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Gluten Free & Gardening: ALDI Finds week of 4/19/23

ALDI Finds for the week of 4/19/23 include gluten free foods, gardening goodies, Mother’s Day cards, and more. Check out this week’s picks below, and let me know what you want to Find!

gluten free egg rolls in vegetable or chicken

We have several gluten free Finds to choose from in this week’s ALDI ad, both store- and name-brand. Let’s start with the return of frozen liveGfree gluten free egg rolls, where you get three chicken or vegetable egg rolls for $6.49.

livegfree glazed and chocolate gluten free donuts

On the sweeter side of their gluten free frozen items, look for liveGfree glazed or chocolate gluten free donuts at $4.99 per 10.5 oz box.

gluten free cinnamon raisin english muffins

Also in the freezer section, you can check out liveGfree gluten free English muffins. These come in cinnamon raisin or plain, at $4.49 a box. Other gluten free products this week include:

  • liveGfree spinach & cheese or cheese ravioli, $3.99
  • 32 oz Yummy gluten free dino buddies chicken nuggets, $7.99
  • Good Natured Selects Veg-ables, $3.29
  • LesserEvil interstellar cheddar or cinnamon sugar space balls, $2.99
  • Skinny Pop popcorn, $2.99

In case you’re wondering what space balls are (I was…), apparently they are: Corn puffs.

lesservil cinnamon sugar space balls corn puffs

Both advertised and unadvertised ALDI prices can vary by store an d by region. Here are more top ALDI Finds for the week of 4/19/23. You may also Find some on 4/16/23 in Sunday ad markets or if your store tends to put products out early.

ALDI Finds week of 4/19/23

purple clematis vines at aldi

Beyond these new gluten free food options this week, here are

  • Thirteen more Food Finds
  • Twenty-six new non-Food Finds
  • Twenty-two garden & patio Finds, and
  • A few new seasonal Finds

Read on for more info and pix.

aldi finds week of 4/19/23

What are you looking forward to picking up from this latest ad? I already grabbed an arrabbiatta sauce (out early in my store), and am looking at some of the gardening Finds.

Thirteen new ALDI food Finds

strawberry and banana mini muffin boxes

Beyond the gluten free, other food Finds this week include:

  1. Nature’s Nectar white cranberry peach or strawberry 64 oz, $2.39
  2. Baker’s Treat strawberry or banana mini muffins, $2.75
  3. Southern Grove gochujang or Morrocan spiced almonds 14 oz, $5.69
  4. Solely organic mango or organic cacao mango, $4.99
  5. Mama Cozzi’s pepperoni pizza ring, $4.99
  6. Specially Selected mini layer cakes, $5.49
  7. Fusia Szechuan or sweet & sour stir fry, $2.99
  8. Journey to India mini naanpanadas, butter chicken or chickpea curry, $4.99
  9. Sundae Shoppe chocolate covered fruit bars, $3.59
  10. Never Any fresh butterflied lamb leg, rosemary garlic or unseasoned, $6.99/lb
  11. Never Any fresh ground bison, $7.99/lb
  12. Patak’s heat & eat vegetarian meal, $3.49
  13. Priano gourmet pasta sauce, $2.19

Again, not a long ad this week (aside from the patio and garden Finds listed below) — but we at least have a few new food Finds to check out.

chocolate covered fruit bars

The chocolate covered fruit bars look seasonally appropriate, so pick some up if you enjoyed them last year.

bags of sweet & sour stir fry

Frozen stir fries could make for a quick & easy meal, although you’ll probably have to supplement these to feed a family.

mini naanpanadas

I reviewed ALDI’s butter chicken mini naanpanadas back in spring of 2020 — the verdict then was that they are quite delicious, but too pricey. They’ve gotten even pricier, so: That still stands. 🙂

arrabbiata sauce

Not showing in the sneaky-peek ad, but at both ALDI stores I visited today: Priano gourmet pasta sauces! In particular, their special buy arrabbiatta sauces work so nicely in this white bean & vegetable soup recipe — which I hope you enjoy as much as my own family did.

Twenty-six ALDI non-food Finds

signature vintage area rug

We have a bunch of home and apparel Finds in this week’s ad, and then will talk about gardening Finds separately as our thoughts keep turning to spring & summer. These include:

  1. Crofton 18 oz double wall hydration bottle, $7.99
  2. Crofton bamboo bed tray, $9.99
  3. Huntington Home 4-tier shoe rack, $19.99
  4. Huntington Home acrylic jewelry organizer, $14.99
  5. Huntington Home drawer organizer, $3.99
  6. Huntington Home embroidered quilt set, $34.99
  7. Huntington Home microfiber sheet sets, $12.99 queen or $14.99 king
  8. Huntington Home velvet hanger set, $12.99
  9. Huntington Home wall sconce, $24.99
  10. Huntington Home window sheer curtain pair, $9.99
  11. Serra wine dispensing tote, $12.99
  12. Huntington Home 5’x7′ area rug, $39.99
  13. Huntington Home 6’x9′ signature vintage area rug, $89.99
  14. Huntington Home ceramic mug candle, $5.99
  15. Huntington Home faux floral ceramic planter, $9.99
  16. Huntington Home luxury 2-wick candle, $4.99
  17. SOHL decorative pouf, $39.99
  18. Royal Class men’s 2-piece PJ set, $7.99
  19. Serra Ladies’ 3-pack shoe liners, $4.99
  20. Serra Ladies’ midi skirt, $9.99
  21. Serra Ladies’ slippers with headband set, $9.99
  22. Pembrook fashion portfolio with writing pad, $4.99
  23. Pembrook Mother’s Day card, $1.49
  24. Pembrook pop-up Mother’s Day card, $2.49
  25. ALDI foldable utility tote, $9.99
  26. Easy Home twin window fan, $29.99

