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Going to California with a honeymoon in my heart

Just a few photos from our July 2022 honeymoon in northern California, from jellyfish at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, to garlic ice cream in Gilroy. As you might remember from the note in our last ALDI meal plan oh so long ago (OK, three weeks ago, but who’s counting), I’ve taken a couple weeks off …

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New business idea!

In between conference sessions today, a friend and I grabbed coffee at Plumes in Monterey. Their big selling point? Brewed by the cup coffee! You pick from an extensive list of flavors and types, and they’ll make you a fresh-brewed individual cup. How cool is that? I think we need one of these near my …

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Radio silence

So I’m back in my hotel room blogging from the iPhone — not the easiest process! 🙂 tomorrow is a crazy day of travel, so I’m honestly not sure if I’ll be able to blog at all. So I won’t be getting the weekly grocery deals up — sorry, but things will start settling back …

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I’m ba-ack :)

So where am I, anyway? I’m attending the Internet Librarian conference in beautiful Monterey, California. This morning’s keynote featured Vint Cerf, who was instrumental in developing the protocol that makes the internet possible and is currently chief internet evangelist at Google. Fascinating stuff! He told an amazing story about his wife, who was deaf from …

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