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Found Mr. 10’s Dream Car in the Jewel Parking Lot + more on our week

I thought I’d share just a few photos from my phone as I’ve been going through them today, because even everyday life can be so interesting when you look back at your week. Just for instance, check out what we spotted in the Jewel parking lot the other day: Yes, it’s Mr. 10’s dream car! He really can’t understand why I won’t agree to paint flames up the sides of my own car (because those look especially fierce on a Honda CR-V, right?).

Oh, and speaking of Jewel: Chicago area folks should check the schedule here for info on their free Hispanic Heritage Month events at several different stores during September.

Mr. 10 did help MashupDad extract and bottle honey this weekend, so I figure he has at least earned the Hot Wheels equivalent of his dream car. They finished bottling up the last of the honey for the season, so we won’t get any new until next summer — the bees need the rest of what they can store to make it through our lovely Chicago winters.

While they were extracting honey, I of course stopped at the Labor Day sale over at Goodwill. This mug seemed worth $.50 just for the irony factor: Relax! Have more caffeine! Although they do have a point about that that first sip of coffee in the morning… ahhh…

I also kind of regret not buying this Roomba at Goodwill, just for the novelty of being able to make one of those YouTube videos of the cats riding around on the thing. Plus, I am so curious about these — But $50 seemed quite a lot to gamble on a robot vacuum when I wasn’t even sure if the thing would work well.

But it looks like BKG has forgiven me for the lapse. Or, at least, as if she’s bored of the whole topic now… It’s a tough life these cats have, can you tell?

And forget the Roomba, it’s worth saving your pennies for the occasional little lunch splurge at Hanbun! (How gorgeous is this bibimbap?!)

That’s about it for the brief photographic essay of our week, so: What’s new in your own neck of the woods?


Friday 8th of September 2017

BKG looks like sunbathing in the window is very relaxing. Those baby kitten teeth are so small! How is the chewing of cords going?


Saturday 9th of September 2017

To be fair, her baby kitten -head- is so small. :) She's still trying to gnaw on everything, but it's calmed down a bit.


Thursday 7th of September 2017

If you like Korean food. you should try Katy's Dumplings, but only go to the Westmont location. I heard the Oak Park location changed ownership, and it has gone way down hill.

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