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A Spooky Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends

Welcome back to a spooky Caturday with the Notorious BKL and Friends… all things Halloween edition! Happy Halloween from Grandma Kitty Lucy.

bad kitty lucy grandma cat

Happy early Halloween from Grandma Kitty Lucy! High School Guy has been doing this thing lately where he answers everything with: “Yah, Grandma!” Why? I don’t really know, because I’m not a teenage boy. But it’s been such an ongoing thing that when I saw this granny costume on Chewy (smaller sizes now sold out)… well… it just jumped into my cart.

The Notorious BKL wanted nothing to do with the associated wig (which was also too big for her little kitty head), but a few cat treats mollified her into putting up with the costume for about 15 minutes. The photos, though? Priceless.

A very Halloween Caturday

bad kitty lucy and a skeleton cat

Never fear, though: Bad Kitty Lucy doesn’t entirely lack holiday spirit. I couldn’t resist picking up this little skeleton kitten at Target earlier this month (just $5.00! I’m not spending all my money on cat-related Halloween items…). Somewhat disturbingly, BKL has taken quite the shine to posing with it on the front porch and creating her own Halloween tableau.

witch cat and fabric pumpkins

You can tell she’s appreciating all of the Halloween decorations, actually — look closely at the amount of Bad Kitty Lucy fur on this witchy cat, which she keeps rubbing against and knocking over. Maybe she just doesn’t care for the competition?

white and gray cat and halloween cat

Or, and this is the more likely scenario, she’s just claimed ownership of witchy cat and everything else Halloween over here.

bad kitty on my computer keyboard

Wait, I’m sorry. Did I say ownership of Halloween? What I meant to say was: Ownership of everything. All the house belongs to Bad Kitty Lucy, who would like you to know that this includes the chair I am sitting in, the computer I am typing on, the desk I’m using, and… anything else you can conceive of.

How’s your Caturday?

cat lady scarecrow at morton arboretum

But anyway, how is your own cat-filled (or cat free) week going? On a semi-cat-related note, for those of you who are local to the Chicago area, yesterday I lunched at the Morton Arboretum with a couple of friends. Their Scout-troop-created scarecrow display included this “cat lady” creation, and it’s worth a visit to walk through this and their other current displays.

And, as always: Be sure to tune in next time for the latest in the exciting ongoing Caturday adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.

I hope you all don’t mind the semi-occasional detours from recipes and ALDI into the adventures of our three bad kitties over here. They’re just so darn shareable, and sometimes (gasp) there’s more to life than food!


Saturday 23rd of October 2021

She’s a treasure! Thanks for sharing! 🎃