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Free ALDI Meal Plan week of 5/17/20 – 5/23/20

Free ALDI Meal Plan week of 5/17/20 - 5/23/20: Six complete dinners for four, $60 out the door! Save time and money with meal planning, and find new free ALDI meal plans each week.

MAY I present to you our second-to-last ALDI meal plan for May 2020?

  • Per request, I’m posting this week’s meal plan & going by the weekly ad as per usual.
  • Stores may not have advertised items in stock, and inventory levels will vary by store, region, and demand.
  • Use this week’s plan as a starting point; modify as necessary according to what is in stock in your area, and what you have on hand in your pantry.

Again, during these odd times, I hope that this latest meal plan helps your week feel at least slightly more normal.

Free ALDI Meal Plan week of 5/17/20

With all of that in mind, here’s your easy weekly ALDI meal plan for the week of 5/17/20: Pick up everything on the shopping list below, then start cooking on Sunday. As always: Six complete dinners for four, $60 out the door!

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Find this week’s meal plan below; just a couple of updates first.

ALDI Finds for your garden and BBQ

So much new this week! Here’s a brief rundown of what you may have missed.

garden plants in this week's ALDI Finds

First up: ALDI Finds for your garden and cookouts this week include garden herbs and veggie plants, cheddar brats and other foods for your family cookout, Clancy’s churros, fun Finds to spruce up your patio, and more.

ALDI mini naanpanadas

Speaking of ALDI Finds — if you were curious about these special buy Journey to India mini naanpanadas, here’s my review!

One thing a day: What one food-related thing will you do today, to make your life a little easier later? Today, I re-seasoned my cast iron skillet!

Next up in our irregular one thing a day series: Re-season your cast iron! (Yes, my beloved 12″ cast iron skillet is an ALDI Find from days gone by…)

How to make hard boiled eggs (perfectly!). Here’s just the easiest way to make a batch of hard boiled eggs. I’ve been doing mine this way for years, and they come out with perfectly cooked yolks every time!

And next up in our cooking basics series: Here’s how to make hard boiled eggs — with perfectly cooked yolks every time.

ALDI Meal Planning week of 5/17/20 – 5/23/20

I’m assuming that you have on hand some pantry basics like cooking oil, common condiments, and spices. *** Read through the recipes before you shop, to make sure you have the necessary pantry staples on hand for this week’s ALDI menu plan; see a summary in the printable grocery list below.

Print your meal plan summary + grocery shopping list below this week’s detailed plan.

Six easy dinners from ALDI for $60.00

Sausage, Peppers, & Onions (plus artichoke!) Naan Pizza drops a classic flavor combo onto a chewy flatbread crust, then punches everything up with tangy artichokes and smooth mozzarella.

ALDI Meal Plan — start cooking 5/17/20



  • Easy chipotle turkey chili topped with chopped green onion and a little sour cream (use the whole 19.2 oz pack of turkey)
  • Serve with 5 oz of the tortilla chips
  • Slice up the mangoes




  • Crunchy tortilla chicken fingers (use tenderloin and double recipe to serve four)
  • Serve with chipotle sour cream for dipping: Mix 1/2 cup sour cream with 1 minced chipotle pepper and 1 Tbsp (or more) of chipotle sauce, to taste, along with a little sea salt, to taste
  • Steam up the rest of your broccoli, and top it with Parmesan to taste
  • Cut up the pineapple


  • Summer squash & tomato frittata (use all zucchini, substitute the last of your mozzarella for cheddar, and throw some Parmesan on top as well to punch up the flavor)
  • Serve with sourdough toast
  • Slice up any remaining tomatoes and the rest of the cucumber, and serve on the side topped with a little sea salt


  • Leftovers, family pizza night (ALDI sells nice big take-and-bake deli pizzas), or order in.

ALDI Shopping List — Shop through 5/16/20

Dairy & refrigerated

Dozen Goldhen eggs, $1.48
Friendly Farms sour cream, $1.49
2 blocks 8 oz Happy Farms mozzarella, $3.30
Emporium Selection 15 oz whole milk ricotta, $1.59
Priano shredded Parmesan, $1.99


Specially Selected sourdough round, $2.99
Specially Selected naan, $3.99
12 oz Tuscan Garden marinated artichoke quarters, $2.89
Clancy’s restaurant style 13 oz tortilla chips, $1.69
12 oz Reggano farfalle (bowtie pasta), $.99
24 oz jar Reggano simply marinara, $1.49
2 cans Happy Harvest fire roasted diced tomatoes, $1.78
Can Dakota’s Pride black beans, $.48
Can Dakota’s Pride kidney beans, $.49
Pueblo Lindo chipotles in adobo, $.99


Kirkwood 19.2 oz fresh ground turkey, $3.99
Parkview Polska kielbasa, $2.35
3.5 lbs chicken tenderloins, $6.97


Pineapple, $1.19
2 mangoes, $.98
Bunch green onions, $.69
8 oz mushrooms, $.89
Cucumber, $.59
16 oz broccoli crowns, $1.69
8 oz bag of spinach, $1.39
Little Salad Bar garden salad, $1.19
3 lbs yellow onions, $1.69
3 heads garlic, $1.29
3 pack multi-colored bell peppers, $2.29
2 lbs zucchini, $2.98
24 oz package tomatoes on the vine, $1.79

That comes to: $59.59.

Or, maybe less…! These meals will likely run you even less if you supplement this week’s ALDI purchases with clearance meat you already have in your freezer, pantry staples you picked up on sale, produce you already have on hand, and/or sale produce from your local produce market. Let me know if you give it a try.

Printable ALDI meal plan & grocery list

*** Download this week’s printable ALDI shopping list and meal plan in Word format. (If you don’t have Word, open this in Google Docs or in Wordpad.)

Edit and add in your own meal ideas, remove items you already have on hand, change regional pricing to match your own store, etc. *** The day(s) next to each item show which meals use each ingredient, so that you can easily see what to delete from the shopping list if you’re skipping a night.

Things to know about the ALDI meal plans

A couple of notes

  1. I try not to repeat main dish recipes more often than once a month, but you will see favorite easy recipes again in these weekly ALDI meal plans as the same meats and produce items come up again on sale. Part of the fun of meal planning lies in mixing old stand-bys with something new each week.
  2. If one or more of these recipes isn’t to your taste, or if you have other ingredients to use, adapt the recipes in this ALDI meal plan to your family’s preferences. Or, just use the ideas here to supplement your own meal planning! See: Pantry staples to stock up on and how to modify a meal plan for your family.

** ad markets & dates

This week’s ALDI meal plan reflects prices from the current week’s ad (running 5/10-5/16 in Sunday ad markets, and 5/13-5/19 in Wednesday ad markets). Non-advertised prices are from my local store in the Chicago suburbs, but non-advertised prices and produce deals *may vary* by location & region. In either ad market, shop any time through Saturday and start cooking on Sunday 5/17/20.

Stay in the ALDI meal planning loop

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Resources for meal planning + ALDI shopping

master list of meal planning resources from Mashup Mom

Let’s close things out with just a few resources to help you out with your meal planning and ALDI shopping:

Lastly: You can always access your current regional ALDI ad here.


Wednesday 20th of May 2020

This week's naan pizza was excellant! I love your website. It's so easy to use. Just print out the grocery list and check off what I need. Your recipes are so good and I don't need to do any menu planning. Thank you!