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Hundreds of cheap Amazon Subscribe & Save Items — Updated 8/4/22

The ULTIMATE LIST of HUNDREDS of cheap Amazon Subscribe & Save items: Filler items to help you get up to five, and save more on your higher cost subscriptions!

cheap amazon subscribe & save filler items

Last updated 8/4/22

  • As of the time & date of this post: Each Subscribe & Save filler item here is under $2.00 shipped on the five+ items tier.
  • Add in one or two of these low cost fillers, & you’ll save more on your higher priced Subscribe & Save items.
  • Browse all Amazon Subscribe & Save items here.

As always, prices on Amazon can change at any time. Always check the current price before subscribing. As an Amazon associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Hundreds of cheap Amazon Subscribe & Save items: Under $2.00 each as of August 4, 2022

These Subscribe & Save filler items are under $2.00 each on the five items tier at the time of this post (since this is our goal!). Post is updated every Thursday.

*** Items marked New! are new to (or making a reappearance on) the list since last week.

Food & drink filler items

  1. New! Happy Belly olives:
    1. Happy Belly 6 oz medium olives
    2. 2.25 oz Happy Belly sliced olives
  2. New! Betty Crocker Tuna Helper, tetrazzini
  3. New! 33.8 oz Jumex peach nectar
  4. New! French’s original potato sticks 2.25 oz
  5. New! Campbell’s condensed cheddar cheese soup can
  6. New! 12 oz Ibera dry lentils
  7. New! Takis fuego 4 oz bag
  8. New! Stove Top lower sodium chicken stuffing mix
  9. New! Annie’s mac & cheese dinner, mac & classic cheddar
  10. New! Happy Belly original snack crackers
  11. New! Kitchen Basics original beef bone broth 8.25 oz (with 20% off coupon on page)
  12. New! 7 oz La Costeña sliced jalapeños
  13. New! V8 splash berry blend 64 oz
  14. New! Kraft original mac & cheese family size
  15. New! Lipton family sized iced tea bags 24 ct
  16. New! Abuelita Mexican style instant hot chocolate mix
  17. New! Tropical Fantasy fruit punch
  18. New! Snack Pack:
    1. Snack Pack sugar free cherry juicy gels 4 ct
    2. Snack Pack chocolate pudding cups 4 pack
  19. Takis:
    1. Takis hot nuts fuego peanuts
    2. Takis blue heat 4 oz
  20. So Delicious 32 oz organic vanilla coconut milk
  21. 32 oz orange Gatorade
  22. Jack Link’s teriyaki beef stick
  23. Jumex:
    1. 11.3 oz Jumex apricot nectar
    2. Jumex guava nectar 33.8 oz
  24. La Costeña 28 oz sliced jalapeños
  25. Stove Top pork stuffing
  26. Happy Belly snack crackers
  27. StarKist ready-to-eat tuna salad kit, original deli style
  28. Lifesavers gummies 5 oz
  29. Jet-Puffed vanilla marshmallow bits 3 oz shaker
  30. Tropical Fantasy fruit punch premium juice cocktail 24 oz
  31. Hemp Yeah roasted hemp seeds 1.34 oz
  32. San Marcos chipotles in adobo 7.5 oz
  33. 12 oz Contadina roma tomato paste
  34. Swiss Miss salted caramel cocoa mix 8 pack
  35. Diamond chopped walnuts 2.25 oz
  36. Six pack Sun-Maid raisins snack packs
  37. Green Giant:
    1. Green Giant cream style sweet corn
    2. Green Giant cut green beans
  38. Del Monte:
    1. Del Monte zesty chili style tomatoes
    2. Del Monte canned peach chunks
  39. Chef Boyardee mac & cheese can
  40. Snack Pack:
    1. 4 pack Snack Pack vanilla pudding cups
    2. Snack Pack juicy gels strawberry and orange
  41. Can of Ro-Tel
  42. Zatarain’s rice:
    1. Zatarain’s red beans & rice
    2. Zatarain’s Spanish rice
  43. True Lemon Kids fruit punch drink mix 10 ct

