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100+ cheap Amazon Subscribe & Save Items — Updated 11/24/21

Last updated 11/24/21

Here are 100+ cheap Amazon Subscribe & Save items to help you get up to five subscriptions, for that magical 15% off most things in your subscribe & save order!

  • As of the time & date of this post: Each Subscribe & Save filler item here is under $2.00 shipped on the 15% off (or five items) tier.
  • Add in one or two of these low cost fillers, & you’ll save more on your higher priced Subscribe & Save items.
  • Browse all Amazon Subscribe & Save items here.

As always, prices on Amazon can change at any time. Always check the current price before subscribing. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

100+ Cheap Amazon Subscribe & Save items under $2.00 each as of Nov. 24, 2021

These Subscribe & Save filler items are under $2.00 each on the five items tier at the time of this post (since this is our goal!). Post is updated every Thursday — EXCEPT FOR THIS WEEK, BECAUSE THANKSGIVING, special Weds. update.

*** Items marked New! are new to (or making a reappearance on) the list since last week.

Food & drink filler items

  1. New! Bar Harbor 8 oz clam juice
  2. 16 oz Happy Belly pretzel sticks
  3. Honey Nut Cheerios
  4. Original Goldfish crackers 6.6 oz
  5. 4 pack apple cinnamon GoGo squeeZ
  6. Chef Boyardee mac & cheese can
  7. Bai5 antioxidant infusions Brasilia blueberry
  8. Hamburger Helper stroganoff twin pack
  9. Can of Ro-Tel
  10. Hunt’s 4 cheese spaghetti sauce can
  11. 5.25 oz David jumbo ranch sunflower seeds
  12. Happy Belly 10 pack lemonade drink mix singles
  13. 8.25 oz Kitchen Basics original chicken stock
  14. 16 oz Happy Belly creamy peanut butter
  15. Zatarain’s rice:
    1. Zatarain’s red beans & rice
    2. Zatarain’s Spanish rice
    3. Zatarain’s long grain and wild rice
  16. Swanson vegetable broth can
  17. True Lime limeade black cherry 10 ct

Condiments, baking items, & seasonings filler items

  1. New! McCormick less sodium chili seasoning mix
  2. New! Lawry’s mesquite with lime juice marinade
  3. New! Kraft chunky blue cheese dressing
  4. New! Happy Belly balsamic vinaigrette
  5. 10 oz Happy Belly steak sauce
  6. Zatarain’s crawfish, shrimp, & crab boil
  7. Western original sweet & smooth salad dressing
  8. Lawry’s signature steakhouse marinade
  9. It’s Delish bay leaves .65 oz
  10. 8 oz Lawry’s seasoned salt
  11. Kraft salad dressing:
    1. Kraft Tuscan House Italian dressing
    2. Kraft classic Catalina salad dressing 8 oz
  12. Happy Belly creamer:
    1. Happy Belly powdered non-dairy original coffee creamer, fat free 16 oz
    2. Happy Belly powdered non-dairy French vanilla sugar free coffee creamer 10.2 oz
    3. Happy Belly powdered non-dairy original coffee creamer 16 oz
  13. McCormick bac’n pieces imitation bacon bits
  14. McCormick gravy mixes:
    1. McCormick pork gravy mix
    2. McCormick mushroom gravy mix
    3. McCormick onion gravy mix
  15. Other McCormick seasonings and mixes:
    1. McCormick Grill Mates Baja citrus marinade mix
    2. McCormick sea salt grinder
    3. McCormick Grill Mates smokehouse maple seasoning
    4. McCormick Grill Mates chipotle pepper marinade mix
    5. McCormick Grill Mates mesquite seasoning
    6. McCormick 30% less sodium mild chili seasoning mix
    7. McCormick Grill Mates mesquite marinade mix
    8. McCormick Grill Mates garlic herb & wine marinade mix
  16. Clabber Girl baking:
    1. Clabber Girl 12 oz baking soda
    2. Clabber Girl 6.5 oz corn starch
  17. Jell-O:
    1. Jell-O chocolate pudding mix
    2. 6 oz Jell-O berry blue gelatin mix
    3. Jell-O lime gelatin mix
  18. Happy Belly chili powder
  19. Happy Belly dressing:
    1. Happy Belly ranch dressing
    2. Happy Belly buttermilk ranch dressing
    3. Happy Belly traditional Italian dressing
    4. Happy Belly creamy Caesar dressing
    5. Happy Belly Thousand Island dressing
  20. Kitchen Accomplice wicked tasty taco simmer sauce
  21. Wish-Bone salad dressing:
    1. Wish-Bone chunky blue cheese
    2. Wish-Bone red wine vinaigrette
    3. Wish-Bone fat free chunky blue cheese dressing
    4. Wish-Bone balsamic vinaigrette
    5. Wish-Bone ranch dressing 15 oz
    6. Wish-Bone zesty robusto Italian dressing 15 oz
    7. Wish-Bone light ranch dressing
    8. Wish-Bone light sweet & spicy French dressing
    9. Wish-Bone sweet & spicy honey mustard dressing
    10. Wish-Bone light creamy Caesar
  22. Equal zero calorie sweetener tablets 100 ct

