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Four leftover turkey soups and chilis

Four leftover turkey soups & chilis: Take full advantage of leftover turkey in these easy & hearty recipes!

Happy day after Thanksgiving! I love using turkey bones to make a huge batch of broth, and usually just let this simmer overnight in the Crock-Pot after we’re done with our Thanksgiving dinner so that it’s recipe-ready the next day. (The need to simmer up big batches of broth and soup just gives you another reason to invest in a larger slow cooker; I love my 7 quart Crock-Pot, and often fill it to the brim.)

Are you making a nice big pot of turkey broth overnight this year? Whether you took advantage of those turkey bones, though, or whether you’re using boxed broth, here are four soup and chili recipes to help you take full advantage of your leftover turkey this year.

Two turkey soup recipes

leftover turkey soup with rice and spinach is so hearty

Let’s start with soup. There are so many different ways to make turkey soup, but today: How about a comforting leftover turkey soup with rice & spinach recipe? Not only is this one flavorful and filling, it’s so hearty: Chock full of rice, turkey, and veggies — and, the perfect way to make some leftover Thanksgiving turkey into something completely new!

creamy leftover turkey mushroom soup is comfort food

Speaking of comforting recipes, I really like mushroom soup; it’s like a childhood comfort food for me. Let’s mash that memory up with leftover turkey in creamy leftover turkey mushroom soup: Another perfect post-holiday comfort food.

Two turkey chili recipes

leftover turkey chili in mini cast iron

Oh, who am I kidding: It’s all fall comfort food, isn’t it. Make your leftover Thanksgiving turkey into something completely new, if you’re already tired of the traditional, with this mild leftover turkey chili recipe.

leftover white turkey chili topped with cheese

Or if you’d rather have white turkey chili, take your turkey leftovers another direction this year. 20 minutes prep, 20 minutes to simmer, and 40 minutes to dinner. It’s not the prettiest of chilis, but what it lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in taste.

What are you making with your turkey this year?

What are some of your own favorite leftover turkey recipes? I use mine in everything from simple sandwiches and quesadillas, to heartier hand pies and hot pies: Leftovers are one of the best parts of any Thanksgiving dinner!