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Radio silence

So I’m back in my hotel room blogging from the iPhone — not the easiest process! 🙂 tomorrow is a crazy day of travel, so I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to blog at all. So I won’t be getting the weekly grocery deals up — sorry, but things will start settling back to normal soon. Meanwhile, I visited the coolest little used bookstore today — I think it was called the old Monterey book company, but the one thing I didn’t photograph was the sign. Isn’t it amazing?

There, I picked up this guide for authors from 1949 — amazing how things change. It was marked $2 but she gave it to me for free when I told her I’m an editor.

I won’t type much more with one finger here, but though I talk a lot here about saving money at big chains there is also a lot to be said for patronizing independent stores (and sometimes what we save in one place allows us to do so in another). Much as I love my b&n and amazon, there’s an experience here that just can’t be replicated by the big guys.

So there’s my conference philosophizing, and I’ll leave you with some photos.


Thursday 29th of October 2009

Oh how I miss you!


Wednesday 28th of October 2009

LOVE independent book stores! My dad is a novelist (Selden Edwards, The Little Book) and indie booksellers are always so great to him - they personally recommend his book to customers, write reviews, have members of the staff read it, invite him to readings, etc. Worth the extra $$.