Another Jewel data breach


I posted a link to this on Facebook earlier, but thought I should also mention here so you guys can keep an eye on your accounts. Looks like Jewel suffered another data breach (separate from the one earlier in August), this one in late August/early Sept.

The parent of grocery chain Jewel-Osco said today a data breach, separate from one in August, may have captured customers’ account numbers, expiration dates and other information.

In a statement, the consortium of investors led by New York-based Cerberus Capital Management said, “At this time there has not been a determination that any payment card data was in fact stolen as a result of either incident.”

Reader deals 9/26/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • From Martha on Facebook: “Just read about this and wondered if your readers might be able to donate part of their stockpiles to help a local Wheaton food pantry.”

Household tips

  • Jen k shares: “My kids like to make fish tacos when I do fish this way (usually with Tilapia). Also, homemade chicken fingers are done exactly the same way. Just tonight. I pounded boneless chicken breasts until they were about 3/4-1/2″ thick, and breaded them the same way. Delish. They also freeze beautifully.”
  • Outlander adds: “I always buy my cod (and tilapia) when it’s on sale at Meijer for $3.50/lb. That sale comes around every month or two, so then I buy a lot to last me awhile.”


  • Shandelle shares: “For my fellow sriracha addicts, I just noticed earlier this week that Jewel is now stocking an Essential Everyday brand sriracha sauce that is about a $1 cheaper. Haven’t tried it but I’m always on the lookout because I got through about a bottle a month of rooster sauce. :)


  • Something to check for at your local library, from Matt: “My local library subscribes to service called Freegal Music. Basically they have the Sony music catalog and they let you download 5 songs DRM-free a week and stream up to 3 hours of music each week. “


  • David on Facebook shares: “Meijer will take an additional 25% off clearance back-to-school supplies Sunday through Saturday.”


  • Alicia shares: “For pumpkins, I finally found an Aldi that has them priced. They have HUGE ones that would be great for carving for $3-$3.50 (can’t remember exactly, but that seemed like a great price to me) and small-ish pie pumpkins for $1.49.”
  • Kelly says: “I get my pumpkins at Aldi every year. Best price of any store. And huge!”

Reader requests

  • Wende asks: “I was just wondering if anyone has a 30% off code for Kohls? Thank you so much : )”
  • Monica posts on Facebook: “looking for fruit of the loom or hanes coupons. please let me know if you find any. TIA!”


  • Kitty sends over: “At the Niles Meijer, there were $5 mail-in rebate forms for Cascade Action Pacs.  The rebate form pictures the 14 ct size, which is regularly priced at $3.99.  (There is a personalized reward for household items toward which the purchase would apply.) Says you cannot combine with other offers, including coupons. The rebate appears to be good on any size at any store, and expires 12-31-14.  You have to send in UPC and receipt. The rebate is in the form of a $5 prepaid card.  It also says, “Visit or call 1-855-682-8305 for form and details.” I just got this week’s P&G in today’s Sun-Times and the rebate is in there as well.


  • A find from liz: “My walmart had .55 taffy apples and I got credit from checkout 51 for buying an apple”

$17 chicken parts shopping


I want to try out a recipe with chicken parts, so ran by Pete’s for the $.69/lb chicken leg quarters today on the assumption that it’s better to spend just $2.37 on an experiment, lol. If it turns out well, I’ll share it with you! Also got honeycrisp apples for $.99/lb to make apple chips this afternoon, and then swung by Jewel for the cheap Silk milk.


4 Silk soy and almondmilk, $10.00. Used four expiring $1.00/1 printables (NLA), but there’s also $1.00/1 in the 9/14 RP to drop those to $1.50 each.

Paid $6.18.


2 lbs carrots, $.99.
Honeycrisp apples, $1.55.
Gala apples, $2.73.
Bananas, $.82.
Meat ends, $2.27.
Chicken leg quarters, $2.37.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and paid $10.87. Will get back $.50 from Checkout 51 ($.25 for apples, $.25 for bananas) for a net cost of $10.37.

Ibotta works at Jewel-Osco!


We can finally answer the question: “Does Ibotta work at Jewel?” with a resounding: YES. Jewel-Osco has finally gotten aboard the Ibotta bandwagon, and Ibotta works at Jewel as of 9/26/14. Get cash back for buying groceries!

How does Ibotta work?