Personal care filler items

  1. New! Clubman styptic pencil
  2. New! 3 oz Thayers alcohol-free witch hazel facial toner with aloe vera & cucumber
  3. New! Hello kids fluoride free and SLS free toothpaste in natural watermelon
  4. New! Blistex 3 pack medicated lip balm (clip $.53 coupon on the page)
  5. New! Travel size 2.75 oz Edge sensitive skin shave gel
  6. New! Colgate Kids cavity protection paste in bubble fruit
  7. New! Dial antibacterial hand soap, spring water
  8. Dial 3 pack antibacterial deodorant bar soap
  9. Summer’s Eve cleansing cloths, blissful escape
  10. Revlon compact mini nail clipper
  11. Kid’s Crest cavity protection bubblegum toothpaste
  12. Aquafresh cavity protection paste (use 25% off coupon on the page)
  13. Plackers back teeth micro mint dental floss picks 75 ct
  14. Suave powder roll-on deodorant
  15. ChapStick natural lip butter in green tea mint
  16. 5 ct double edge safety razor blades by Kai
  17. Williams mug shaving soap
  18. Magic shaving powder:
    1. Softsheen-Carson magic shaving powder regular strength
    2. Softsheen-Carson magic shaving powder with fragrance
  19. Himalaya purifying neem & turmeric cleansing bar
  20. .9 fl oz OPI Swiss Blue liquid hand soap

Cosmetics filler items

  1. New! Sally Hansen nail:
    1. Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear, babe blue
    2. Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear, giant peach
    3. Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear, rockstar pink
    4. Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear, confetti craze
    5. Sally Hansen hard as nails Xtreme wear, invisible
    6. Sally Hansen hard as nails, limestone
  2. New! Revlon super lustrous lip gloss, sugar violet
  3. New! NYX face & body glitter, rose
  4. New! NYX eyebrow powder pencil, blonde
  5. New! NYX soft matte metallic lip cream, milan
  6. New! L.A. Colors color craze nail polish, circuits
  7. e.l.f. prime & stay finishing powder in light/medium
  8. Rimmel stay matte lip liquid, pitch black
  9. NYX precision eyebrow pencil in espresso
  10. NYX powder puff lippie lip cream in pop quiz
  11. Black Radiance:
    1. Black Radiance concealer stick, light
    2. Black Radiance perfect tone lip color, sundrenched bronze
  12. Sally Hansen nail:
    1. Sally Hansen ultimate shield base & top coat
    2. Sally Hansen hard as nails color, cold as ice
    3. Sally Hansen hard as nails color in black heart
  13. L.A. Colors:
    1. L.A. Colors brow pencil with spool
    2. L.A. Colors 2-piece eyeliner/brow pencil with sharpener
    3. L.A. Colors color craze nail polish in pink bubbles
    4. L.A. Colors day to night eyeshadow palette, sundown
    5. L.A. Colors day to night 12 color eyeshadow palette, dawn
    6. L.A. Colors high shine shea butter lip gloss, bohemian
  14. wet ‘n wild eye:
    1. wet ‘n wild mega last breakup-proof retractable eyeliner, black
    2. wet ‘n wild kohl liner pencil in baby’s got black
    3. wet ‘n wild brow-sessive brow pencil in dark brown
  15. wet ‘n wild lip:
    1. wet ‘n wild mega last high shine lip color, fire-fighting
    2. wet ‘n wild mega last high shine lip color in pinky ring
    3. wet ‘n wild silk finish lipstick in black orchid
    4. wet ‘n wild silk finish lip stick in Just Garnet
    5. wet ‘n wild megaslicks lip gloss, red sensation
    6. wet ‘n wild megaslicks lip gloss in rose gold