Condiment, baking, & seasoning filler items

  1. New! 8 oz Lawry’s seasoned salt (w/ 20% off coupon on page)
  2. New! French’s 20 oz ketchup (with 20% off coupon on the page)
  3. New! French’s original Chili-O seasoning mix
  4. New! Happy Belly clear vanilla flavor extract 2 oz
  5. New! Lawry’s mesquite marinade (with 20% off coupon on page)
  6. New! Krusteaz honey cornbread & muffin mix
  7. New! Jet Puffed vanilla marshmallow bits shaker
  8. 16 oz Ortega taco sauce
  9. Duncan Hines classic yellow cake mix
  10. Pompeian gourmet rose balsamic vinegar 16 oz
  11. Log Cabin all natural pancake mix
  12. Happy Belly 2.75 oz chili powder
  13. Iberia garlic salt with parsley 11 oz
  14. Cinnamon Toast Crunch mixes:
    1. Betty Crocker Cinnamon Toast Crunch cookie mix
    2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch cake mix
  15. Kraft thick & creamy ranch dip mix
  16. Dalmatia fig spread, 1.05 oz
  17. The Spice Hunter mint leaves .36 oz jar
  18. 8 oz Bar Harbor clam juice
  19. Watkins organic seasoning:
    1. Watkins organic gourmet meatloaf seasoning mix
    2. Watkins organic gourmet beef stew seasoning mix
    3. Watkins organic gourmet au jus gravy seasoning mix
    4. Watkins organic mild chili seasoning mix
    5. Watkins organic pot roast seasoning mix
    6. Watkins organic garlic & herb marinade
    7. Watkins organic gourmet turkey gravy seasoning mix
  20. Zatarain’s Southern buttermilk chicken fry mix
  21. Clabber Girl baking powder 8.1 oz
  22. Happy Belly food coloring:
    1. Happy Belly green food color 1 fl oz
    2. Happy Belly red food coloring 1 oz
  23. Simply Organic southwest taco seasoning mix
  24. Kitchen Accomplice:
    1. Kitchen Accomplice wicked tasty taco simmer sauce
    2. Kitchen Accomplice wicked awesome taco, barbacoa simmer sauce
    3. Kitchen Accomplice wicked tasty taco carne asada simmer sauce

McCormick seasonings, extracts, salad toppings, & mixes filler items

  1. New! McCormick Grill Mates mesquite seasoning (w/ 20% off coupon on page)
  2. McCormick imitation bac’n pieces
  3. McCormick grinders:
    1. McCormick sea salt grinder
    2. McCormick Italian herb seasoning grinder
  4. McCormick pure pumpkin pie spice blend extract 1 oz
  5. McCormick Grill Mates seasonings & mixes:
    1. McCormick Grill Mates chipotle pepper marinade mix
    2. McCormick Grill Mates garlic, herb, & wine marinade mix
    3. McCormick Grill Mates tomato, garlic, & basil marinade mix
    4. McCormick Grill Mates Brazilian steakhouse marinade mix
    5. McCormick Grill Mates smokehouse maple seasoning
    6. McCormick Grill Mates brown sugar bourbon marinade mix
  6. McCormick mixes:
    1. McCormick less sodium chili seasoning mix
    2. McCormick onion gravy mix
    3. McCormick turkey gravy mix
    4. McCormick mushroom gravy mix
    5. McCormick tasty zesty seasoning mix
    6. McCormick original chili seasoning mix
    7. McCormick gluten free chili seasoning mix
    8. McCormick beef stew seasoning mix
    9. McCormick 30% less sodium mild chili seasoning mix
    10. McCormick guacamole seasoning mix
    11. McCormick Italian mushroom spaghetti sauce mix
    12. McCormick meatloaf seasoning mix
    13. McCormick white chicken chili seasoning mix
    14. McCormick au jus gravy mix
    15. McCormick chicken taco seasoning mix
    16. McCormick brown gravy mix
    17. McCormick street taco southwest ranch chicken seasoning mix
    18. McCormick organics chili seasoning mix
    19. McCormick 30% less sodium brown gravy mix

Salad dressing filler items

  1. Happy Belly thousand island dressing
  2. Wish-Bone dressing:
    1. Wish-Bone sweet & spicy honey mustard dressing
    2. Wish-Bone Russian salad dressing
    3. Wish-Bone creamy French dressing
    4. Wish-Bone light sweet & spicy French dressing
    5. Wish-Bone fat free chunky blue cheese dressing
    6. Wish-Bone zesty robusto Italian dressing 15 oz
    7. Wish-Bone light ranch dressing
    8. Wish-Bone light raspberry walnut vinaigrette
  3. Western original sweet & smooth French salad dressing
  4. Kraft thousand island dressing, 8 oz

