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Seven Dwarfs Restaurant Review

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We must have driven by the Seven Dwarfs restaurant in Wheaton, IL a million times, but never before stopped in. (Yes, the sign has been this way as long as I can remember — I think it’s part of their deliberate dive diner charm!) Last week during Spring Break, though, we finally decided to stop by and check it out on our way to a family bowling outing.

Minor quibble


The only available certificate denomination for Seven Dwarfs was $5.00, which is pretty minimal when you’re feeding a family. We had no problems purchasing or redeeming, but I’d really like to see $25 certificates to make it more worth going through and encourage us to go back.

They take their theme seriously


I mean, very seriously. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted with a full length wall featuring a Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs mural, which was so long I couldn’t even fit it all in one photo.


And, wherever you’re seated, your kids will never run out of artwork to admire — this is just a small sampling of what you’ll find in an entire restaurant full of Seven Dwarfs kitsch.

But what about the food?


We’re talking typical Greek-ish diner food here, heavy on breakfast specials, burgers, and sandwiches. I’m a firm believer in going with a restaurant’s apparent strengths, which in this case looked like breakfast and Greek specials. As a fascinating mashup of both, let me present: The Athenian Skillet.


In an interesting twist on the traditional breakfast skillet, this featured hash browns, onions, tomatoes, gyro meat, and feta, topped with two eggs cooked to order and served with a side of tzatziki sauce. Well: Yum, what a good idea! The gyro meat itself was darn tasty, so I might go with the gyros plate next time.


MashupDad also went the breakfast-for-lunch route, and was quite pleased with his Italian omelet, which was filled with sausage, onions, and mozzarella and topped with meat sauce. It was fun to see some more unusual options like these on the breakfast menu.


The kids, of course, went with their favorite restaurant standbys: Mickey Mouse pancakes for Mr. 7, and bunless burger with fries for Junior High Guy. They enjoyed, although Mr. 7 picked off those suspicious looking peaches (I don’t blame him!) and then sugar crashed right after bowling, lol.

The service

… was, honestly, pretty slow, although our waitress was quite pleasant. The place wasn’t particularly busy — but we still had to flag someone down every time we wanted a coffee refill. Not a place to go if you’re in a hurry, but a fun restaurant to visit with the kids. Try the Athenian skillet, if you do!


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Monday 7th of April 2014

My family has been going there for decades! My dad took us back in the 80s and 90s and I continue to take my family today. Its one of those places that becomes "your place" and you keep going even if there are new restaurants with better food, etc. Its one of the only places I know that still have counter service available and they have great ice cream too! I reccomend it especially those who are fans of the story and like old fashion diner service. The kind of place where rolls and soup are included with dinner and you hang up your coat before you sit down. Popular with the old timers and families alike..


Monday 7th of April 2014

Good to hear your portions weren't dwarfed size.