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Cat shark plush: Weird Amazon products week of 4/10/23

Welcome to your weekly roundup of Weird Amazon products! This week of April 10, 2023 featured a CAT SHARK plush, a dad joke onesie, taco bandages — and so much more.

weird amazon products week of 4/10/23

Hi — Are you ready for a little more quirky fun? Each morning, the Mashup Mom Facebook page features one new fun, cute, whimsical, or just plain strange Amazon product. Each Sunday, we round up the week here. Enjoy!

What’s your own fave fun find this week?

Weird things on Amazon this week

Are you a “hopeless ramen-tic,” or just noodling around? This ramen bowl just might be for you.

Next up: When you need a bandage, but it’s also Taco Tuesday… Pack of taco bandages, anyone?

Dad jokes, on a onesie: “If I refuse to nap is that resisting a rest?”

Yes, you saw this right: Star Wars lightsaber gel pens! Use the Force; write it down.

Pardon the little Star Wars roll in our morning Amazon fun, but I couldn’t resist ALSO sharing this mini Stretch Armstrong Darth Vader. (There’s a little video on the page, too, about the various stretch Star Wars figures… lol)

It’s just so difficult sometimes to choose between cats and sharks, you know what I mean? But now you don’t have to, because you have the option of this CAT SHARK plushie!

If you’re a cat person, don’t miss the ongoing adventures of The Notorious Bad Kitty Lucy and friends!

We’re all getting older, alas… Is there someone in your life who needs this “Back & Body Hurts” mug?

More weird Amazon products here next week

Come back next week for a brand new roundup of weird Amazon stuff! Or, head over to Facebook every morning to check out another fun find to start your day out with a smile. (Of course, you’ll also find much, much more over there — I’d love for you to come join in conversation with us.)

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