Lipton Pure Leaf tea plastic bottles — a new packaging review

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Lipton saw my recent comment about not being able to find the new size recyclable PET plastic bottles to match their last insert coupon, and sent over a couple of samples. These are 18.5 fl oz plastic bottles, as opposed to the old 16 fl oz glass bottles.

The packaging

MashupDad saw me open the box of these, and his first question was: “Why did someone send you a bunch of olive oil?” Don’t store these by your cooking and baking supplies! lol


Honestly? I like the old bottles much better. Maybe I have little girlie hands, but I didn’t find the new bottles at all ergonomic — they were awkward to hold and drink from, and my hand didn’t fit around the new bottle well… I’d pour this into a glass over ice, but I wouldn’t drink it out of the bottle. They also don’t fit well into the cup holder into my car.


Here’s a pic of the old Lipton Pure Leaf glass bottle, for comparison. I do like that you get 2.5 more oz in the single serve Lipton Pure Leaf plastic bottles (it also comes in a bigger 59 oz multi-serve bottle), but the shape is really uncomfortable.

So why’d they design Lipton Pure Leaf plastic bottles that way?

According to Lipton, PET plastic is 100% recyclable, which makes the change to plastic bottles make more sense — and also, the new bottles are more lightweight and have “higher pallet efficiency” which means they can pack more in and use less fuel. Ahh! that’s why they are square. Although they could still put a little hand-friendly indentation in the middle of that rectangular bottom, I think…

The product

Here’s some info Lipton sent over, which I’m sharing because I was actually curious how Pure Leaf differed: “This all-natural iced tea begins with the freshest tea leaves picked at their peak. The leaves are then hand-selected from China, India, Africa and South America for their distinctive and smooth flavor by Pure Leaf’s Master Tea Blenders. Pure Leaf is proud to be Rainforest Alliance Certified™ for sourcing our tea sustainably.”

I’m currently sitting here drinking unsweetened, which contains brewed tea and citric acid. They also sent over sweet tea (brewed tea, sugar, citric acid), as well as lemon tea and green tea with honey. This is a good tea overall, and I like that they are sugar-sweetened with generally recognizable ingredients. But again, I prefer the old Lipton Pure Leaf glass bottles for the taste in addition to their being more ergonomic. Maybe it’s completely psychological, but I think that the tea picks up a little of a plastic-y taste from the new Lipton Pure Leaf plastic bottles. I also wish they made more flavors of the unsweetened, because I usually prefer it over the sweet teas.

The fine print

Lipton provided Pure Leaf tea samples for the purposes of this review. All opinions in this post, however, are my own.

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  1. Tamishia Franklin says

    I saw them at Walgreeens yesterday. This was the first and only place I’ve seen them so far so maybe they are starting to filter them out to different stores. Check Wags and see if you have them too on your side of town. They were not in the fridge section but on the shelves in seasonal where they have the extra Arnold Palmer and Golden Bear teas.

  2. Tamishia Franklin says

    I saw a few weeks ago Jewel had the picture of them advertised in there ad but the old bottle was on the shelves for sale. I think my coupon is good through October so hopefully it will be at my Jewel soon or go on sale at my Wags.

  3. says

    They didn’t say when any particular store will be selling them. They have phased out the glass bottles, so as they sell out I assume they’ll all be replaced with the new ones.

  4. jilldianne says

    I bought a couple of bottles at a Safeway in Colorado a couple of weeks ago (free after coupons actually). I had a bottle with me when I was out and about. Someone wondered if it was a bottle of whiskey!

  5. Mandy says

    Seems to me that the more we hear about plastic leaching chemicals into our food, the more they switch to plastic! I want all of my food containers to go back to glass! We can recycle it, and managed to survive using it for many years. I love plastic in so many other uses, just not for my families food.

  6. Deb says

    Great job, the only reason I bought that tea was because it was packaged in glass. I WILL NOT BUY IT NOW. Thanks

      • John says

        I just bought a few of the 64 oz. bottles of unsweetened pure leaf tea. I could definitely taste /smell the plastic like residue in the tea in every bottle, so they still haven’t fixed it. Back to brewing my own again. It is a unilever product, so they are unlikely to change unless it hurts their bottom line. I vote with my wallet, no more pure leaf.

  7. Tamishia Franklin says

    I bought mine yesterday at Walgreens. They were labeled $2/2 but rang up $0.89. It was the new 18.5oz bottles. I had 8 coupons and all 8 scanned with no problem giving me overage. Check your Walgreens stores out and see if they have them on the shelves…NOT IN FRIDGE SECTION! The cashier also told me that some stores got $0.50/1 coupons to give out for those who are buying them.

  8. Tom whitehead says

    I USED to buy your tea but when you switched to square bottles that don’t fit in the cup holders I stopped buying it. I ALWAYS bought your tea for trips on the road, now I buy water or soda. I understand the “packaging” idea but in my case it isn’t about getting more tea or about anything else it’s about convenience it just looks like the person who thought up this lame brain idea apparently failed the square peg goes in a square hole not a round one like a cup holder.

  9. Connor says

    I used to drink 3 or more bottles of the pure leaf a day. Not anymore!! Lipton has totally lost my business. Not only does the tea itself taste like some form of mixed lemonade now but it also has that nasty plastic after taste to further insult you after you choked on the first taste. Why is it every time I find a product I like it either goes out of business or changes it’s product?

    Luckily the normal Snapple Tea is pretty good so I was able to find an acceptable replacement.

    For the last few years I have noticed many a store run out of the original Lipton Pure Leaf in the glass bottles. Now days the rack is always full. I would love to see the truth published about how their sales have dropped like a rock.

  10. Danielle says

    It is absolutely NOT psychological at all. Glass is MUCH healthier of a packaging option! Proven. End of story. I work for a glass container manufacturer (Owens-Illinois). Some of our plants including our competitor Anchor, used to make these Lipton tea glass bottles. I used to drink 2 Extra Sweet Teas EVERYDAY. One day at the grocery store, I go to pick up my (2) 6-packs of lipton tea, and on the shelf were those horrid plastic bottles. I was instantly ticked off. I picked a case up to look at it breifly, and then literally threw it back on the shelf. Pure anger. I haven’t drank one since. Lipton screwed up big time.

  11. Art Miller says

    Love your raspberry tea, the ingredients, and the shape of the bottle but am very health conscious and concerned about the plastic. It is hard to read and appears to be PET #1. Summary says not to reuse such bottles. Guess I will have to keep looking.

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