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Ten Magnificent Mushroom Recipes

Incorporate the umami flavor of mushrooms into your meals this week with these 10 favorite dinner recipes!

ten magnificent mushroom recipes

Basic white mushrooms are on sale for $.99 at my local ALDI stores this week, so I thought I’d pull together just a few of my family’s favorite recipes using these unsung heroes. Mushrooms are one of my own favorite foods overall, since they’re the perfect chameleon. They work in everything from fried rice to burritos, from soup to roasted chicken dinners, from pizza to pasta — and more!

Any of these recipes works with either white mushrooms or baby bella/brown mushrooms, so go with what you prefer or what’s on sale by you.

Ten Magnificent Mushroom Recipes

Mushrooms can either take a supporting role in meatier meals, or serve as the star of a vegetarian dinner: This versatile ingredient transforms to suit any occasion. Here, we’ll talk about a little bit of both.

Meaty mushroom recipes

rustic mushroom lentil soup

Throw mushrooms into your next pot of soup to add heartiness, texture, and flavor: They play well with both meats & veggies, so work almost anywhere. In a big pot of rustic mushroom lentil soup, for instance, they offset nuttier, chewier lentils while also picking up all of the terrific smoky flavor from fire roasted tomatoes & bacon. That’s home-cooked comfort food done right, right there.

sheet pan chicken thighs with potatoes & mushrooms

Speaking of comfort food, what’s more classic than roasted chicken & veggies? Ummm, nothing, right?! Today’s sheet pan chicken thighs with potatoes & mushrooms uses affordable bone-in thighs for juicy, flavorful convenience, bringing you an all-in-one dinner from just one pan. Line your rimmed baking sheet with foil before cooking for easy cleanup, too.

garlic soy chicken & mushrooms

Prefer white meat? Mushrooms work well with that, too. In this recipe, I even prefer the lovely roasted mushrooms to the chicken! (shhhh) Garlic soy roasted chicken & mushrooms incorporates split chicken breast along with a full pound of mushrooms, all from one simple baking dish.

spanish rice burrito bowls with zucchini chicken mushrooms

Let’s stick with the comfort food theme for a moment, because this next one is straight up comfort food in a skillet. Zucchini Spanish rice burrito bowls with chicken & mushrooms help you get in some veggies, and savory mushrooms really shine here. They add flavor, take on the marinade beautifully, & perfectly balance out the chicken & zucchini.

olive garden dressing sheet pan dinner

From skillets to sheet pans, mushrooms belong everywhere. Next up: My all-in-one Olive Garden dressing sheet pan chicken dinner has just five ingredients, making it perfect for a busy night. Throw it together, throw it in the oven, and dinner, it’s done. Mushrooms again serve their purpose here, absorbing the marinade beautifully and offering textural contrast to the chewier chicken and crisp-tender green beans.

Vegetarian mushroom recipes

edamame mushroom fried rice

For a different filling vegetarian dinner option, look to fried rice! This one is perfect to help you make use of leftover rice; 30 minute edamame & mushroom fried rice contains filling & nutritious mushrooms, edamame, egg, and rice to please even the most determined meat eaters in your family.

honey lime ginger vegetarian stir fry

Beyond fried rice, mushrooms work well in all sorts of stir fries. In this 20 minute honey lime ginger vegetarian stir fry, for instance, mushrooms add bulk and smooth out the other crisp-tender vegetables. Just serve over rice for a fantastic way to get in a colorful variety of veggies in one delicious dinner.

overstuffed spinach mushroom calzones

Simple yet satisfying, overstuffed spinach mushroom calzones make use of refrigerated pizza dough when creating these delightful pockets full of cheesy goodness. Three kinds of cheese, umami mushrooms, fresh spinach, and just a little spice: Dip into your fave marinara sauce, & enjoy!

vegetarian pasta skillet

Let’s circle back to skillets full of comfort food for a minute, because you can’t get much better than this easy cheesy vegetarian pasta skillet. This one has it all: Artichokes, mushrooms, sweet bell pepper, mushrooms, and spinach, nestled together in perfect harmony in their bed of cheesy-delicious pasta. The mushrooms here add hearty texture to the dish, making it a perfect meal for a chilly Meatless Monday.

artichoke mushroom pasta

Let’s round things out with one last mushroom-heavy pasta, because this one is perfect when you’re looking for a quick weeknight dinner — but want to elevate your meal beyond a basic pasta-plus-jar-of-sauce combo. Ready in 35 minutes, easy artichoke mushroom pasta gives you so much more flavor & substance.

What do you like to make with mushrooms?

There you have it, ten easy dinner recipes to help you take advantage of sale mushrooms. I also like to add fresh mushrooms to salads and throw sauteed mushrooms on everything from steak to avocado toast. What do you like to do with yours?