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Checking in from BEA day 2

View from the New Yorker hotel

Just checking in briefly again before heading out to dinner, since I haven’t had much time to get online today. BEA is an amazing conference, you guys — and since this is a bargain blog, I’ll mention the freebies! I already shipped home a box of free books and ARCs (advance reader copies) and have a bunch more to lug on the plane.

The book signing, also fascinating. They have a bunch of tables set up with roped-off lines leading up to each author, and I must have signed 100+ copies. (And you KNOW I’ll be checking to see who’s selling those things on eBay — I’m onto you! 🙂 ) I was feeling pretty good about my little signing until I saw the line for the guys after me, who happened to be … the GHOST HUNTERS. Well.

Adriana Trigiani at BEA 2010

Today I also went to a librarian’s lunch with a librarian friend (shhh… I used to be a librarian…), which was amazing. Not the food per se (box sandwich lunch), but their panel featured six authors, including Adriana Trigiani, who was hysterical! Yes, that’s her, but you probably can’t tell from my far-away iPhone photo. They also had Jonathan Adler, who designed the Malibu Barbie dream house and has a couple books coming out this fall on “happy chic.” Plus: Susan Isaacs, Joshilyn Jackson, Caroline Leavitt, and Deborah Coonts — and, we all got copies of their new books and a handy bag to tote them in. (Yup, there I go with the freebies again!)

My big old sign

I only wish I could stay longer, because one day is not nearly enough to take advantage of this show — or of being in New York! Heading back tomorrow and should be back in the swing of the blog tomorrow night. 🙂


Thursday 27th of May 2010

The fact that you 1.wrote a book is AMAZING and 2.that you had the opportunity to do a book signing is incredible. I hope you loved every minute of it! :)

Caroline Leavitt

Thursday 27th of May 2010

I'm so glad you went to the lunch and I hope you like my novel!

x Caroline


Thursday 27th of May 2010

I hope, you wouldn't take it the wrong way, but that picture of you, reminds me of A. Modigliani painting "Madame G. Van Muyden"

Coupon Princess

Thursday 27th of May 2010

Glad you are enjoying yourself. Looking forward to all your posts tonight!