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What to make with chicken drumsticks — Updated July 2023!

With food prices still higher than they should be, let’s talk about some different ways to prepare one of the most affordable cuts of meat: The humble chicken drumstick! Take your chicken drumsticks from blah to bodacious, with these differently delicious recipe ideas.

recipes for chicken drumsticks, showing a pack of chicken

It’s easy to overlook chicken drumsticks or to dismiss them as just “kid food,” but instead: Let’s look at a pack of drumsticks and see potential. There are so many interesting ways to cook up chicken, and they don’t have to be boring.

Since drumsticks have been going on sale again lately, here are some easy (yet varied) chicken drumsticks recipes to help you think about them a bit differently. Don’t miss my own latest fave, balsamic chicken drumsticks with carrots & asparagus!

What to Make with Chicken Drumsticks: Six great recipes

chicken drumsticks with asparagus carrots and onions

There’s nothing more classic than a roast chicken dinner, and nothing better than one that cooks up with its own veggie sides, right? Give your next comfort food meal a different & affordable twist, with some simple Sheet Pan Balsamic Chicken Drumsticks with Carrots & Asparagus. (Try this one in the spring, when asparagus tends to go on sale…)

mediterranean chicken drumsticks on a plate

Next up, the flavorful slow cooker recipe that actually prompted this drumsticks recipes roundup idea. Fresh & flavorful Slow Cooker Mediterranean Chicken Drumsticks take just 15 minutes of prep, then your Crock-Pot does all the work for you. Serve your Mediterranean chicken & veggies over rice for an easy & filling chicken dinner.

rosemary chicken and white bean soup

Or, to go another direction: When you can’t decide between garlic rosemary white bean soup and classic chicken soup… why not mash up both, and create the perfect comfort food? Use a few chicken drumsticks as the base for a savory & delicious broth in this hearty Rosemary Chicken & White Bean Soup.

rosemary chicken drumsticks with broccoli & potatoes

Speaking of rosemary, all-in-one chicken dinner, anyone? Easy one pan meals make for easy weeknight dinners, and these Sheet Pan Rosemary Chicken Drumsticks fit the bill! Here, seasoned drumsticks cook up with potatoes and broccoli on the very same pan, making for some built-in sides — plus limited cleanup.

Speaking of one pan dinners, here’s another option. These Sheet Pan Parmesan Chicken Drumsticks with Carrots & Potatoes are a nicely affordable comfort food, where salty Parmesan kicks the flavor up another notch.

Then, pair deliciously fresh summer veggies with affordable chicken drumsticks in another complete (and completely different) dinner recipe. Skillet Chicken Drumsticks with Corn, Zucchini, and Tomatoes takes advantage of seasonal produce and affordable chicken in a vibrantly flavorful all-in-one meal.

More chicken drumsticks recipes

chicken drumsticks recipes

Are none of the above ideas floating your chicken drumsticks boat? Well, here are just a few more chicken drumsticks recipe options — and, you can also substitute drumsticks in many other recipes (in place of other chicken parts). Just watch the cooking time, in order to make sure that your chicken is cooked through, but still juicy.

yogurt marinated chicken drumsticks

Seven more chicken drumsticks recipes:

  1. Baked dry rub chicken drumsticks: An oldie, but still goodie! Low carb & gluten free.
  2. Sticky balsamic chicken drumsticks layer on flavor with honey & sriracha.
  3. Yogurt-marinated chicken drumsticks are just packed with flavor: Reminiscent in flavor of tandoori chicken, but simpler to throw together.
  4. Sheet pan chili-lime chicken drumsticks with baby potatoes & crispy kale are a great way to get in those dark green veggies.
  5. Slow cooker BBQ chicken drumsticks take advantage of easy Crock-Pot cooking, then just finish them up under the broiling to caramelize on that sauce.
  6. Chicken drumsticks with mushrooms, tomatoes, & chickpeas: Another one dish dinner, that’s naturally gluten free (and juicy, and filling).
  7. Sheet pan pesto chicken drumsticks with green beans jazz up a basic pack of chicken with all that good pesto flavor — plus a built-in and filling veggie side.

When you incorporate different vegetables, different seasonings, and different cooking methods, drumsticks really can be the chameleon of recipes. These meals are all chicken based, but all so different! How do you like to use chicken drumsticks?

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