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What do you have against ducks? Weird Amazon products week of 3/20/23

There’s a never-ending supply of whimsical and weird Amazon products! These ones are from the week of March 20, 2023 and include everything from a grudge against ducks to an Alice in Wonderland inspired doorknob.

weird amazon products week of 3/20/23

If you didn’t know, now you do: Start your day with just one new quirky, fun, whimsical, or just plain strange Amazon product on the Mashup Mom Facebook page every morning! (For fun, because we could all use a smile these days, right?) Then, catch up on the whole week of weird things on Amazon in these Sunday roundups.

What’s your own fave fun find this week?

Weird things on Amazon this week

Do you have something against ducks? Never fear, apparently you’re not the only one. Here’s some light, if bizarre, reading for you… The Duck: How to Make THEM Pay: A Survivalist’s Guide to the Coming Duckpocalypse. (Oh, my.)

It’s Taco Tuesday! Got earrings? Well, I’ll bet that you don’t have realistic handmade TACO earrings (yet…).

Is there a door in your house that cries out for a doorknob just like the one in Alice in Wonderland? Here’s a whimsical handmade version of Mr. Doorknob, for you!

Piranha plant slippers, for the Mario super fans among us: They have their own little pipe stand so you’ll never lose them, and you can use them as either a plushie or functional slippers.

Which of these three adulting merit badges will you earn today? Personally, I think I’m going for “I tried my best.” (Many other varieties available; it’s fun to flip through in the middle of the page and see them all — from “remembered my password” to “ate a vegetable.”)

It’s Caturday morning: Do you know if your cat has been fed? Never forget again, with this cat feeding reminder chart!

Be sure also to follow the ongoing adventures of The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy and friends, if you are a cat person. 🙂

Let’s round out the week with… a COMO TEA LLAMA tea infuser, of course!

More weird Amazon products here next week

Come back next week for a brand new roundup of weird Amazon stuff! Or, head over to Facebook every morning to check out another fun find to start your day out with a smile. Of course, you’ll also find much, much more over there; come join the conversation with us.

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