A few Mother’s Day gift ideas starting to trickle in, here.

luxury candles at aldi

Different numbers on the luxury candles this time, if you’ve been waiting for a specific scent.

mother's day card at aldi

And ALDI’s greeting cards are always nice quality, so pick one up this week and have your Mother’s Day card ready to go.

serra black midi skirt

The midi skirts are quite comfortable (and I appreciate the wide waistband), but mine from a couple of years ago is a cat hair and lint magnet. Be forewarned!

aldi tote 2023 design

Three new designs of large ALDI utility totes to choose from this year, but all again ALDI-related.

spring stainless steel hydration bottles

The hydration bottles are available in some peaceful pastels for spring, too.

Twenty-two outdoor and gardening Finds

bbq frying pan from aldi

Some nice patio and gardening Finds this week, too. Look for:

  1. 8″ patio planter, $8.99
  2. Belavi grill gazebo, $119.99
  3. Ferrex 20V cordless blower, $39.99
  4. Ferrex 20V cordless trimmer/edger, $49.99
  5. Gardenline 3-in-1 portable zapper with lantern, $12.99
  6. Gardenline 50′ garden hose, $14.99
  7. Gardenline clematis flowering vine, $5.49
  8. Gardenline hose accessories, $9.99
  9. Gardenline hose hanger, $9.99
  10. Gardenline hose nozzle, $4.99
  11. Gardenline long handle garden tool, $12.99
  12. Gardenline ornamental shrub, $3.99
  13. Gardenline power blaster, $14.99
  14. Gardenline premium rose bush, $8.49
  15. Range Master 65″ gas grill cover, $9.99
  16. Range Master BBQ frying pan or roasting pan, $14.99
  17. Range Master BBQ caddy, $14.99
  18. Range Master cushion grill mat, $9.99
  19. Range Master grill & bake mats, $4.89
  20. Range Master pizza oven, $39.99
  21. Range Master tongs, spatula, or brush, $3.99
  22. Range Master multipurpose lighters 3-pack, $5.99

Garden and grill, you’re set for the season?

ornamental shrubs at aldi

The garden shrubs are always these small bare root ones, but they take off pretty quickly. I’ve had especially good luck with the forsythia.

aldi rose bushes

And my rose bush from ALDI started blooming its first year!

Seasonal food Finds

low fat chocolate fudge ice cream bars

A few more new seasonal products this week, so see what’s available in your store. Some I spotted this week:

  • Fit & Active low fat chocolate fudge ice cream bars, $3.99
  • Sundae Shoppe strawberry & vanilla swirl cones, $4.09
  • Park Street Deli hummus quartet, $4.49
  • Berryhill extra hot honey, $4.99
  • Six ct Specially Selected brioche buns, $3.99
  • Clancy’s spicy dill pickle or all dressed potato chips, $2.09
  • Park Street Deli ranchera salsa, habanero or poblano, $2.99
  • Little Salad Bar Caprese or rotini pasta salad, $5.29
  • Park Street Deli tomato or mango pico de gallo, $3.15

What are you looking forward to?

aldi hummus quartet

The hummus quartet is a perennial favorite — especially for fans of the cilantro jalapeño flavor that you can’t find separately!

mango pico de gallo

Also in the refrigerated/deli section, doesn’t mango pico de gallo look refreshing?

extra hot honey

If hot honey just isn’t hot enough for you… now there’s EXTRA hot honey. This was on an endcap with other basketball-ish foods.

spicy dill pickle and all dressed potato chip bags

I’m kind of enjoying the retro packaging on these new potato chip flavors, even if the flavors themselves aren’t really speaking to me. (College guy would probably quite enjoy spicy dill pickle, though.)

What’s Up with ALDI Finds

shipping delays at aldi

What’s up with ALDI Finds? These are limited time special buy items, and are available in stores only while supplies last. If you spot something you like, be sure to pick it up while you can. See also: What is the ALDI Aisle of Shame?

Be sure to visit the ALDI Finds product delays page before popping over to the store for new Finds. Because of ongoing shipping delays and materials shortages affecting ALDI (and everyone else), some advertised products may not be available in all locations.

Finding the Finds

Where do you Find all of this week’s special buys?

  • Check out the “ALDI Finds” and current weekly ad tabs (or mobile menu choices) on the ALDI site to window shop from home.

Products mentioned in this post were either spotted in store or are from the ad starting 4/16/23 in Sunday ad markets, 4/19/23 in Wednesday ad markets.