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Easy DIY Nail Polish Flower Bouquet

Make your own DIY Nail Polish Flower Bouquet — a great “Easter Basket” for older girls and teens!

nail polish flower bouquet in a pretty pail

This week’s Frugal Homemade features an easy DIY Nail Polish Flower Bouquet. Here, I made two: One small nail polish bouquet for a gift, and a larger nail polish bouquet for a fundraiser gift basket raffle. I’ve seen similar ideas floating around Pinterest from time to time, so thought I’d give it a try.

They were pretty easy to make, and I think these bouquets turned out great for a spring birthday and a summer raffle! Nail polish flower bouquets are also a great “Easter basket” idea for tweens & teens.

DIY Nail Polish Flower Bouquet

What you will need:

bottles of nail polish
gift basket/pail/etc. (Dollar Tree has some cute containers you could use, but mine were from the Easter clearance section at Target.)
foam craft cube ($1.25 at Dollar Tree, $3.99+ at JoAnn)
wooden skewers
green paint or tape (to cover the wooden skewers)
a filler of some sort to cover the foam cube and the skewers (I used shredded paper gift bag filler for one and a scarf for the other — making this two gifts in one!)
green scrapbook paper
glue gun

items needed for nail polish flower bouquet

Let’s get started!

First, paint all but the bottom section of your skewers green, or roll them with green tape. (I used green washi tape from my holiday wrapping stash.) While the paint is drying, you can cut out leaves for your flower stems from the scrapbook paper.

Cut the foam craft cube to size (a bread knife works well) and put it in your basket. If you’re using a larger basket, you may need to stack two pieces of foam on top of each other. You can “stick” them together with leftover wooden skewers, cut to size.

bouquet stems ready to add nail polish bottles

Glue the leaves to your stems, and then stick the stems in the craft foam. Place your filler inside your basket to cover the foam and the sticks.

Finally, put a thin bead of hot glue on the back of each nail polish bottle and affix each bottle to a stem. Hold the nail polish in place until dry and well secured on the stem.

nail polish 2

That’s all there is to this super easy craft project. Nail polish bouquets are a great gift idea for girls of all ages, and a super cute way to repurpose some of the cheap nail polish you may have picked up on drugstore deals throughout the year.

Nail polish also often shows up as a subscribe & save filler item, so check this roundup post of cheap products for new possibilities each week.


Thursday 22nd of February 2018

Thank u so much for this idea. I have a 13yr old granddaughter that this is perfect for.


Friday 15th of May 2015

Wow Allison, you are so creative!! Great ideas for gifts, thanks!