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Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends: Smell the flowers edition

This Caturday: Take time out to smell the flowers, like The Notorious BKL (Bad Kitty Lucy)!

Another week, another Caturday… Let’s try to mark off the days of the week, in this limbo we now live in:

I’m afraid that the rest of the week is rather hit or miss, but any little bit helps, right? 😉

April Showers bring Birthday Flowers

Bad Kitty Lucy smells the roses -- grey and white cat with flowers

Another way I marked off the days in my own week: Yes, I’m another year older! My socially distant birthday included these gorgeous (delivered) flowers, which for obvious cat-related reasons now live on my mantel — hopefully well out of the reach of the three bad kitties.

A brown tabby cat and a birthday balloon

Anyone else celebrating a birthday this month? I hope that your friends and loved ones also help(ed) make yours as lovely a celebration as possible.

Going green

Bad Kitty Gnocchi trying to eat a plant

And by the way, Bad Kitty Gnocchi, let me just say that moving the flowers out of reach was not an open invitation to find a renewed interest in the plants. Seriously, even the cats are going stir crazy lately…

chewed off top of romaine I was regrowing

While we’re on the subject: Removing one temptation should also not be construed as blanket permission to chew off the tops of the romaine lettuce I was regrowing on the kitchen windowsill! It was growing tall and lovely, and now it’s short and raggedy. Really, cat?

Fortnite is relaxing, when you’re a cat

bad kitty lucy and middle school guy play Xbox

What else have the three bad kitties been up to this week? Well, aside from the birthday-and-plant-related fun, this is a somewhat frequent scene in our house lately. There’s a whole lot of Fortnite going on, because it’s Middle School Guy’s main way of connecting with his friends right now.

The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy must, of course, supervise.

Spring (cleaning) fun

And, for our social distancing cat video fun today… I could totally see my cats reacting like this. The only downside of this video is that I just looked up to see how dirty my own windows are after a long Chicago winter — and the only window washer here, alas, is me.

What have you and your pets been up to this week?

forsythia in the snow

Speaking of plants and flowers, let me sum up spring in Chicago in just one photo. (By the way: My forsythia were from ALDI a few years back, and they’re thriving nicely.)

Be sure to tune in next time for the latest installment in the exciting ongoing Caturday adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.