Personal care filler items

  1. New! Reach:
    1. Reach travel kit toothbrush w/ cap & paste
    2. Reach unflavored waxed dental floss
    3. Reach cleanburst waxed dental floss, cinnamon
    4. Reach mint waxed dental floss
  2. New! 20 ct Carefree regular liners
  3. New! Softsheen-Carson magic shaving powder (w/ 20% off coupon on page)
  4. New! Summer’s Eve fragrance free cleansing wipes, 16 ct
  5. 45 ct cooling lotion Kleenex
  6. Aquafresh cavity protection paste
  7. ChapStick:
    1. ChapStick classic cherry lip balm
    2. ChapStick classic strawberry lip balm
  8. Listerine:
    1. Listerine Ultraclean access flosser with 8 disposable snap-on dental flosser refills
    2. Listerine 3.2 oz sensitivity mouthwash
  9. GUM stimulator refills 3 ct
  10. Colgate Kids cavity protection paste in bubble fruit
  11. Softsoap liquid hand soap, aloe
  12. 12 ct Plackers micro mint dental floss picks with travel case
  13. 5 ct double edge safety razor blades by Kai

Cosmetics filler items

  1. New! NYX eyebrow powder pencil, auburn
  2. New! L.A. Colors high shine butter lip gloss, sensual
  3. New! Neutrogena hydro boost moisturizing lip gloss, pink mocha
  4. Lip liner by Revlon, Colorstay in wine
  5. Lip Smacker cotton candy lip gloss
  6. Black Radiance:
    1. Black Radiance perfect tone lip color, purple passion
    2. Black Radiance perfect tone lip color, berry bold
    3. Black Radiance perfect tone lip color, eldorado red
    4. Black Radiance perfect tone lip color, plum orchid
    5. Black Radiance concealer stick, light
    6. Black Radiance perfect tone lip color, purple madness
    7. Black Radiance twin pack eyeliner pencil, truly black
    8. Black Radiance eye appeal blending pencil, kohl brown
  7. NYX eyebrow powder pencil in auburn
  8. Sally Hansen nail:
    1. Sally Hansen ultimate shield base & top coat
    2. Sally Hansen hard as nails color, black heart
    3. Sally Hansen hard as nails iridescent sea, strong-her
    4. Sally Hansen hard as nails iridescent sea, impenetra-blue
  9. L.A. Colors eye:
    1. L.A. Colors day to night eyeshadow palette, sundown
    2. L.A. Colors 2-piece eyeliner/brow pencil with sharpener, black
    3. L.A. Colors brow pencil with spool, medium
  10. L.A. Colors nail:
    1. L.A. Colors color craze nail polish in pink bubbles
    2. L.A. Colors Craze nail polish, aquatic
    3. L.A. Colors color craze nail polish, sea foam
    4. L.A. Colors color craze nail polish, hot blooded
    5. L.A. Colors Color craze nail polish, sparkling diamonds

wet ‘n wild

  1. New! Mascara:
    1. wet ‘n wild mega clear brow & lash mascara
    2. wet ‘n wild enhance & define megawear mascara, black
  2. wet ‘n wild nail:
    1. wet ‘n wild nail color, kaleidoscope
    2. wet ‘n wild fast dry nail color, violet tendencies
    3. wet ‘n wild fast dry nail color, club brat
  3. wet ‘n wild eye:
    1. wet ‘n wild brow-sessive brow pencil in light brown/taupe
    2. wet ‘n wild brow-sessive brow pencil, medium brown
    3. wet ‘n wild mega last breakup-proof retractable eyeliner, black
    4. wet ‘n wild color icon kohl liner pencil, pretty in mink
    5. wet ‘n wild color icon kohl liner pencil, simma brown now
    6. wet ‘n wild color icon glitter eyeshadow, shimmer bleached
    7. wet ‘n wild brow-sessive brow pencil, dark brown
    8. wet ‘n wild color icon kohl eyeliner pencil, baby’s got black
  4. wet ‘n wild lip:
    1. wet ‘n wild mega last high shine lip color, fire-fighting
    2. wet ‘n wild mega last high shine lip color in pinky ring
    3. wet ‘n wild silk finish lipstick in black orchid
    4. wet ‘n wild silk finish lip stick in Just Garnet
    5. wet ‘n wild megaslicks lip gloss in rose gold
    6. wet ‘n wild megaslicks lip gloss in sinless
    7. wet ‘n wild mega slicks lip gloss, call me boss
    8. wet ‘n wild mega slicks lip gloss in love language
    9. wet ‘n wild silk finish lipstick, breeze nude
    10. wet ‘n wild color icon lip liner, plumberry
    11. wet ‘n wild silk finish lipstick, hot Paris pink
    12. wet ‘n wild mega slicks lip gloss in crystal clear
    13. wet ‘n wild mega slicks lip gloss, champagne please
    14. wet ‘n wild mega slicks lip gloss, crushed grapes

