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ALDI News This Week: New Logo and Romanian Cave Cheese?!

ALDI just rolled out its newly redesigned logo as of October 2017 (pictured above). What do you guys think? To me, it kind of looks like a cross between an airline logo and the Atari logo… I’m not sure I’m feeling it, but maybe that’s just me. Let’s take a quick vote in comments, just for fun. Choose:

  1. I like the new ALDI logo!
  2. I preferred the old ALDI logo.

Take a minute and let us know your opinion — I’m curious. 🙂

And before you go to ALDI this week, who needs one of these cute & handy
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Read on for more ALDI news this week, including a little ALDI Romanian Cave Cheese review. (It’s a special buy this week and I couldn’t resist!)

ALDI Finds

Since my normal ALDI is closed for remodeling until mid-November, I visited a different, already-remodeled store yesterday, and must say it’s quite lovely — bright, wide aisles, more logically organized. (It took me forever because I couldn’t find a darn thing and everything was rearranged, but I think it will make more shopping sense once I’m used to it.) Ooh, and they had mini-naan! Tiny naan pizzas, here I come…

And apparently the Villa Park ALDI I visited on Wednesday actually held its grand re-opening today, so I missed it: Oh well. 🙁

But what did I find? Check out this Transylvanian Romanian Cave Cheese, advertised as a special buy in this week’s ad. With this kind of packaging, how could I not impulse buy it? And apparently cave cheese is a thing… who knew? I’m constantly educated by ALDI, lol.

A super-mini Romanian Cave Cheese from ALDI review

So, we quickly broke into the Romanian Cave Cheese. The verdict? It’s good! It’s kind of like a cross between Asiago and Parmesan, although a little softer than Parmesan. It’s salty, and it’s strong, and a little bit goes a long way. I’d suggest pairing the Romanian Cave Cheese with honeycrisp apples, including it as part of a larger cheese tray to contrast with milder and softer cheeses, or using it in cooking.

Yum — Mr. 10 was also a huge fan, but he’ll eat whole chunks of Parmesan if you don’t watch him…

ALDI Sunday hours

In addition to a new logo, my local ALDI ads this week in the Chicago area also announced new Sunday hours: Stores will now be open until 8PM. Check your own local ads to see if your store is extending Sunday hours as well.

Any other ALDI news this week? 

Please share here for the perpetually curious!

What can you make with your ALDI buys?

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Melanie M

Saturday 7th of October 2017

Both logos are kind of boring but I will shop Aldi no matter what the logo looks like. :)


Friday 6th of October 2017

I like the old logo, but I'm sure I will get used to the new one. Seeing the Aldi logo while travelling is always a joy. Kind of like finding an old friend!


Thursday 5th of October 2017

I liked the old logo better!


Thursday 5th of October 2017

I went to the remodeled VP ALDI on Tuesday. It was a prettier store but like you, I will have to get used to where things are now placed in the store. They also reconfigured the parking (which I’m not a fan of....yet).

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