Other Beauty filler items

  1. New! African shea body butter 7.5 oz
  2. New! TONYMOLY I’m Avocado mask sheet
  3. New! 2 oz travel size NIVEA creme
  4. New! FILA fragrance:
    1. Eau de toilette for the active man, mini 1.5 ml
    2. Eau de toilette for the active woman, mini 1.5 ml
  5. 1.25 oz travel size got2b ultra glued invincible styling gel
  6. Pantene intense rescue shots hair ampoule
  7. 3 oz Jergens original scent cherry almond lotion
  8. Suave shampoo:
    1. Suave Professionals 2in1 shampoo + conditioner
    2. Suave Essentials moisturizing shampoo for dry hair ocean breeze
  9. Nailene ultra quick nail glue
  10. JOICO:
    1. JOICO ICE spiker colorz pink styling glue
    2. JOICO ICE spiker colorz blue styling glue
    3. JOICO spiker colorz, techno purple
  11. Cutex polish remover:
    1. Cutex strength shield nail polish remover
    2. Cutex ultra-powerful nail polish remover for gel, glitter, and dark colored paints
  12. Neutrogena original fragrance-free facial cleansing bar with glycerin
  13. butter LONDON banana nail file
  14. Diane 3.5″ powder puff
  15. 7 ct Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes
  16. wet ‘n wild eyelash curler
  17. Revlon nail:
    1. Revlon & Barbie nail shaper
    2. Revlon shape-n-buff nail buffer
  18. e.l.f. eyeshadow brush for precision application
  19. Yardley cocoa butter & vitamin E bar soap
  20. wet ‘n wild cosmetic brushes:
    1. wet n wild small concealer brush
    2. wet n wild crease brush
    3. wet ‘n wild large eyeshadow brush
    4. wet ‘n wild small eyeshadow brush
  21. Aussie 3 minute miracle moist deep conditioning treatment
  22. The Face Shop real nature mask sheet in olive
  23. Clairol hair developers:
    1. Clairol professional pure white hair developers for lightening
    2. Clairol professional developers for lightening
  24. HELI’s Gold voluminize shampoo
  25. L’ANZA:
    1. L’ANZA .25 oz color care trauma treatment shampoo
    2. .25 oz L’ANZA healing colorcare clarifying shampoo

Health filler items

  1. New! Dynarex hand bulb ear syringe
  2. 20 ct Nexcare waterproof clear bandages
  3. 50 ct Band-Aid Tru-Stay clear spots bandages
  4. Medique alcalak antacid chewable tablets 6 ct
  5. Solimo isopropyl alcohol:
    1. Solimo 16 oz 50% isopropyl alcohol
    2. 16 oz Solimo 50% isopropyl alcohol with wintergreen
    3. 16 oz Solimo 70% isopropyl alcohol with wintergreen
  6. 10 ct travel pack Tylenol
  7. Amazon Basic Care aspirin 81 mg low dose 36 ct chewable orange tablets
  8. 10 ct morning pep prenatal vitamin tablets
  9. First Aid Only:
    1. First Aid Only hydrocortisone anti-itch cream 12 ct packets
    2. First Aid Only gauze compress
  10. Luden’s cough drops:
    1. Luden’s 30 ct honey licorice cough drops
    2. 25 ct Luden’s sugar free wild cherry cough drops
    3. Luden’s 30 ct wild cherry throat drops