Other Beauty filler items

  1. New! Diane 3.5″ powder puff
  2. New! VO5 extra body voluminizing shampoo
  3. New! Nailene ultra quick nail glue
  4. New! Yardley oatmeal & almond bar soap
  5. Cutex strength shield nail polish remover
  6. Himalaya purifying neem & turmeric cleansing bar
  7. TRIM nail files 2 pack
  8. The Face Shop:
    1. The Face Shop real nature aloe face mask
    2. The Face Shop real nature lemon face mask
  9. Dynarex body wash and conditioner 8 oz
  10. 2 oz NIVEA creme
  11. KISS powerflex nail glue
  12. OKAY black Jamaican castor oil leave-in conditioner
  13. butter LONDON banana nail file
  14. Wella color charm painting bayalage hair developer 2 oz
  15. Clairol true color cream developer
  16. Palmer’s cocoa butter & biotin length retention biotin packet
  17. Pantene Pro-V intense rescue shots hair ampoule
  18. FILA eau de toilette for the active man, mini 1.5 ml
  19. JOICO:
    1. JOICO ICE spiker colorz pink styling glue
    2. JOICO ICE spiker colorz blue styling glue
    3. JOICO spiker colorz, techno purple
    4. JOICO ICE spiker colorz, matrix green
    5. JOICO ice spiker colorz in metallix gold
    6. JOICO spiker colorz, red
  20. 7 ct Neutrogena makeup remover cleansing towelettes
  21. Diane flexible mixing bowl 8 oz
  22. e.l.f.:
    1. e.l.f. eyeshadow brush for precision application
    2. e.l.f. blending eye brush
  23. wet ‘n wild brushes and tools:
    1. wet n wild small concealer brush
    2. wet n wild crease brush
    3. wet ‘n wild large eyeshadow brush
    4. wet ‘n wild small eyeshadow brush
    5. wet ‘n wild dual pencil sharpener
    6. wet ‘n wild high on lash eyelash curler
  24. HELI’s Gold voluminize shampoo
  25. Malibu C un-do-goo > pH 9 shampoo packet

Health filler items

  1. New! 100 ct BD alcohol swabs
  2. New! sal de uvas picot 12 ct effervescent antacid packets
  3. New! First Aid Only 2 ct trauma pads
  4. First Aid Only sting relief wipes 10 ct
  5. Halls:
    1. 30 ct Halls honey lemon cough drops
    2. Halls sugar free honey lemon cough drops 25 ct
  6. Pure L-Tyrosine 8 oz powder
  7. 30 ct Luden’s wild cherry throat drops
  8. Fleet laxative saline enema
  9. Apex dayplanner
  10. Band-Aid:
    1. Band-Aid flexible fabric bandages 8 ct travel pack
    2. Band-Aid tru-stay sheer strips 40 ct
  11. GoodSense saline nasal spray

