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It’s puzzling: Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends

Welcome back to Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends, cats are puzzling creatures edition! What goes on behind those feline eyes, I wonder…

orange cat lying on a puzzle

Welcome back to Caturday with the Notorious BKL and friends, cats are puzzling creatures edition! In this case, literally. Yes, I’m pretty sure that we’re never going to finish this puzzle, because there are pieces on the floor, pieces under the couch, and quite possibly pieces inside this cat. Ironically enough… the particular puzzle upon which she is perched? Oh yes, it just might be a Star Trek Cats 1000 piece puzzle!

This is again just one of the fun little goofy things we have picked up over the years, and you can find more in our ongoing weird Finds series.

Cats are puzzling creatures

gray cat in front of a tv showing football

Literalism aside, cats can indeed be quite puzzling. For instance: Which team was Gnocchi rooting for here? We may never know.

floofy belly orange cat

Or: Why is displaying the floofiest of all cat bellies never an invitation to pet, but always the prelude to an attack?

grey and white cat in a blue bin

Or the ever popular: Why is it compelled to sits, just because it fits?

black cat in an aldi tote

Or, even: Why is this one always contemplating the murder of his fellow felines?

I guess we’ll never know…

gray and white cat on a gray pillow

Then again, I guess knowing what really goes on in their minds might take a lot of the fun out of it, so we’ll let them keep us guessing. (Not that we have a choice, but it makes me feel better to think about it this way.)

How’s your own Caturday?

How’s your own Caturday (or cat-free week) progressing? It’s just been crazy busy over here — I’ve been everywhere from bridal showers to gymnastics meets over the past week or so, and everything in between. (We’ve also re-captured notorious escape artist BKL multiple times, as she darts out the door behind us while we’re heading out to all these various activities!)

Hope your week is calmer, with no cats to capture on your end. And as always, be sure to tune in next time for the latest in our ongoing Caturday adventures with the Notorious BKL and Friends.