Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms out there! To help brighten up your day, I’ll share with you this too-appropriate drawing that Junior High Guy made for me a few years back. :)

So what do you need a deal on?


So what are you looking for a deal on lately? I was just taking a mental inventory, and realized that with all the recent Target craziness (plus that nice Udi’s coupon a couple of weeks ago and the other more minor deals at other stores), I’m now good for a bit on on most of what I had been waiting for. Now I’m hoping for a sale on avocados and… batteries. (Although I might just get those at Costco or Amazon and be done with it!) How about you — what deals are you hoping will pop up in our ads fairly soon?

Don’t worry — Jewel and Ultra and Meijer and ALDI deals won’t change


I’ve received some emails and comments today from some of you who are concerned about what the change to a “top ten” format for smaller grocery store matchups means for the weekly matchups for major grocery chains like Jewel, Ultra, ALDI, Mariano’s, and Meijer.

  • Never fear: There will be NO changes to matchups for major grocery stores. We will still be providing full matchups and deals for Jewel, Ultra, ALDI, Meijer, and Mariano’s.

We will also be adding some new features, including weekly top ten Food 4 Less deals (now in house), as well as a midweek Target deals update each Wednesday for some of the unadvertised deals and new coupons that pop up during the week.

Heads up on upcoming matchups changes


I wanted to give you guys a heads up on some upcoming changes in grocery store matchups here on Mashup Mom. Starting this week, we will no longer be doing full matchups for the smaller Chicago area grocery chains, including Angelo Caputo’s, Peapod, Pete’s Fresh Market, Tony’s, and Valli Produce. Instead, we will be switching to a “top ten” deals format for each of these stores, pulling out just the best few deals from each so you can see whether it will be worth a visit this week.

But why?

Grocery matchups are quite time consuming, and in the fragmented Chicago-area grocery market, while smaller stores often have great deals, they’re also scattered far and wide and we each have our own favorites. Spending less time on full matchups for these smaller chains will allow us to add more content in other areas. Starting this week, for instance, Trish will also be bringing you the top ten Food 4 Less deals — helping to get these up in a timely and reliable fashion and to offer more deals than we currently post for them.

The top ten format lets us continue to provide the very best deals for these stores, while also freeing up time for other things. Here’s to future growth! :)

Coupon and Stockpile Swap — Saturday April 19


Come on out and join us at the first Coupon and Stockpile Swap from Mashup Mom and deranged.me! We’ll be at the Lisle Public Library, IL on Saturday April 19 2014 from 1:00-3:00 PM. Stop in any time — all are welcome, and no registration is required. Bring your unneeded coupons and stockpile items to share, and bring home new coupons and stockpile items from others. Did you end up with extra probiotics, but need low-dose aspirin? Do you have a glut of baby coupons, but need pet food coupons? Bring your extras, and benefit from others’ extras!

Very simple rules

  • Bring something if you’re going to take something.
  • Be considerate, so that everyone gets a chance to leave with something new.
  • If you have a lot of stockpile items, leave them in your car, bring in representative samples, and talk with others about what you have to swap — don’t hurt yourself, lol.
  • No selling. No money can change hands at this event; bring items and coupons with the understanding that you’re giving them away to others.

If you’re looking for something in particular (baby items, gluten free coupons, what have you) feel free to comment here or on the Coupon Trading Facebook group. If you have extras of something in particular, please comment with what you might be bringing to share. Swap at your own risk; neither the library, Mashup Mom, nor deranged.me can be liable for how stockpile items have been stored, expiration dates, etc.

Any leftover stockpile items at the end of the event will be donated to the Lisle Township Food Pantry, which serves residents of Lisle and unincorporated parts of Lisle, Naperville and Woodridge.

Where do you do most of your grocery shopping?


So, question for you guys. I was thinking about the fragmented Chicago-area grocery store market — for so many years, it was Jewel, Dominick’s, and everyone else. Now, with Dominick’s gone and relative newcomers like Mariano’s and Meijer picking up major steam, I’m wondering if your shopping patterns have changed as drastically as mine have. Just 4-5 years ago, I probably did 90% of my grocery shopping at Jewel. Now, I’d say that’s closer to 10%, and I tend to shop at multiple stores each week — picking up produce at ALDI and Pete’s (which I didn’t even have 2 years ago) and running the deals on things like cheese and snacks at Ultra Foods, for instance.

So, I’m curious, and the question is: Where do you do most of your grocery shopping? Do you tend to just do one big trip to a favorite store each week, or do you do little trips to multiple stores like I do? Do you even have a favorite store, or does it vary by week and by what’s on sale?

Mashup Mom Turns Five — Birthday Bash All Day!


Today is Mashup Mom’s 5th anniversary! Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me… and… to you! Mashup Mom is what it is today because of you guys and everything you contribute: You rock. I love the community we’ve built here, and would like to thank everyone who has contributed deals, questions, finds, and ideas over the past five years.

  • So, to celebrate, I’m giving you guys the presents today! During the Mashup Mom 5th Birthday Bash on 1/28/14, we’ll be running eight different giveaways (because 5 just wasn’t enough…). Starting at 9AM Central, watch for a new giveaway announcement every hour on the hour until 4PM.

Good luck to you all — I just wish I had presents for everyone! :) I’ll keep this birthday bash post “stickied” to the top of the page today and add the giveaway links as they go live, so you don’t miss any of them. And, a big thanks to all eight brands who have generously sponsored today’s birthday bash.

Giveaway linkies as they go live

  1. Wholly Guacamole & Salsa gift pack
  2. All You magazine subscriptions
  3. ALDI $25 gift certificates
  4. Restaurant.com $25 gift card
  5. Talenti gelato e sorbetto — five free coupons
  6. Goldstar — $50 gift certificate
  7. Groupon — $25 gift codes
  8. CVS gift basket of pampering products

School is closed again tomorrow — share ideas here!

hatBefore the snow, but too cute not to use…

So… did you get the call that school is closed again tomorrow? We did! So I thought it might be fun to share ideas on: What to do with squirrelly kids on another below-zero day. So far I’m thinking we will try our hands at snow ice cream, and watch a movie I got from the library the other day. Otherwise, though — what?

Comment here with your ideas on what to do indoors with kids on a below zero day, when you don’t necessarily want to drive anywhere and it’s too cold to play outside. :)

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate!


A very merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I hope you’re having a lovely day with friends and family. We had our traditional lox and bagels breakfast, and are having a nice quiet family day at home — watching E.T. soon, which seems somehow appropriate. Thanks for spending another year with Mashup Mom, and here’s to many more deals in the new year.

Oh, and as my gift to you this year, I took the big old ad off the top of the site. Actually, two days ago, and no one seems to have noticed — should I put it back? ;)