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Five fave ALDI Finds week of 12/6/23

Five+ fave ALDI Finds for the week of 12/6/23From essential oils, to pickled herring, to cat scratching playhouses, there’s something for everyone here.

five fave aldi finds week of 12/6/23

As the holiday season starts getting into full swing, here are my own top five ALDI Finds and deals from the ad starting Wednesday 12/6/23. (Since there’s a variety of choices for everyone, and everyone has different needs, please share yours in comments as well.)

Five Fave ALDI Finds, 12/6/23

Let’s start with the scents of the holidays, shall we? First off: Huntington Home essential oils will run you $2.99 per 15 ml bottle this week. Choose from eucalyptus, lavender, cinnamon, clove, or peppermint at that price, and you can also pick up a Huntington Home cool mist ultrasonic aroma diffuser for $14.99. If you prefer to scent your home with candles, a Huntington Home painted lid candle is $6.99, while a Huntington Home candle wax warmer set costs $12.99.

live gfree gluten free holiday donuts

Next up, let’s pop over to the frozen section for the gluten free folks. There, you’ll find that holiday flavored liveGfree gluten free donuts are back at $4.99 per box: Pumpkin, gingerbread, or cranberry.

Not gluten free? Other frozen treats this week include a 40 oz Belmont cheesecake sampler for $12.99, Breakfast Best chocolate chip waffles at $2.99, and Specially Selected mini cinnamon swirl or raspberry Danish pastries for $4.99.

christmas tree brioche

Speaking of treats (and aren’t we always…), Specially Selected brioche Christmas trees are also back this year! Pick either chocolate chip or vanilla cream, $6.49 apiece. Other holiday foods in this latest ALDI ad include:

  • Barissimo eggnog or gingerbread ground coffee or 12 ct cups, $4.19
  • Benner holiday teas, $2.39
  • Nature’s Nectar sparkling sugarplum apple cider 4-pack, $3.89
  • Nature’s Nectar Wassail punch 64 oz, $2.99
  • Lofthouse Christmas tree sugar cookies, $3.99, or holiday shortbread or red velvet frosted cookies, $3.95
  • Specially Selected Compliments assorted cookies 28.2 oz, $11.99
  • Diamond mixed nuts in shell 32 oz, $7.98
  • El Sabroso holiday tortilla chips, $2.49
  • Little Debbie Christmas tree cakes, $2.58
  • Southern Grove winter trail mix 19-21 oz, extra large roasted & salted pistachios 17 oz, or holiday nut packs 14.5 oz, $9.99 each
  • Utopia Market gourmet chocolate covered pretzel twists, $5.99
  • Jar Joy cheesecake jar desserts, $1.99
  • Baker’s Corner 24 oz bags of semi-sweet morsels, $3.99
  • Reggano Christmas shaped pasta, $2.69
  • Specially Selected cinnamon roll or gingerbread spread, $2.99

At least one of these options should get you eating festively this season.

wild herring in wine sauce

For our last food Find, let’s move over to the refrigerated section — And this one is just for meeeee. Pickled herring is really an acquired taste, but if you also have acquired this taste over the course of your lifetime, you should know that ALDI has 32 oz jars of Fremont Fish Market herring in wine sauce for $6.99. I’ve enjoyed their herring in the past, and it tastes the same as (but costs less than) Vita herring. On the fishy front, they also have 3 oz packs of Specially Selected cold smoked salmon gravlax for $4.39. These have gone up in price, but they’re tasty.

holiday cat scratching playhouse 2023

Last, but not least: Let’s talk about pets, ba-by…! Holiday-themed cat scratching playhouses are back, and are also back down to $6.99 apiece in this week’s ad. Brief review: Our own bad kitties have always appreciated these — and, putting them together is a great way to keep the kids occupied for a little while. 2023 cat scratching playhouse designs at ALDI include Peppermint Twist, Vintage Christmas, or Winter Log Cabin, and each comes with catnip and cardboard scratching pads to put inside. Other fun pet-related products this week include:

  • Heart to Tail cat bed, $9.99
  • Heart to Tail cat scratch & play post, $12.99
  • Heart to Tail cuddler pet bed, $19.99
  • Heart to Tail gingerbread dog biscuits, $3.19
  • Heart to Tail holiday pet sequin sweatshirt, $4.99
  • Heart to Tail holiday rawhide stocking, $6.99
  • Heart to Tail large frosted dog bone, $3.29
  • Heart to Tail mini frosted assorted dog treats, $4.29
  • Heart to Tail pet holiday headband, $2.99
  • Heart to Tail pet throw, $9.99
  • Pure Being assorted premium dental dog chews, $5.99
  • Pure Being candy cane dog treats, $2.99
  • Pure Being whole or split antler, $7.99
  • Pure Being 12 days of cat treats, $5.99

Don’t forget the pets this holiday season, right?

What ALDI Find strikes your fancy this week?

Does anything strike your fancy from among these five Finds, or from the full weekly ad/sneaky peak? One runner-up for me: Smithfield whole boneless pork butt roast at $1.89/lb. Once you’ve slow cooked one of these up in your Crock-Pot or Instant Pot, you can shred it for use in chili, pulled pork sandwiches, tacos, enchiladas, and so much more. And for even more options:

But wait, more holiday gifting options…

Beyond the above picks, a few other runner-up and giftable ALDI Finds this week include:

  • Kid’s rolling suitcase, $19.99
  • Llicensed XBOX headlight, $14.99
  • Bee Happy 52 piece magnetic tiles, $16.99,
  • Various little art activity gifts, $4.99
  • Dentiguard kid’s sonic electric toothbrush, $14.99
  • Squishmallow holiday slippers, $8.99
  • Adult memory foam slippers — and don’t they look cozy?! — $8.99
  • Serra neoprene convertible bag, $7.99
  • Children’s character PJs, $9.99
  • Mini holiday cypress tree, $6.99

What are you going to be picking up?