Household filler items

  1. New! Westinghouse lighting 15W CST6 clear incandescent bulb w/ candelabra base
  2. FELS-NAPTHA laundry bar
  3. Bounce 34 ct dryer sheets
  4. Scrubbing Bubbles toilet cleaner & power stain destroyer
  5. Arm & Hammer fridge fresh air filter
  6. 3M bondo tack cloth
  7. X-14 Blue Plus fragrance automatic toilet bowl cleaner
  8. Fuji Enviromax AAA extra heavy duty batteries 4 pack
  9. Sylvania LED light bulb, 75W equivalent A19
  10. Sunlite 60CTC/32 incandescent 60 watt chandelier bulb
  11. Sprayaway 20 ct glass cleaner wipes
  12. Satco S6050 25 watt A19 soft white frosted bulb 2 pack
  13. Glade air:
    1. Glade clean linen solid air freshener
    2. Glade apple cinnamon room spray
  14. Duracell batteries:
    1. Duracell 2032 3V lithium coin battery
    2. Duracell 2016 3V lithium coin battery
  15. Magid gemstone diamond protective visitor glasses

Pet filler items

Dogs & cats

  1. New! Natural Care flea & tick carpet powder
  2. Petmate booda 2 knot rope bone, x-small
  3. Hartz Cattraction cat toys with silver vine & catnip
  4. Pro Pac:
    1. Pro Pac smoky sausage bites dog treats
    2. Pro Pac bacon flavored jerky strips dog treats
    3. Pro Pac beef flavored woof ’em down sticks dog treats
  5. Mega bones:
    1. Mega-Bones junior mega bacon flavor bone
    2. Mega cheez junior bone
  6. Pioneer toy box balls for cats
  7. Yeowww! catnip mini
  8. HDP Spot mylar balls cat toy
  9. Hartz Just for Cats 100% pure catnip 1 oz
  10. Van Ness Zeolite air filter
  11. SmartyKat catnip:
    1. SmartyKat skitter critters catnip mice
    2. SmartyKat organic catnip
  12. Fresh Step liners:
    1. 7 ct Fresh Step cat litter box liners, large
    2. Fresh Step drawstring cat litter box liners, jumbo 7 ct
  13. Ethical Pet toys:
    1. Ethical Pet plush football dog toy
    2. Ethical thin colorful springs cat toy
    3. Ethical SPOT wool pom poms, catnip
    4. Ethical sponge soccer balls cat toy
  14. Vet Worthy:
    1. Vet Worthy pill gun for dogs
    2. Vet Worthy adhering wrap for dogs
    3. Vet Worthy soft fingerbrushes for dogs
  15. Nylabone Extreme Chew chicken flavored toy bone for petite X-small dogs
  16. HDP Spot mylar balls cat toys
  17. Buddy Biscuits grain free cat treats
  18. Plato Thinkers treats:
    1. PLATO Thinkers singles salmon dog treat
    2. PLATO Thinkers real meat sticks
    3. PLATO Thinkers lamb dog treat
    4. PLATO Thinkers duck dog treat
    5. PLATO Thinkers chicken sticks
  19. JW Playplace butterfly teether
  20. Mammoth flossy chews rope tug toy for dogs

