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Five (more) favorite ALDI organic grass-fed ground beef recipes

Let’s talk about a few favorite ALDI organic grass-fed ground beef recipes! Easy family weeknight recipes that each use just one pound of ground beef.

aldi organic grass-fed ground beef favorite recipes

Fresh organic grass-fed ground beef is on sale in the current (7/19/23) ALDI ad for just $3.99 a pound! I thought I’d share just a few of my favorite ground beef recipes this week, since that’s a fantastic price for organic grass-fed ground beef — and a great opportunity to stock your freezer with higher quality meat.

I try to use ALDI’s organic grass-fed beef in my own cooking whenever I have the chance, because the quality and flavor is so much better than conventional. So, let’s talk about five favorite ground beef recipes to help get you going on meal ideas for the week.

Five (more) favorite ALDI organic grass-fed ground beef recipes

Let’s start things off with an easy weeknight stir fry option: Ramen Noodle Stir Fry with Ground Beef, Edamame, & Carrots makes for a nice change of pace, and you can always switch things out with different veggies to your own taste or to make use of what you have on hand. This is a differently delicious way to prepare your ramen noodles, if you’re not in the mood for soup.

weeknight cheesy taco pasta

Speaking of noodles, skillet full of comfort food, anyone? It’s not beautiful, but my Weeknight Cheesy Taco Pasta recipe is a kid-friendly variation on taco night that’s sure to please the whole family on a busy evening. Just 25 minutes start to finish, this flavorful meal is simple to throw together when you’re looking for an easy weeknight dinner recipe.

taco style tater tot casserole

Speaking of family-friendly variations on taco night, Taco-Style Tater Tot Casserole eschews cream of soup in this more vibrant and flavorful version. Try this when ALDI has “crispy potato circles” on sale, or swap in regular tater tots. Hearty taco-spiced ground beef & black beans and their crispy potato topping go well with cooling sour cream and cream cheese, while corn provides a welcome pop of sweetness and crunch.

cream cheese pasta bake with french fried onions

Let’s detour back to pasta for a moment, since it’s hard to go wrong with the classics. In this Cream Cheese Pasta Bake with French Fried Onions, you get a big old pan of creamy-delicious comfort food — made even better when finished off with the crispy-salty crunch of ALDI’s French fried onions! Definitely teenage boy approved, over here.

korean style ground beef and spinach bowls with rice

Last (but not least), we’ll revisit one of my favorite older recipes. Korean Style Ground Beef & Spinach Rice Bowls take just 30 minutes to throw together, but provide so much fresh flavor on any busy weeknight. What a tasty alternative to common ground beef dinner staples like tacos, spaghetti, or chili, right? You can also add in more veggies, or swap out the spinach for broccoli for a change of pace.

What are your favorite ground beef recipe ideas?

What do you like to make when ALDI puts their organic grass fed ground beef on sale?