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Five (plus) Fave ALDI Finds week of 11/29/23

Five+ fave ALDI Finds for the week of 11/29/23From festive holiday cheese to weighted blankets, from lemon curd to handmade holiday cards, there’s something for everyone here.

Five Fave ALDI Finds week of 11/29/23

Here are my own top five ALDI Finds and deals from the ad starting Wednesday 11/29/23. Can you even believe that it’s almost December? Even so, let’s keep trucking along, and let ALDI get us into that holiday spirit this week — because they’re definitely trying.

Five Fave ALDI Finds, 11/29/23

aldi snowman holiday christmas cheese

Let’s start with holiday-related foods… and I’m going to make an executive decision to call this category a single Find, for the purposes of this week’s five. First up: How cute are these holiday cheeses for your charcuterie boards this year? Pick up an Emporium Selection festive cheese truckle assortment this week, and ALDI’s shaped Christmas cheese options will run you $4.29 apiece. (While their sneaky peek ad only shows two varieties, four were out at my store yesterday.)

dessert hummus

While you’re in the refrigerated section, don’t miss their Barissimo peppermint cold foam at $4.49 — And, you might want to brave this Park Street Deli chocolate mint or sugar cookie dessert hummus at $1.99.

holiday shaped pizza

But, let’s get back to our holiday shaped cheesy options as we head on over to the frozen section. There you can choose between a Mama Cozzi’s Pizza Kitchen holiday tree or holiday star pizza, $4.99 each.

peppermint and hot cocoa ice cream pints

In both the frozen and ALDI Finds aisles, we can also start thinking about holiday desserts. Choose from:

  • Sundae Shoppe peppermint or hot cocoa ice cream pints, $1.99
  • Sundae Shoppe vanilla or mint Christmas tree ice cream bars, $3.49
  • Lofthouse holiday frosted sugar cookies, $3.95
  • Two-bite red velvet gourmet filled mini cupcakes, $3.99
  • Elf on the Shelf Christmas cake bites, $3.98
  • Choceur hollow milk chocolate characters, $1.29
  • Spangler candy canes, $1.28

‘Tis the season for holiday flavors, so I do hope you’re getting in the spirit — we don’t seem to have much of a choice!

lemon curd at aldi

Oh, and there’s always the perennial favorite Berryhill lemon curd ($3.49) for those of you baking your own desserts this year.

pop-up Christmas cards at aldi

Now, let’s move over to the non-edible holiday Finds in this week’s ad. First: Merry Moments handmade Christmas cards are also back in stores this year, and priced back down at $.99 each. They also have nice pop-up Christmas cards available, at $1.99 each.

christmas boxer briefs at aldi

And of course, this week’s ALDI ad brings us many more options on the holiday Finds front:

  • Crofton ornament glasses, $3.99
  • Huntington Home candles: Candle for every room gift set, $12.99, chalkboard candle, $6.99, or wood tree candle, $14.99
  • Huntington Home winter farmhouse crate, $12.99
  • Licensed gift wrap or Merry Moments heavyweight premium gift wrap, $2.49
  • Merry Moments 10-pack holiday gift boxes, $3.99
  • Merry Moments 20″x30″ holiday accent rug, $12.99
  • Merry Moments 24″x36″ coir mat, $9.99
  • Merry Moments 3-piece apron, oven mitt, and potholder set, $6.99
  • Merry Moments holiday bows or gift bags, $2.49
  • Merry Moments holiday tissue paper, $2.99
  • Merry Moments premium reversible gift wrap, $6.99
  • Merry Moments ugly sweater wine bottle cover, $2.99
  • Ambiano holiday mini waffle maker, $7.99
  • 5″ Christmas cactus, $4.99
  • Merry Moments men’s 3-pack holiday boxers, $9.99

It’s that time of year, all right!

weighted blanket at aldi

I picked up this weighted blanket at ALDI on last year’s holiday sales, and am still using mine to this day. It’s just fantastic for promoting better sleep, and has a removable, machine-washable cover. These are back in the current ad, which lists 15 lb Huntington Home weighted blankets at $24.99. (Choose from herringbone, buffalo check, or gray at this price.) On the same front, a Visage weighted king-sized heating pad will run you $19.99 this week.

microplush bathrobe at aldi

Let’s keep lumping thematic fave Finds together, because coziness also reigns this week. I mean, Serra Ladies’ fleece-lined leggings at just $7.99? That seems like a win, given that it’s about 13 degrees outside here as I type. Also look for:

  • Adult or children’s wearable blankets, $14.99
  • Crane hybrid gloves, $7.99
  • Royal Class men’s 2-pack sleep pants, $12.99
  • Royal Class men’s or Serra Ladies microplush bathrobe, $14.99
  • Serra Ladies 2-piece sleepwear set, $12.99
  • Serra Ladies cabin socks, $2.99
  • Serra Ladies cable sweater dress, $14.99
  • Serra Ladies cozy boots, $14.99

ALDI, it’s cold outside!

Lastly: It’s also a skincare gifting week over at ALDI, starting with a 5-pack of Huntington Home reusable makeup removing cloths for $4.99. (These work great, at a fraction of the price of name brand.) Other options include a Lacura 7-piece hand cream gift set at $5.29, a Visage gel mask or facial set at $4.99, a Lacura soap & lotion gift set for $5.69, and a couple of Burt’s Bees gift options at $4.99 or $9.99.

What ALDI Finds are you picking up?

mozzarella cherry tomato arugula pizza

Does anything strike your fancy from among these five (OK, WAY more than five…) Finds, or from the full weekly ad/sneaky peak? More options:

Beyond the above picks, a few other runner up ALDI Finds for me this week include Specially Selected Italian pizza, $4.99, St. Louis pork spare ribs, $1.99/lb, Royal Class men’s reversible dress belts, $8.99, and Bee Happy jumbo plush, $22.99. What are you going to be picking up?