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Quick “Cheese Steaks” with Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

Quick “Cheese Steaks” with Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps are a low carb, gluten free, keto-friendly alternative to traditional cheesesteak sandwiches. Enjoy!

This post has been sponsored by Crystal Farms. All opinions here, however, are my own.

Keto-Friendly Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps now come in cheddar blend

Heads up: There’s a new cheese in town! Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps just introduced a new flavor, and it’s deliciously useful for all sorts of easy recipes. New Cheddar Blend Cheese Wraps (a blend of cheddar and Monterey Jack cheese) join their earlier Mozzarella and Marble Jack varieties, giving you your choice of three different flavors as you take a break from bread.

“Cheese Steaks” Made Easy

Quick "cheese steaks" with Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps are a low carb, gluten free, keto friendly dinner idea

Perfect for everything from quick sandwich wraps to fajitas to, as I made here, quick “cheese steaks”, these thinly sliced (yet strong) wraps are specially cut to roll without breaking.

Make quick "cheese steaks" with Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

And, today’s simple “cheese steak” wraps were just so easy to make! I just seasoned thin-cut steak with sea salt & pepper, then quick-cooked it for a couple minutes a side in a large pan on the stove top — over medium-high heat, with a little olive oil. I then used that same pan to sauté some flavorful garlicky mushrooms to top the steak.

add steak to the cheese wraps

Then, I simply wrapped Crystal Farms Cheddar Blend Cheese Wraps around my quick-cooked steak & sauteed mushrooms. Yum! How’s that for a quick and easy dinner idea? Rather than topping thinly sliced steak sandwiches WITH cheese, I wrapped everything IN cheese — skipping the bread, and keeping everything low carb & gluten free.

Wrap cheese steaks in Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

I added avocado slices to my own cheese steak wrap for a touch of creaminess and color, but the kids preferred theirs without — and gobbled them right down! You could also substitute sauteed bell pepper and onion for the mushrooms, or otherwise take this basic “cheese steak” recipe and make it to your own taste.

Oh, and, for reference: It takes about two of these protein-packed cheese steak wraps to fill up a hungry teenage boy.

Find out more about Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps

New Cheddar Blend Cheese Wraps

Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps now come in three varieties, Mozzarella, Cheddar Blend, and Marble Jack, at a suggested MSRP of $4.99 per package. Each easy peel-and-reseal tray contains six 1 oz Cheese Wraps, and these new Cheddar Blend Wraps clock in at 110 calories, 1g carbs, and 7g protein per wrap.

Whether you’re cutting back on carbs, eating gluten free, or (like me) just loooove cheese, these keto- and Atkins-friendly Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps work well as a simple alternative to everything from bread to tortillas.

Crystal Farms Cheese Wraps are available at a number of major grocery chains: Find a list of locations on their site. How would you use these in your own household?

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