners? Like everything else, both of these Finds have gone up in price over the last year or so — but they can both still serve as the base for delicious vegetarian meals.

Easy Meatless Monday Meals using ALDI special buys

elote style corn and chipotle corn blend

First up, check over in the frozen foods section for 12 oz bags of Season’s Choice elote-style corn, priced at $2.49. If it’s picked over, their special buy chipotle style corn (or even just plain corn) would also work in this recipe — but, the fire roasted flavor of the elote will be preferable.

Vegetarian elote tortilla casserole uses frozen elote style corn!

While you’re at ALDI snagging your bag of corn, also grab a bag of spinach (which is on price drop for $1.29), as well as a few other all-ALDI ingredients listed in this easy vegetarian elote-style tortilla casserole recipe! It’s soooo good, and so much easier than rolling up enchiladas one by one. I recommend serving yours with sliced avocado or guacamole, which is also made easier when you pick up sale avocados in many areas this week. (Just $.49 each in my Chicagoland ad!)

pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce

Next up: 24 oz jars of pumpkin chipotle pasta sauce are back on the shelf at $3.99 apiece. This pasta sauce only only shows up in the fall, and makes the perfect base for a hearty autumn-inspired soup! The only non-ALDI ingredient here is smoked paprika, which I recommend picking up at another store or on Amazon for your pantry. It just works to elevate so many different recipes.

creamy black bean & pumpkin soup

Once you have your pasta sauce in hand, you need just a few other basic ingredients to whip up the most hearty, most comforting pot of vegetarian soup you can imagine. Simple & satisfying, creamy black bean & pumpkin soup is a meal unto itself: Just pair yours with a nice bread and/or side salad to create a complete meal.

Each of these vegetarian dinner recipes serves six, and the leftovers can provide a most lovely lunch the next day. What are you planning to make with this week’s ALDI special buys?