So for Jewel shoppers who are now more interested in the Ibotta app, here’s how it works:

  1. Buy participating products listed in the app under Jewel-Osco (or other participating store). As with paper coupons, note that each cash back grocery offer has an expiration date.
  2. Click the $ amount under each product and unlock the rebate, usually by little tasks like reading a fact and clicking OK, answering a one-question poll, looking at an ad.
  3. Scan the product’s barcode and snap a pic of your receipt for Ibotta.
  4. The cash back comes to your Ibotta account within 24 hours.
  5. Cash out via PayPal.
  6. Coupons do not affect your rebates.

You do need a smartphone to use Ibotta. Sign up for Ibotta here!

Jewel Hispanic Heritage Month events


Jewel will be holding several Hispanic Heritage Month events at city of Chicago Jewel locations over the next couple of weeks: “Enjoy samples, savings, and prizes from more than 30 brands!”

  • 5320 S. Pulaski, Sat. 9/27 from 10AM-2PM.
  • 2520 N. Narragansett, Thurs. 10/2 from 4PM-8PM.
  • 3644 S. Archer Ave., Sat. 10/4 from 12PM-4PM.
  • 2520 N. Narragansett, Sat. 10/11 from 2PM-5PM.

Free gift bag for the first 50 shoppers.

Jewel deals week of 9/24/14 – 9/30/14


Here are the best Jewel deals and coupon matchups I see at Jewel-Osco for the week of 9/24/14. If your paper ads don’t come until the Wed. Tribune, you can sneak peek the Wed. ad on Tuesdays, here.

Confused by abbreviations in this post? See lingo for newbies.

Top deals

  • Spike’s salsa select varieties, $1.00.
  • Ronzoni Smart Taste, Garden Delight, $1.00. Print $1.00/2 Garden Delight to get it for $.50 each.
  • Silk almond, soy, or coconut milk, $2.50. Use $1.00/1 in the 9/14 RP or previously available $1.00/1 printables to get it for $1.50.
  • 4 oz Triaminic, $5.99. Use $4.00/1 in the 9/21 SS (exp. 9/28) to get it for $1.99.
  • In-ad prescription coupon for $25 gift card with new or transferred, plus a $50 gift card when you fill five more.

*** Click here to read the rest of this week’s Jewel deals! ***

Reader deals 9/21/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • VB reports: “I got the scrubbers and my reciept says I need 2 to earn my next $10 ecb so for now the limit is not 1 like it says in the ad. Also I scored 6 bottles of the L’Oréal shampoos and conditioners. Free shampoo and that too told me I could still get another 2 for my next $5 ecb so the limit is more than 3 for now as well!”
  • Carolanne comments: “L’Oréal Paris Go 360 Clean Deep Exfoliating Scrubs sell for $5.49, I grabbed two for $10.98 and got 10 ECBs. And even though they advertised limit is one it’s not showing limit reached on the receipt. The same goes for the L’Oreal deal buy two get 5 ECBs. Has anyone successfully completed more than one of these deals?”
  • VB adds: “I tried the scrubbers deal once since after that there was only one bottle left of the scrubber and i am thinking this will be rare to find in the stores the rest of this week. I did the shampoo deal 3 times and my reciept still says I need 2 more for my nest ecb! Free shampoo! (Well besides the tax).”


  • From letsshop: “Went to Prime N Tender got 10 #ground sirloin ,made a burger as soon as I got home delish ! expensive gourmet meat market ,so glad I bought a Groupon [$30 for $50] from Rachel’s post couple weeks ago . Going to vacuum seal later in small packages .”

Household tips

  • Outlander shares: “I keep these [bacon bits] in the freezer. So easy to just sprinkle some on food for great bacon taste.”
  • From VB: “Thanks! I use the scrubbing bubbles with bleach bathroom cleaner to use as a pre treater on my son’s white shirts. It is the only thing that I found that will work! (I was in a pinch when I took out his shirts out of the washer and it was still stained I saw that my cleaner had bleach and gave it a try). Unfortunately they don’t carry that kind at CVS so hopefully a Target deal pops up!”


  • Kitty emails: “The 10 percent off coupon you get when you get your flu shot at Jewel/Osco has an expiration date of 11-22-14, so good for your Thanksgiving turkey, etc.  (up to a $100 purchase.)”

Loyalty programs

  • Jane says: “There is a new free offer from Eight O’clock coffee for a “Friends” coffee mug when you buy 3- 11 oz. + coffee bags between 9-21 and 12-21. I just checked the details online and it looks like it is FREE shipping for it! You can send a picture of your receipt or send in the US Mail. It says 2 offers per household and allow 12-16 weeks for your mug to arrive. (geez, I hope it gets here before then!) You have to purchase all 3 coffee bags in 1 transaction. I saw this in the coupon inserts from today with the new $2/2 coupon. Go to: to see all the information and other offers about the Friends coffee shop. I would like to have 2 of these mugs, I think they look neat and BIG. We will see?”
  • She adds: “*also, there is $1/1 printable coupon on the Eight O’clock website to use if you’d just like to get 3 bags for the FREE coffee cup promo instead of 4 bags using 2- $2/2 coupons from todays inserts. Here is the link for the $1 coupon to print. (I had already signed up and got mine in an email they sent!) You have to sign up for their website/emails to get it.”


