Ultra Foods Shoppers — I need your opinion

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This question is for all the Ultra Foods shoppers out there — speak up now! As I’ve been typing up the Ultra matchups over the past couple of months, I think we’ve all noticed there have been some changes in their pricing structure and ads. So the question is:

  • How many of you still read and use the full matchups?
  • How would you feel if I switched Ultra over to a “top ten” deals format?

As I’ve been doing with some of the other “top ten” stores, I’d still bring you extra bonus deals on a particularly good week. (Pete’s Market, for instance, earned themselves a whopping 20 “top ten” deals this week, just because.) So please take a moment and let me know what you think. :)

Follow Me Friday — Everywhere Mashup Mom can be found

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It’s time for Follow Me Friday on Mashup Mom, with a little rundown of all the places your favorite Mashup Mom deals, recipes, and more can be found.

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Pick your favorite(s) to follow, and I’ll see you around the web!

Guess what I have in the o-ven….

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So… hungry! Wait impatiently with me for these to be done, will you? 😉

My own personal rainbow!

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Did you guys see this one this morning? So pretty! My phone didn’t do super well capturing the rainbow-ness of it, but it really was a tiny little glimpse of the full spectrum breaking through the clouds.

Our ARCH-etypical St. Louis trip

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I promised last week to tell you more about our spring break St. Louis trip, but then had such a weekend of catching up to do — and the kids are still on spring break through today, too! But better late than never, right? St. Louis was fantastic, and I highly recommend the trip.


St. Louis is about a four hour fifteen minute drive from Chicago’s western suburbs, so we headed down last Saturday, stopping halfway at Cracker Barrel for lunch. (Because that’s what you do on road trips, right?) But really, not a bad drive at all.


We stayed at a hotel with an indoor pool, so Saturday night we just got dinner and hung around there and swam. I think the boys might have been more excited about the unlimited access to Cartoon Network in the hotel room than the actual sightseeing, because their mean mom doesn’t pay for cable at home. 😉


On Sunday we visited the St. Louis Arch. The area all around it is currently under construction, so if you’re heading to St. Louis anytime soon allow extra time to get there. The Museum of Westward Expansion inside the Arch also turned out to be closed during construction, so we didn’t get a chance to see that.


You can choose to head up to the top of the Arch in this crazy tiny pod thing — kind of like Mork’s egg — which goes up the inside of one of the legs. Pre-order tickets online or (during construction) at the Old Courthouse a couple of blocks away: It cost $30 for the four of us: $10 per adult; $5 per child.


Unfortunately Mr. 8 took one look out of the windows at the top and turned out to be terrified of those kind of heights — then he was not too pleased about going back down in the little pod!


The view, however, was amazing from 630 feet up! See the courthouse in the distance? That’s where we’re headed next…


We walked through the Old Courthouse, which had just gorgeous architecture and so much history — it served as the site of the Dred Scott court trials, for one! Some of the museum exhibits were also located there temporarily during construction. Definitely spend some time here. After a wander through downtown, a late lunch, and a trip to a big local mall (yes… the mall… MashupDad forgot to pack a swimsuit), we decamped back to the hotel for more swimming + hot tub fun.


Monday: The St. Louis Zoo! This is a great zoo, and the place really gives Brookfield a run for its money (literally, as it is free.) Free admission, but $15 to park unless you choose from the ample free street parking a little further down.


And by the way? 72 and brightly sunny surprised me at the end of March, so we might have come out of the zoo a little sunburned. Bad mom!


We spent the entire day at the zoo, because it was just a gorgeous day with so much to see. Highly recommended if you are also thinking of a trip to St. Louis!


On Tuesday morning, we packed up and then hit the St. Louis Science Center on the way home. Also free admission, but parking runs $10 (and things like the Planetarium Sky Show or the IMAX cost extra). But for just that $10 parking fee, the four of us were entertained for several hours — and could easily have stayed longer if we weren’t facing that long drive home.


The Science Center is very well done. It’s sometimes hard to find places that will keep both kids entertained since they’re 4.5 years apart and very different in temperament, but this fit the bill nicely.


We did, however, end up having to divide and conquer to suit different ages and interests. MashupDad hung out with Junior High Guy doing DNA experiments and such, while I ran around with Mr. 8 digging for fossils and examining scorpions.


I’d definitely go back! Such a pretty city, and the downtown was not crowded and easy to walk around, with big public parks, horse drawn carriages, and the stadium and convention center both right there if you wanted to take in a game or other event. We also didn’t get a chance to visit the City Museum, which came highly recommended and is on the short list for next time.


We could easily have spent another couple of days here, but overall I think we packed a lot into a four-day visit (given that good chunks of two of those days were spent driving). It also turned out to be a pretty affordable trip: It amazed me that the Zoo and Science Center had free admission, and all four of went up in the St. Louis Arch for less than it would have cost for one adult and one child to hit the Sears Tower Skydeck. (Admittedly, it’s a little more cramped up at the top of the Arch, lol…)

Have you been to St. Louis? What else should we see on our next trip? :)

Stockpiling means not having to shop in a Polar Vortex

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You know, I tried spraying the Glade around but it doesn’t seem to be working… So, how many of you also thought about hitting the grocery store today but then realized it just.wasn’t.worth it? Yeah, I’ve been out with the kids at the bus stop (brr) and activities, but why add pushing a cart through a frozen parking lot if you don’t have to?


Skipped CVS shopping today — How about you?

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I had a whole CVS plan for this morning, but decided that I didn’t need anything badly enough that it couldn’t wait until the blizzard was over! How about you — did you brave the elements this morning or wimp out like I did? :)

Library Day

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Can’t beat our afternoon for cheap entertainment…