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Ten Low Carb & Keto Friendly Chicken Recipes to Jump Start Your New Year

low carb & keto friendly chicken recipes

Winner, winner, keto chicken dinner! As we ease into January, here are ten easy low carb and keto friendly chicken recipes to help jump start your New Year’s eating resolutions.

Why chicken, you may ask? Simply because chicken is always on sale somewhere, helping make your low carb or keto diet more affordable — and, because chicken is just so very versatile in lending itself to a number of tasty yet very different recipes.

Ten Keto Friendly Chicken Recipes

cheesy chicken & spinach skillet

Let’s start things off with a bang here with a new favorite over in the Mashup Mom household, because protein + a couple different cheeses + spinach = alll the flavor in one simple Cheesy Chicken & Spinach Skillet recipe!

slow cooker garlic chicken drumsticks

Then on that affordability note I mentioned above, if eating low carb is starting to push the limits of your food budget, try out a recipe like these these super affordable, super simple Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken Drumsticks.

baked dry rub chicken drumsticks

Drumsticks are always affordable, and are one of those cuts of meat that end up so differently depending on your cooking method. So, for a more browned and chicken wing type flavor, you can instead go with these Baked Dry Rub Chicken Drumsticks. (Be sure to change up the proportions of the seasonings here to match your own tolerance for spicy, though!)

fajita inspired sheet pan chicken thighs

If you’re not in the mood for drumsticks, move on up to chicken thighs and use them to throw together these easy Fajita-Inspired Sheet Pan Chicken Thighs and Peppers. Get all that fajita flavor in a complete all-in-one sheet pan recipe, with no need for tortillas!

caprese chicken + kale skillet

Or, let’s say you have a pack of boneless chicken thighs this week. No worries: Turn them into this cheesy Caprese Chicken + Kale Skillet. (Watch your macros here, but as fruits go, grape tomatoes are low in carbs — and this recipe divides one pint among four servings.)

low carb chipotle chicken tacos

And then while we’re sorting through all the different things you can make with chicken, let’s not forget to incorporate some ground chicken! Serve your Low Carb Chipotle Chicken Tacos in a lettuce wrap, so that you end up with minimum carbs, but maximum flavor.

bacon wrapped chicken cheddar pinwheels

And you know those weeknights when you’re in a hurry, or just don’t have the energy for anything complex? You can’t get much quicker and easier on a busy weeknight than with these five ingredient Bacon Wrapped Chicken Cheddar Pinwheels.

baked lemon chicken with asparagus & mushrooms

On a slightly more relaxed evening, though, there is so much flavor in this one: Baked Lemon Chicken with Asparagus & Mushrooms is an easy all-in-one cast iron skillet meal that creates its own built-in side dish.

lemon chicken skillet madness

Oh, let’s just stay lemony with this one pan Lemon Chicken Skillet Madness recipe. When you have this much flavor going on, you won’t miss the carbs!

chicken avocado mozzarella chopped salad

Finally, let’s wrap things up today with a recipe that’s perfect for a warm summer’s day (or, who am I kidding — go ahead and eat it all year round!). Chicken, Avocado, and Mozzarella Chopped Salad beautifully balances both textures and flavors in one crunchy-chewy feast for both the eyes and your palate.

You can easily change this low carb dinner salad recipe up as needed. If you’re pushing your carb limit for the day, for instance, you can for instance omit the tomatoes and up the avocado. As always, modify or balance out this (or any other) recipe to meet your own needs and preferences.

What are your own favorite low carb chicken recipes?

ten low carb & keto friendly chicken recipes

How do you incorporate chicken into your low carb or keto lifestyle? I’d love to hear some of your favorite low carb chicken recipe ideas, as well!

For more easy low carb recipe ideas in general, you can browse through all of the low carb recipes on the site here.