  • Maureen reports: “McD on 75th Street and Naper-Plainfield Rd in Naperville has the Halloween coupons. Bought a few a couple of weeks ago.”
  • From Jean: “McDonald’s at Half-Day Road and Milwaukee (Lincolnshire) sells the coupons.”
  • And Allison says: “The McDonalds on Lake street in Bloomingdale has Halloween books.”
  • Another sighting, from Miriam: “Mc on Butterfield Rd Aurora il has some Halloween books”
  • Sent over by sonia: “For the person looking for the mcdonalds Halloween booklets they have them at the bridgeview one at 87th and Harlem.”
  • Peanutzmom adds: “McDonalds on Summit in Oakbrook Terrace has the coupon books”

Reader requests

  • From shirley: “What is the tipping etiquette for people who deliver furniture/mattresses/appliances? I pay $99 to have the mattress delivered and set up.”
  • VB responds: “It may depend on the company. It was a year ago but If I recall correctly we were told by the rep at Ashley’s to not pay them a tip. She said that they pay them well enough so that they would not ask for tips and according to their policy were not allowed to accept them. At least that is what we were told.”
  • Samantha asks: “So, I’ve got 2 boys. I’m wondering if anyone has had success buying multiples of this [Living Social] deal, and using it all in one day? For example, Mr. 4 gets his own shoot, Mr.2 gets his, then pictures together? Thanks!”
  • From letsshop: “Any ideas I turned in about 18 old ink to [Office] max ,thinking I could get anything free like a rebate !!! Rules have changed big time since I have done this last ,its a 50/50 deal now ): any ideas on how to get the best deal ?”
  • She also wonders: “Anyone find one [replacement printer ink] that Epson printer excepts ? my NX400 knows the minute I put a imitation in ):”


  • Anne reports: “Joliet Target today had lots of backpacks, lunchboxes, and water bottles at 75% off. If someone doesn’t want to order online…”


  • From letsshop: “You probably know this ,but 3 hydrogen peroxide for $1 at Wagreens ‘s today  got me a free  first aid bag *:D big grin

Quilted Northern ringing $8.99 — Select Jewels only


This week Jewel is advertising 36 ct double roll Quilted Northern for $12.49. At some Jewel stores, it is actually ringing up $8.99 after an instant $3.50 discount. Here are the $8.99 stores as of 9/19/14 per your comments — please comment if you find it for $8.99 at another Jewel location. Also note: This could end at any time — it’s not an advertised price.

  • Schaumburg, Wise & Roselle store only
  • Addison on Lake St.
  • Palos Heights

Use the $1.00/1 in the 9/7 RP1 to get it for $7.99 at these locations only, which works out to $.11 per single roll equivalent.

Reader deals 9/19/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Gift Cards

  • Nikki shares: “I’ve purchased several Starbucks gc from Raise and always transferred the amount from the voucher to my Starbucks card without any problems. All of the Starbucks gc I’ve purchased have been at a 20% discount. Last week I purchased Subway and the actual gc was received in the mail within 5 days of the original purchase. I am very careful to only buy gc that have good discounts and there are many.”
  • From Kim: “Gramma, I have purchased from cardpool many times without problems. I have found it a great way to save a little extra money. If nothing else, the savings cover taxes. Combined with other sales and discounts, it’s a win!”
  • Jen adds: “My apologies if someone already mentioned this, but Target actually discounts some gift cards when you use your Red Card. Now, I do NOT know if it’s all gift cards or just specific types because, frankly, I haven’t gotten around to researching it yet. But I know some are eligible because I bought Disney cards and got the discount. We’re going to Disney World and I had learned on one of the Disney travel forums that if you bought the cards at Target you’d get 5% off and they can be used to pay for hotels, food, etc. None of the employees at Target knew, and in fact they insisted it wouldn’t work, so I bought one test card and it worked like a charm. Now I’m buying batches of cards each time I’m there, which is helping us pay for our vacation slowly over time AND saving us 5%.”
  • Maureen says: “Jen, you are so right – we paid for both a Disney Cruise and a Disney vacation with gift cards from Target. When you’re spending 1000s on a family vacation a 5% savings can add up to hundreds of dollars.”
  • Another option from Kari O.: “I reload my Starbucks goldcard at the kiosks inside Target and use my RedCard…. Automatic 5% discount. An employee told me about it. I also sometimes use MM Target giftcards as payment to reload my Starbucks goldcard. lol”
  • But Rita says: “I checked Panera and Subway discounts on Raise. These are not a deal. Check out for any merchant you are interested in. A listing of all sellers show up with discount and fees. Click on the ‘discount’ heading and they will be listed highest to lowest. They also reference return policies of each company. I buy cards often. Have had two issues with the value not being on the card but was refunded quickly by both companies. Use them within the guarantee.”