Household filler items

  1. New! Scotch-Brite:
    1. Scotch-Brite copper coated scrubbing scour pads 3 ct
    2. Scotch-Brite stainless steel scrubbers, 3 ct
  2. New! Carlisle heavyweight plastic shooter glass
  3. New! Energizer 2016 3V lithium coin battery
  4. New! Uchida DecoFabric laundry fabric marker, black
  5. Energizer 2025 3V lithium coin battery
  6. Wrights bias tape:
    1. Wrights 117-201-030 double fold bias tape, white
    2. Wrights 117-200-055 single fold bias tape, navy
    3. Wrights 117-200-031 single fold bias tape, black
  7. HeatnBond:
    1. HeatnBond iron-on hem adhesive, super weight, white
    2. HeatnBond hem iron-on adhesive, regular weight, white
  8. Air Wick:
    1. Air Wick stick ups air freshener 2 ct, sparkling citrus
    2. Air Wick plug in scented oil warmer
  9. Light bulbs:
    1. Satco S3629 40 watt S11 light bulb
    2. Sunlite 25EFF/32 incandescent 25W chandelier bulb
    3. Westinghouse 15W CST6 clear incandescent bulb w/ candelabra base
    4. Bulbrite KR15CFC/25 15W Krystal Touch flame tip chandelier bulb, candelabra base
    5. Bulbrite KR10CFC/25 10W flame tip chandelier bulb
    6. Bulbrite 10W Krystal Touch CA8 chandelier bulb
    7. Sylvania LED bulb 60W equiv. A19 cool white bulb
  10. Glade air:
    1. Glade apple cinnamon room spray
    2. Glade solid air freshener in lavender & peach blossom

Tools & automotive filler items

  1. New! Danco perfect match 24184 stem repair kit for sterling
  2. New! West Chester nitrile coated nylon shell gloves, medium
  3. New! Trimaco:
    1. Trimaco SuperTuff cone strainer medium mesh 4 pack
    2. Trimaco 03307 SuperTuff plastic drop cloth
  4. New! Duck brand auto electrical tape, black
  5. New! Wooster series 3102 3″ foam brush
  6. New! IRWIN strait-line lumber crayons, black 2 pack
  7. MAHLE original B45715 engine oil pump pickup tube gasket
  8. GM genuine parts windshield wiper arm finish cap .95 in
  9. NOCO NCP2 MC303 oil-based battery terminal protectors
  10. K&N 09069 gasket
  11. K&S precision metals 8240 brass strip
  12. Irwin Tools:
    1. IRWIN tools strait-line lumber crayon, black
    2. Irwin Tools STRAIT-LINE flagging tape, 150 ft glo-pink
  13. Dynamic clear rolled drop cloth
  14. FoamPRO 103 foam paint roller
  15. Safety/work gloves:
    1. MCR Safety 9675XLM honey grip cotton/polyester 7 gauge honeycomb gloves, orange XL
    2. Boss men’s green camo jersey cotton knit wrist work gloves, large
    3. Boss men’s brown jersey PVC dotted palm gloves, brown, large
    4. NorthFlex duro task seamless knit safety gloves, large
    5. Boss men’s blaze orange camo jersey cotton knit wrist work gloves, large
  16. Refresh Your Car vent sticks 4 pack, rejuvenating ocean breeze
  17. Fel-Pro:
    1. Fel-Pro 10784 oil pump gasket
    2. Fel-Pro 70602 oil filter gasket
    3. Fel-Pro 9948 oil filter gasket
    4. Fel-Pro 72437 oil pump gasket
    5. Fel-Pro 70141 oil pump gasket
    6. Fel-Pro 70672 oil filter gasket
  18. Vibra-TITE:
    1. Vibra-TITE 13102 131 permanent strength threadlocker, 2ml bullet tube, red
    2. Vibra-TITE 122 oil tolerant removable anaerobic threadlocker, 2ml bullet tube, blue
    3. Vibra-TITE nickel anti-seize lubricant compound, 2ml bullet tube
    4. Vibra-TITE low strength removable anaerobic threadlocker, 2ml bullet tube, purple
  19. Frost King vinyl foam weatherseal tape
  20. Electrical tape:
    1. Plymouth Revere general purpose electrical tape, yellow
    2. Plymouth Revere general purpose electrical tape, gray
    3. NSi WarriorWrap Select vinyl electrical tape, yellow
    4. Duck brand economy electrical tape, black
    5. NSi WarriorWrap Select vinyl electrical tape, gray
    6. NSi WarriorWrap Select vinyl electrical tape, brown
    7. WarriorWrap select vinyl electrical tape, white
  21. Linzer 8500 0100 paint brush 1″
  22. TapeCase white bag sealing tape roll

