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Well, now I have to go buy newspapers


Wednesday 30th of June 2010

LOL matt. That's an average -- count if you like :)


Tuesday 29th of June 2010

Are you sure you can keep up with 10 to 15 blog entries a day?


Tuesday 29th of June 2010

Nice article rachel!


Tuesday 29th of June 2010

They must have different editions for different areas, b/c I get it delivered in Wheaton and no article :( I was going to offer to send it to you, but I can't, sorry! The Herald is kinda weird like that, though. Each town seems to get a different line up for some reason (seems like that would add a lot of cost and effort on their part, but what do I know?)


Tuesday 29th of June 2010

Yeah! Great job Rachel :)

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