  • A heads up from Charlotte: “My husband has a lot of these shirts. Be aware that they are fairly thin and with regular use will last 9 months to 1 year.”


  • From dani: “thanks Yvette, so I ventured over to jewel on wise and roselle and sure enough 12.49 minus 3.50. I stocked up big time. If I can get double rolls for 30 cents or less…it’s major stock up time. I would have bought more, but I am afraid of my husband’s response. the kids right now are having a super fun time in the basement playing nerf guns with the TP walls that they built. I did pay 12.49 plus minus a 1Q at my palatine store which is still a stock up price fur us. thanks again! if you are in the Schaumburg area…go get some TP. They still had a lot there.”
  • And Cari says: “Palos heights $12.49-$3.50 instant =D”


  • Rita comments: “The Ortega black beans w/jalapenos are priced at $.89. Use the $1.00/2 on Wednesday Double daze and get them for free. I think the link is I make 4 cups of rice (cooked) and then mix with bite sized Kielbasa that I have browned, a can of ortega black beans w/jalapenos, a can of corn, a couple of handfuls of grated cheese, cumin to taste (I like alot) and a splash or two of chicken broth and call it dinner! Obviously you can really play around with the ingredients on this one!”
  • A warning from Pam: “Ugh, so I went to the Mariano’s in Shorewood, they did not have this milk. Couldn’t even find a spot for it. Finally asked a guy and he said that they were having a problem with receiving milk that was only a week away from expiration, and ended up often throwing a ton of it out, so until “they fix the problem” they are not going to carry it. Hmmm….maybe it might not have been a good idea to put it in the ad, then? Also, didn’t have much of the Noosa yoghurt. None of the flavors that I wanted were in stock, such as Pineapple, Honey, or the seasonal Pumpkin. Man, do I wish that store was still a Dominick’s! Really not impressed at all!”


  • From Ashley on the diapers: “Some of the Jumbo packs are 38ct or more, and not triggering, but people are calling catalina and having it honored. But it is rolling, even though it is a store coupon”

Reader requests

  • From Laura: “Hi Don, and fellow rain barrel users. I too am a rain barrel fan. But the mosquitos this year have been so bad because of all the rain. so my question is Are mosquito laying eggs inside my rain barrels? If so what do I do about it? Thanks”
  • Pam asks: “I’m wondering about Zaycon Foods chicken…..we’ve purchased it before and were happy with our purchase but that was before the whole “chinese chicken” I’ve read about. Zaycon’s site says the chicken comes directly from the “processor” but where does it come from before that? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks!”


  • On expiration dates changing, Kari O. says: “Cartwheel offers can disapear quicker than intended, kinda like when printable coupons are out of prints. So, most likely the offer is nearing its limit so the expiration date got moved up quicker.”

Treasure Island

  • From seachicago: “Here’s a decent Barilla deal for city shoppers: Treasure Island has most varieties of Barilla pasta on sale this week for 88 cents, limit 4. Barilla sauce is also on sale for $2.50, and I found a tearpad next to the sauces with a q for $1 off Barilla sauce when you buy 2 Barilla pastas. So, buy 4 pastas (use 2qs 55 cents/2 from 9/7 SS) and 2 sauces (use 2 $1 tearpad qs) for $5.42 + tax. I think TI is a Centrella store, so maybe this deal is running at other stores, too.”


  • A report from savinlikeu): “Went to Walgreens and purchaced 3 bags of Riesen candys (Love these!) and out prints a manf. Q for 2$ off three, stack with wags store Q and there only aprox. .17 each piece I of course rinse, lather, repeated! Each time you get a new 2/off 3 Q”
  • Kitty emails: “Walgreens has Mentos candy on a monthly deal for 59c. Shopmium has 50c back, so 9c.”

