Baby it’s cold outside! What deals are you still looking for?


Good morning! On this frozen (well, here, anyway…) Tuesday, what deals are you still looking for in your holiday shopping? Comment here and we’ll see what we can find — no guarantees, but it can’t hurt! We’ve been playing this game every day in the Hot Holiday Deals Facebook group, but let’s give it a try here, too.

  • Plus, if you see a deal someone else is looking for, please share in comments as well. The more pairs of eyes, the better. :)

A couple weeks left — Join the Hot Holiday Deals Facebook Group!


Two weeks til Christmas, guys… Remember to join the Hot Holiday Deals Facebook group — because I can get a lot more deals up over there than make full posts here during the crazy holiday season! Also, if you’re on Facebook a lot, you’ll get the notifications as deals are posted, which helps you not miss out on the hot deals that sell out quickly. Here’s what’s on there just since last night in addition to the Green Monday deals I’ve been posting here.

Have you checked it out yet?

Toy lightning deals. New Xbox Live Gold deal. Samsung Galaxy Tab. iPad 2. Just Dance 2014 Wii. Despicable Me 2 Minions Shorts. Dyson + kit.
Fisher-Price toddler castle set. Ninja Turtles play tent. Space heater. GPS. Under Armour. Mega Bloks. Despicable Me 2 + free lunch box.

  • That’s FOURTEEN extra Green Monday deals so far just from last night through this morning — which would be a crazy fourteen more posts here, but perfect for quickie Facebook deals.
  • Why? Because it’s a lot quicker for me to share quickie deals and codes with you on Facebook. You’ll see MORE and BONUS holiday deals there, in addition to all your regular Mashup Mom goodies that you still get here.
  • Come on over and join us — and feel free to invite your Facebook friends!

We’re back! To (kind of) normal


OK, yesterday was just a little crazy, lol. For those of you still holiday shopping: Many places have announced that they are extending their Cyber Monday sales through today (Carson’s, Reebok, Crocs, many more) — so, if you missed some of yesterday’s, pop over to yesterday’s Cyber Monday Deals Roundup and see if your favorite deal is still going on.

I’ll still be posting a lot of holiday deals here and in the Hot Holiday Deals Facebook group for those of you finishing up your shopping, but now that Cyber Monday is over we will settle back down. Regular features like Five Kindle Freebies, What to Eat Wednesday, and Crunchy Friday will also be returning this week, for those of you who have missed them over the past week or two. Thanks for sticking around! :)

Hey Newsletter People — Read This! Cyber Monday alert!


Hey Newsletter Reading email people — Welcome to Cyber Monday!

  • Today’s Cyber Monday Madness means that the newsletter will be cut off. Sorry for the crazy! But the deals, they are good. :)
  • Read the Cyber Monday roundup here for links to ALL the Cyber Monday deals today and last night. I will keep adding to it through tonight, so you might want to bookmark the Cyber Monday Roundup and check back for new deals!
  • Regular features like Reader Deals, Target deals, Free With Coupons, Sunday Scratchups, and more can always be accessed from the menus at the top of

Oh yeah, I’m in Washington State

I guess you might have noticed by now — I posted in Hot Holiday Deals but forgot to mention here: I’m out of town this week visiting my Mom (while MashupDad and the boys hold down the fort at home!). I’ll be checking in, and they do have internet access in the wilds of Washington here, but posting might be a bit lighter than usual and I’ll be slower to respond than usual. So, just a heads up.

No worries though — Trish is going to take care of some of the major grocery matchups for you this week while I’m here away from the ads, and Zack will be picking up some of the online deals in addition to the ones I’ll be posting from here. Say hi to the rest of the Mashup Mom team, because they do rock. :)

Psst — have you been to Facebook lately?


Here’s what’s on the Mashup Mom Facebook page today that hasn’t shown up on the blog: FREE samples for Live Better America and BTFE members, a discussion of Martha Stewart and her disgust with “non-expert” bloggers, did you turn on your heat yet? and free box of Kraft Mac & Cheese, Carson’s printable coupon. Why? We chat, and a lot of these are limited time freebies that frustrate when they become whole posts and go out in the nightly newsletter. Come join us!

Here’s what’s on the Hot Holiday Deals Facebook group today that hasn’t shown up on the blog: LEGO Star Wars, Carson’s printable coupon, Avengers and Justice League tees for boys, Shoe Carnival Coupon, Carson’s coupon, cute finger puppets and magnetic fridge letters and numbers, cheap photo canvas. Why? Because it’s a lot quicker for me to share a lot of these on Facebook, and you’ll see MORE holiday deals there than ever show up on the blog — Come join us!

What’s with all the different Facebook things?


I know, right? You’re already reading Mashup Mom here, so what’s with the different Facebook options? Well, let me tell you!

Mashup Mom Facebook page

The official Facebook presence for Mashup Mom, the Mashup mom Facebook page contains ALL the deals that I post here. This lets you follow the deals on Facebook as soon as they are posted, if you hang out on FB a lot and it’s easier for you to follow them there than to remember to come back here. What else?

  • A place to share your own deals.
  • A place to chat about deals or ask questions.
  • A place I sometimes put quick or time sensitive deals, such as Facebook freebies that don’t make it to the blog.
  • A place to share funnies, or just talk. :)

Like the Mashup Mom Facebook page, here.

Hot Holiday Deals

So then we have the Hot Holiday Deals Facebook group. This one is for… you guessed it… HOLIDAY DEALS. Find and share deals, and ask for help FINDING deals, on everything from Halloween candy, to your Thanksgiving dinner deals, to Black Friday and beyond. There is SO MUCH going on, that this page contains a bunch of deals that don’t make it to the blog — for instance, you’ll find discounts on local fall activities, cheap cute Amazon jewelry, pull-out deals on Halloween candy that get buried in longer matchup posts, and more.

  • Hook up with the Hot Holiday Deals group now and see all the deals, as they happen.

Coupon Trading Group


And then, we also have the Mashup Mom Coupon Trading Group. This is a place to hook up and trade coupons — my baby coupons for your cat food coupons, whatever you have and don’t need to trade for what you don’t have and do need. No selling allowed; trading or stamps only. It makes sense, right? lol

You can easily contact other group members through Facebook messaging, so don’t have to post your email address publicly.

Tonight’s discussion topic: Redesign

And I’m off to do a Point, Click, and Earn program at the Bloomingdale Public Library! Tonight’s discussion topic while I am gone: I am looking at redesigning Mashup Mom later this fall. So, now is your chance to give input while I’m thinking about this process: Are there things that are hard to find? Topics you wish were better featured? Info you’d like to see added? Speak now! ;)