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Five fave ALDI Finds & deals week of 8/23/23

Five fave ALDI Finds and deals for the week of 8/23/23 (8/20/23 in Sunday markets)! From breakfast pizza, to fall gnomes, to elote style corn, there’s something for everyone here.

five fave aldi finds and deals week of 8/23/23

Another week, another ALDI ad… Here are my top five ALDI Finds and deals from the ad starting 8/23/23, or 8/20/23 in Sunday ad markets. Apparently it’s actually fall at ALDI this week (even though it’s hitting 100+ degrees by me), so check your store for a bunch of autumn decor + seasonal fall treats.

Five Fave ALDI Finds & deals, 8/23/23

elote and chipotle corn at aldi

Ooh — Frozen elote style corn is returning to stores, and you can pick up a 12 oz bag of either Season’s Choice steamed chipotle corn blend or elote style corn for $2.49. Instead of just using mine as a side dish, though, I love incorporating a bag of their special buy corn into this hearty elote tortilla casserole recipe!

Vegetarian elote tortilla casserole uses frozen elote style corn!

This easy vegetarian dinner idea also takes advantage of ALDI’s roasted verde salsa, plain Greek yogurt, spinach, cheese, tortillas, and black beans, making it an easy all-ALDI recipe for your Meatless Monday. Elote casserole has all the flavor you’d want from a pan of enchiladas, without the work involved in rolling them up.

smaller aldi breakfast pizza

Next up we have another returning favorite: Mama Cozzi’s frozen biscuit crust breakfast pizza will run you $4.99. Look for either sausage & cheese pizza or pork belly crumbles, bacon, pepper, & onion pizza at this price, but, note that these have all of a sudden gotten much smaller. Even though the online preview ad shows them at their former 23.15-24.5 oz size, the pizzas out in store are actually only 18.5 oz — almost a 25% difference.

money trees at aldi

Money trees back again, too, and you can grab a 5″ tree for $8.99. These are pretty little plants, and mine was fairly low maintenance… until a cat knocked it on the floor and destroyed it. So, I’m thinking of picking up a replacement and placing it somewhere less precarious. (While you’re over by the plants, they’re also advertising 12 stem rose bouquets for $6.99 this week!)

fall mini gnomes

Fall mini gnomes are out, and you can look for either mini gnomes or mini hedgehogs at $4.99 each. (Note: This is last year’s photo to give you an idea of size and style; I’ll update with the newer fall designs when they’re out at my store.) The bigger gnomes or hedgehogs will run you $8.99.

aldi onion rings knockoff funyuns

Lastly, do you have kids that love Funyuns? If so, you probably know that they’ve gone up considerably in price. No worries: ALDI has priced their 6 oz bags of Clancy’s original onion rings at less than 40% of the current price of name brand, just $1.99 a bag.

What are you picking up this week?

What are you looking forward to picking up at ALDI this week?

Beyond these top five, runners up for me from this latest ALDI ad include Huntington Home fall decor. Finds here range from flameless LED candle sets ($9.99), to ceramic ($8.99) or fabric ($4.99) pumpkins, to deluxe harvest doormats ($6.99). Plus, don’t miss the ever popular Heart to Tail cat scratching playhouse (see price in store), as well as the too-cute Heart to Tail luxury pet sofa ($49.99).

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