Whole Foods

  • Something to check for from Eun: “I have a $1 Imagine Chunky Style Soups (Italian Style Wedding is considered “chunky”) offer from checkout51. Check if you have it too?” Not everyone does, but worth checking!

Reader deals 9/18/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Ace Hardware

  • From DON: “GREAT POST – I have 2 [rain barrels] and they are great !!!! Great for the environment and water savings $$”
  • And letsshop agrees: “Yes me too but much larger capacity ,and love them .”

Gift Cards

  • Denise shares: “I go to Starbucks three times a week and buy at least three drinks every time (more if the kids are home from school or we have guests) — which means we spend a lot of money there. Buying Starbucks cards from Raise has been amazing. I pay around $80 for each $100 card – who wouldn’t want to save 20% right off the top? It’s super easy to buy the card and then transfer it to my registered card/app. I tend to buy a months’ worth at a time or, if they’re having a really nice bonus of some sort, I’ll buy even more because I’m obviously going to be able to use them.”
  • DON adds: “I have purchased no less then 25 GC’S from RAISE and have saved countless amounts of $$ – I swear by this place and your ecard is delivered same day via email – normally within an hour, which means that when Rachel posts one of the amazing online deals I immediately go to the Raise site and purchase a gc, if I dont already have one here, and use that card and make the deal that much sweeter !!!! This is one of the best ways to save and very few people know about this place …..”
  • Gramma asks about Cardpool: “Have any of you guys used this company? Any problems?”
  • DON responds: “I have and here is the email I already got from them… I have purchased before as well Thanks for your order! You saved 13% off your order by buying $35.09 in items for only $30.52. Your order should arrive within 3-7 business days. Your order number is #65367 and you have been billed for the amount of $30.52. We’ll email you again when your order has shipped. You ordered the following items: 1. $35.09 CVS Gift Card, sold at a 13% discount for $30.52. Note: This is a Paper Gift Card that can be used at any CVS location.”


  • Krystle reports: “Bought 1 pack yesterday afternoon @ the Addison location on Lake St and my final price was $8.99 after $3.50 discount.”


  • Andi asks: “For the Meijer Buy 8 Save 8, I’m also wondering if you can do 8 of each of the sales, or if they are just one sale. There is a limit of one per transaction, but in the ad, it looks like they are separate sales.”
  • And Chicago mom wonders: “For the tena deal can you use it for pads?”

School pictures

  • Susan posts on Facebook: “I do wish I saw this before I ordered my sons pics. But, I do try to volunteer at school on picture day, and they actually give you a free package for your child. It’s a long day, but worth it!!”


  • A heads up from ellen: “i got 3 colgate enamel health toothpaste but they did not generate a gift card. i went to the service desk and she couldnt find any info on it but she said that they tell the employees the customer is always right so she gave me a $5gift card.”

Ultra Foods

  • From ellen: “i was able to use 2 expired $1/2 7up 10 coupons on the 2lt bottles. some flavors of the Campbell’s slow kettle soups were on sale for $1.79. i used the $.75 printable and got a $1.50 catalina back for buying 2. i wasnt sure if i would get 2 catalinas for buying 4 so i did 2 transactions. out of pocket after the catalina was $1.16 for 4.
    lipton tea bags 100 ct. are on sale 2/$5 and i got an email advertising the new packaging with a link to a $1/1 coupon so 100 tea bags for $1.50.”
  • Nancy is wondering: “Anyone have any problems using some printable coupons at Ultra? I was at the Ultra in Crestwood today, and they would not take my $1.50 Bob’s Red Mill coupon (expired 9/15). The cashier didn’t even scan it…she went to the service desk for 5 minutes to check if they could take it. When she came back, she told me they couldn’t take it because it was ‘photocopied’. I told them I do not use coupons fraudulently and that this coupon was printed from the Bob’s Red Mill site. I told the manager to go on their web site and see that they offer coupons, for future reference. Also, they don’t take Hopster coupons! Again, because they are ‘photocopied’.”
  • Jane says: “All of Bob’s Red Mill coupons are PDF files. I had this same issue before at Ultra and after I explained it to the CS lady, she took them “just this once” for me. Then a few weeks later I was denied using the printable Fresh Express coupons you print after you enter codes from buying salad bags in the Salad Swap challenge. They said they did not match the picture on the coupon (which said “any”) of the salad bag. I ended up contacting the mgr. on their web site (Thanks to Rachel for suggesting) and he personally sent back an email telling me he was sorry and they should have taken my coupons along with sending me a $10 gift card for my troubles! I would contact them about your issue as well. Some staff are not properly trained and are worried they may get into trouble if they take fraudulent coupons is all.”