Pet filler items

  1. New! Purina whisker lickin’s cat treats, tuna flavor
  2. New! Tetra:
    1. Tetra vacation tropical feeding block
    2. Tetra goldfish flakes
  3. New! Blue Buffalo baby blue kitten crunchies, salmon
  4. New! Vitakraft Treaties dog chew sticks, chicken w/ sweet potato
  5. Wardley aquarium conditioner
  6. Blue Buffalo baby blue kitten crunchies with savory chicken
  7. .5 oz Petlinks organic catnip
  8. Dingo tartar and breath dental sticks
  9. Van Ness pureness F6 zeolite air filter
  10. Petmate zeolite charcoal filter
  11. Nylabone Extreme Chew chicken flavored toy bone for petite X-small dogs
  12. PLATO Thinkers singles salmon dog treat
  13. Wild Harvest mineral treat for all birds, pineapple
  14. Python:
    1. Python multi-purpose bio-clean formula, 1 oz
    2. Python multi-purpose water conditioner, 1 oz
    3. Python multi-purpose bio-support jump start for aquarium filters 1 oz
  15. MarineLand penguin power filter rite-size cartridge
  16. Zoo Med hermit crab mineral blocks
  17. Tetra:
    1. TetraFauna AquaSafe reptile & amphibian water conditioner
    2. Tetra ReptoMin floating food sticks, baby
    3. Tetra Whisper bio-bag filter cartridges 2 pack
    4. Tetra TetraMin tropical flakes
  18. Fluval edge foam & biomax filter media renewal kit
  19. Marina intake strainer sponge slim power filter
  20. Exo Terra adult aquatic turtle food
  21. Kaytee food from the wild:
    1. Kaytee food from the wild natural snack with pumpkin seed, rose petal, and carrot 2 oz
    2. Kaytee Food from the wild natural snack, spinach & strawberries

Office, school, arts, & crafts filler items

Office & school supplies

  1. New! BIC:
    1. BIC round stic Xtra life ballpoint pens, medium point black 10 pack
    2. BIC round stic Xtra life ballpoint pens, medium point blue 10 pack
  2. Dixon no. 2 yellow pencils 12 ct
  3. Zebra:
    1. Zebra pen Z-grip retractable ballpoint pen, medium point black ink 2 ct
    2. Zebra DelGuard mechanical pencil eraser refills 5 ct
  4. Brady 97200 Bradyfoam white mounting tape card mounted
  5. General Pencil tri-tip eraser
  6. Pilot Dr. Grip ballpoint ink refills for retractable pens, fine point black ink 2 pack
  7. Prang hygieia chalk assorted colors 12 ct
  8. Business Source handheld tape dispenser, smoke
  9. Office Essentials plastic insertable dividers, 8-tab letter
  10. Officemate pencil style moistener with wedge sponge
  11. Pentel:
    1. Pentel hi-polymer lead .7mm medium 2H 12 pack, black
    2. Pentel refill ink for EnerGel liquid gel pen, needle tip, black ink
    3. Pentel Arts hi-polymer white cap erasers 10 ct
    4. Pentel hi-polymer lead refills, .5mm HB 30 ct
    5. Pentel refill ink for EnerGel liquid gel pen, .7mm red
    6. Pentel super hi-polymer lead refills, .7mm HB tube of 30
  12. BIC:
    1. BIC pencil lead refills, medium point .7mm 30 ct black
    2. BIC round stic grip Xtra comfort ballpoint pen medium point blue 12 ct
    3. BIC pencil lead refills fine point .5 mm 30 ct
    4. BIC round stic Xtra Life ballpoint pen, medium red 10 ct
  13. Avery office supplies:
    1. Avery marks-a-lot permanent marker, desk-style size, chisel tip, black
    2. Avery marks-a-lot large chisel tip permanent marker, black
    3. Avery permanent chisel tip desk-style red marker
    4. Avery hi-liter pen style highlighters
    5. Avery translucent 2 pocket blue folder
  14. Avery labels:
    1. Avery fashion reinforcement labels 280 ct assorted metallic colors
    2. Avery round color coding labels 315 pack
    3. Avery 1×3 rectangular color coding labels 72 pack
    4. Avery removable labels, rectangular, white, 525 ct
    5. Avery removable multi-use labels, blue border, 10 pack
    6. Avery removable multi-use labels, blue border 15 pack
    7. Avery 315 ct multi-use round removable labels
    8. Avery all-purpose labels 1.5×2.75″ white pack of 76
    9. Avery Hello My Name Is name tags, 25 ct
  15. Avery dividers:
    1. Avery write-on dividers for 2-prong classification folders, white, narrow bottom tabs 5 ct
    2. Avery write & erase big tab paper dividers, 5-tab white
    3. Avery Office Essentials economy insertable tab dividers, five clear tabs
    4. Avery individual legal exhibit dividers, side tab, 25 pack
    5. Avery insertable dividers, buff paper, 5 multicolor tabs
  16. Lion Design poly yellow envelope