Fish, amphibians, & reptiles

  1. New! TetraBetta floating mini pellets .15 oz bag
  2. New! TetraFauna water conditioners:
    1. TetraFauna AquaSafe reptile & amphibian water conditioner
    2. TetraFauna ReptoGuard turtle health conditioner, 3 ct slow release
  3. Aqueon fish food flakes:
    1. Aqueon marine flakes
    2. Aqueon goldfish flakes
  4. Marina intake strainer sponge slim power filter
  5. Fluval:
    1. Fluval edge foam & biomax filter media renewal kit
    2. Fluval clearmax 2 pack cartridge for Fluval U3 aquarium filter
    3. Fluval A1175 air plastic control valve
  6. Marina cool clam air stone, blue
  7. Tetra Correct pH tablets
  8. Marineland polishing filter pads
  9. Penn Plax QN2 quick net for fish 2″x1.75″
  10. Penn Plax 8 ft airline tubing for aquariums
  11. Tetra fish food:
    1. Tetra BettaMin small pellets
    2. TetraMin tropical flakes
  12. Tetra Whisper bio-bag filter cartridges
  13. Marina Blue fine nylon net with handle
  14. Fluker’s:
    1. Fluker’s gourmet style river shrimp
    2. Fluker’s reptile calcium supplement without vitamin D3
  15. Exo Terra turtle food:
    1. Exo Terra juvenile aquatic turtle food
    2. Exo Terra adult aquatic turtle food

Birds & small animals

  1. New! Penn-Plax cuttlebone with holder, medium
  2. New! Kaytee Timothy Biscuits baked apple treat
  3. New! Peter’s nature treats apple slices
  4. New! VitaKraft raviolos
  5. Living World small animals mineral stone:
    1. Living World small animal minerals stone, corn
    2. Living World small animal minerals stone, carrot
  6. Kaytee Fiesta mango flavored YoDips bird treats
  7. VitaKraft small animal & bird treats:
    1. VitaKraft nibble rings
    2. Vitakraft sticks variety pack
    3. Vitakraft Slims with alfalfa
    4. Vitakraft rabbit slims with carrot
  8. Kaytee small animal treats:
    1. Kaytee Timothy biscuits baked carrot treat
    2. Kaytee food from the wild natural snack with pumpkin seed, rose petal, and carrot 2 oz
  9. nBone ferret treats:
    1. nBone ferret chews in bacon flavor
    2. nBone ferret chews in salmon flavor

Office and Art Supplies filler items

  1. New! Apple Barrel acrylic paint 2 oz, key west
  2. New! Staedtler carpenter pencil, medium
  3. New! Avery glue stic two pack
  4. Stabilo pen 68 brush marker, dark blue
  5. Duck packaging tape refill
  6. Pentel hi-polymer lead .7 mm HB, tube of 30
  7. Pentel refill ink for BL57/BL77 EnerGel liquid gel pen, metal tip, red ink
  8. Cra-Z-Art washable watercolors with brush
  9. Elmer’s liquid disappearing purple school glue
  10. Prang hygieia yellow chalk 12 ct
  11. Office Essentials dividers:
    1. Office Essentials plastic tab dividers, 8 clear tabs
    2. Office Essentials table ‘n tabs dividers, 5 tab letter
  12. 10 ct Bic Xtra Life ballpoint pens, medium point blue
  13. Avery office supplies:
    1. Avery 6113 all purpose labels, white, 128 ct
    2. Avery marks-a-lot large chisel tip permanent marker, black
    3. Avery marks-a-lot permanent markers, pen-style size 3 pack
    4. 3 pack Avery chisel tip highlighters
    5. Avery deluxe clear front report cover with 3 double prong fasteners
    6. Avery big tab write & erase dividers, 5 multicolor tabs
  14. 12 pack Dixon #2 pencils
  15. Lion Design poly yellow envelope
  16. Sharpies:
    1. 2 pack Sharpie fine point permanent markers
    2. 2 pack Sharpie ultra fine point permanent markers
    3. A single yellow Sharpie
    4. Ultra fine point magenta Sharpie
    5. Sharpie twin tip fine & ultra fine permanent marker
  17. Elmer’s glue:
    1. Elmer’s washable gel school glue sticks 2 ct
    2. 3 oz Elmer’s liquid disappearing purple school glue
  18. 3M 2090 .125″x60yd masking tape
  19. Delta Creative multi-surface paint 2 oz, shocking pink

*** This list is updated each Thursday.

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