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Scones, gnomes, and sweet potato pizza: ALDI Finds 10/27/21

ALDI Finds for the week of 10/27/21 include sweet potato crust pizza, cute mini baking pans, little gnomes, mini scones, and so much more!

sweet potato crust pizza

Only one new pizza this week? Well, I guess technically two: Mama Cozzi’s sweet potato crust or cauliflower crust pizza, $5.49 in the freezer section. Note, though, that you’ll probably want to buy this pizza for the sweet potato taste, rather than with the thought of sneaking in hidden veggies. (The front of the box even states that one serving doesn’t provide the USDA-recommended 1/2 cup per serving of vegetables.)

Just one pizza this week is your hint that the latest ALDI ad is much shorter than last week’s, but we still have plenty to talk about! Note that prices may vary by store and by region: And now, let’s talk about many more of the top ALDI Finds of the week of 10/27/21. You’ll also Find some on 10/24/21 in Sunday ad markets, or if your store puts products out early.

Top ALDI Finds of the week

frozen little potatoes at aldi

In no particular order, here are 9 of my top ALDI food Finds, plus 20 top non-food Finds, all for the week of 10/27/21. Then, let’s talk about this week’s sweetest ALDI Finds — and, run down some more of the newest seasonal Finds.

Nine top food Finds this week:

  1. Barissimo coffee cups: 12 ct coffees of fall, $6.99, 18 ct exotic origin coffee cups, $5.99, or 18 ct bourbon pecan or amaretto coffee cups, $5.79
  2. Benner 20 ct premium green tea, $1.99
  3. Alouette spreadable cheese, $2.99
  4. Simms pork or chicken chilled snack sticks, $3.99
  5. Breakfast Best egg & cheese or sausage & cheese breakfast pitas, $4.99
  6. Breakfast Best sausage breakfast skillet, $3.49
  7. Season’s Choice waffle fries, $1.49
  8. Kirkwood/Yummy buffalo style zings or all veggie dino buddies, $4.99
  9. Chicken of the Sea crispy stuffed shrimp, $5.99

20 top non-food Finds this week:

  1. Huntington Home bar mop or flour sack towel set or two pack towel set, $4.99
  2. SOHL writing desk, $69.99
  3. Gardenline winter protection greenhouse, $29.99
  4. Gardenline leaf scoops, $8.99
  5. Venus flytrap, see price in store
  6. Huntington Home fall gnomes, $7.99
  7. Huntington Home harvest reversible porch sign, $12.99
  8. Huntington Home coir mat, $6.99
  9. Huntington Home harvest wreath, $18.99
  10. Huntington Home woodland critter, $6.99
  11. ALDI collapsible box bag, $5.99
  12. Crofton 10″ cast iron skillet, $9.99
  13. Crofton cast iron 4.6 quart French oven, $24.99
  14. Crofton cast iron 6 quart Dutch oven, $29.99
  15. Crofton 8 piece glass storage bowls, $9.99
  16. Anchor 3 piece glass baking dish set, $12.99
  17. Crofton universal lid, $9.99
  18. Crofton oversized grill pan, $8.99
  19. Crofton acacia wood boards, $11.99
  20. Huntington Home 3 piece flameless LED candle set, $9.99

The Dutch ovens and French ovens are perennial favorites that always sell out fast, so keep your eye out there!

sohl writing desk

Speaking of keeping an eye out… I eye this SOHL writing desk every time it shows up in the ad, since I do love the matching shelving unit. Alas, it’s just too big to fit in my little workspace here.

ALDI box bag

And I did end up finding the box bags in my store later in the week — they’re a nice size and stand open by themselves when opened, then collapse down flat for easy storage. The only small quibble I have with mine is that I’d wish for longer straps, so that I could pop it over my shoulder rather than holding it in my hand to bring in the house.

ALDI sweet Finds this week

mini springform pan at aldi

Mini baking pans are back this week! OK, maybe this is a stretch, but… if you want to bake your own sweets: Pick from mini bundt or mini springform, at $4.99 apiece. (This is an older photo; they’re available in different color choices and possibly a slightly smaller diameter this time.) I’ve used my own ALDI mini springform pan a couple of times to make Instant Pot cheesecake, with great success.

caramel mousse at aldi

Let’s continue to take a walk on the sweeter side, with some new ALDI treats for you this week. For instance, this Specially Selected caramel mousse 2 pack does look delicious (also available in chocolate, in the frozen section). But at 4.23 oz total ($2.00 per little cup), its $3.99 price is a little rich for my blood. Has anyone tried these, though? I’m curious. 🙂

Other sweet frozen choices this week include Breakfast Best protein cinnamon French toast sticks ($3.49), and Nada Moo organic mint chip ($4.99).

mini scones at aldi

Speaking of temptations (or maybe I was just shopping hungry?), I’m soooo lucky they didn’t have cinnamon scones, or one of these packs may have jumped into my cart. $2.99 will get you a 10 oz container of Bake Shop orange cranberry or blueberry mini scones this week, and these were up on the register endcaps at my store. I was also tempted by Specially Selected dark chocolate covered espresso beans, $3.49 per 10 oz container.

If you’re avoiding gluten or certain allergens, though, you might instead wish to check out Simply Nature allergy free bars: $2.99 per 5 pack, and available in caramel choco chip or coco loco.

ALDI pure maple syrup

Speaking of sweet pantry Finds, it’s always good to see the bigger jugs of real maple syrup back in stock. This week’s Specially Selected 32 oz container of pure maple syrup will run you $13.95. (That’s only up $.06 from last fall — not bad!)

yogurt tilts at aldi

Lastly, look for Specially Selected indulgent Greek yogurt Tilts in the refrigerated section. Choose from chocolate cherry or vanilla blueberry, at $.99 per 5.3 oz container. Other sweet refrigerated choices include low carb Crepini cinnamon sugar sweet crepes, $4.49 apiece.

ALDI Seasonal Finds

aldi lasagna noodles

‘Tis the season for more new seasonal Finds every week, so I’ve been sharing what I spot each week in my own local stores. This week, one that many of you have been waiting for: Reggano oven ready lasagna noodles, $1.59 per 12 oz box!

stroopwafels at aldi

Ooh, here’s another one people have been waiting for: Specially Selected Stroopwafels are back, at the same $2.49 price as last year!

baking spray at aldi

At $1.79 this year, Carlini baking spray is up $.20 from its 2020 price — but still a decent deal when compared to its name brand counterparts. Speaking of baking, how about Baker’s Corner pumpkin quick bread & muffin mix — also priced at $1.79 this year.

What seasonal Finds are you looking forward to this year? See earlier weekly Finds posts here and at Almost All ALDI for more Fall Finds of Fun.

What’s Up with ALDI Finds?

shipping delays at aldi

What’s up with ALDI Finds? Well, these are limited time special buy items that are available in stores only while supplies last. So if you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can.

Before shopping for new Finds this week, though, you might wish to visit the ALDI Finds product delays page. Because of ongoing shipping delays and materials shortages affecting ALDI and many other retailers, certain advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Finding the Finds

Where do you Find all of this week’s special buys?

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.
  • If you’re planning an in-store shopping trip, use their online ad to help determine what you’ll grab and purchase if you do see it in the store.

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or are from the ad starting 10/24/21 in Sunday ad markets, 10/27/21 in Wednesday ad markets. What caught your eye among this week’s ALDI Finds?