Arts & crafts

  1. New! ColorSplash white glue 8 oz
  2. New! Apple Barrel acrylic paint, bright yellow
  3. New! FolkArt acrylic paint, patina
  4. New! DecoArt:
    1. DecoArt dazzling metallics, amethyst
    2. DecoArt dazzling metallics, rich espresso
    3. DecoArt Americana multi-surface acrylic paint, coffee bean
  5. 2 ct Avery washable glue stics
  6. UCHIDA Le Neon pen, blue
  7. Edding 1225 calligraphy pen, bottlegreen
  8. Prismacolor Premier colored pencil, lavender grey
  9. Apple Barrel paint:
    1. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, green turquoise
    2. Apple Barrel glow-in-the-dark acrylic paint, yellow
    3. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, dark blue gray
    4. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, light lavender
    5. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, bright yellow
    6. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, pink polish
    7. Apple Barrel satin acrylic paint, black
    8. Apple Barrel gloss acrylic paint, hot rod red
    9. Apple Barrel gloss acrylic paint, golden yellow
    10. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, barn red
    11. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, kelly green
    12. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, peachy pink
    13. Apple Barrel acrylic paint 2 oz, key west
    14. Apple Barrel multi-surface paint, granite gray
    15. Apple Barrel gloss acrylic paint, white
    16. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, bright red
    17. Apple Barrel acrylic paint, pink parfait
  10. Best Creation washi tape:
    1. Best Creation washi tape, starfruit
    2. Best Creation washi tape 15mm/5m, kiwi
  11. DecoArt paint:
    1. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, snow titanium white
    2. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, cadmium yellow
    3. DecoArt dazzling metallics 2 oz white pearl acrylic paint
    4. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, lamp black
    5. DecoArt dazzling metallics royal ruby acrylic paint
    6. DecoArt Americana satin acrylic paint, paprika
    7. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, true red
    8. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, Indian turquoise
    9. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, primary red
    10. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, true blue
    11. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, Santa red
    12. DecoArt Americana multisurface satin acrylic paint, school bus
    13. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, golden straw
    14. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, milk chocolate
    15. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, buttermilk
    16. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, electric pink
    17. DecoArt Americana acrylic paint, antique maroon
  12. FolkArt paint:
    1. FolkArt acrylic paint, crystal blue
    2. FolkArt acrylic paint, cottage rose
    3. FolkArt acrylic paint, mossy meadow
    4. FolkArt acrylic paint, adrift
    5. FolkArt enamel glass & ceramic paint, hydrangea
    6. FolkArt acrylic paint, bright pink
    7. FolkArt metallic paint, silver sterling
  13. S&S Worldwide:
    1. S&S Worldwide Color Splash acrylic paint strip, primary
    2. S&S Worldwide Color Splash acrylic paint strip, pastel
  14. Delta Creative paint:
    1. Delta Creative ceramcoat acrylic paint, terra cotta
    2. Delta Creative Ceramcoat acrylic paint, denim blue
    3. Delta Creative Ceramcoat multi-surface paint, ivory
  15. Scotch glue stick
  16. STABILO:
    1. STABILO pen 68 brush marker, Prussian blue
    2. STABILO point 88 fineliner, plum
    3. STABILO point 88 fineliner, light blue
    4. STABILO point 88 fineliner, grey violet
    5. STABILO pen 68, mud green
  17. Sharpie:
    1. Sharpie 2 ct fine point permanent markers
    2. Two pack ultra fine point Sharpies

*** This list is updated each Thursday.

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