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15 Easy Soup Recipes for Fall

Forget pumpkin spice: Fall is clearly soup season over here! Here are fifteen easy soup recipes for fall, to help get this autumn food party started.

fifteen easy soup recipes for fall

Have I mentioned how much I love soup? I mean: Soup is unarguably the perfect food. Soup is easy to make — and, it’s easy to make a lot. Soup can use up almost any odds and ends of meat or veggies, with so many different potential combinations. Soup easily becomes a full meal just by adding bread, chips, and/or salad. And, not only is leftover soup delicious, it usually tastes even better than the day before.

Just can’t get enough soup? See also: 15 Filling Soup Recipes for National Soup Day, from a couple of years ago.

Fifteen Easy Soup Recipes for Fall

Vegetables or chicken, sausage or beans: You can scratch up a comforting bowl of homemade soup in so many different ways… but, they’re all good! Here are fifteen favorite soup recipes to try out this fall.

Vegetarian Soup Recipes

creamy black bean and pumpkin soup

Hearty, filling, and totally fall: Creamy black bean & pumpkin soup features sweeter pumpkin & red bell undertones underlying a slightly spicy base. Both sweet & savory, this satisfying pumpkin soup recipe hits the spot on a cool autumn day.

This next vegan soup recipe comes together quickly using mostly pantry basics, and is perfect for any Meatless Monday. Salsa vegetable soup with beans takes just 30 minutes, start to finish, but packs an awful lot of flavor into a simple little recipe.

Speaking of beans… easy black bean soup also comes together quickly using pantry staples, and is so simple, filling, and comforting. Jazz up this basic recipe with anything else you have on hand, from diced avocado, to chopped cilantro, to chopped jalapeños, to fresh-squeezed lime juice.

arrabbiata white bean & vegetable soup

Lastly, yes, basic vegetable soup is great, but sometimes you’re just craving a little more spice. Enter: Arrabbiata white bean & vegetable soup, made so very easy with some jarred arrabbiata sauce that takes everything up a notch.

Chicken soup recipes

rosemary chicken & white bean soup

Got chicken? Make soup! And if you can’t decide between white bean soup and classic chicken soup, why not mash up both — seasoning everything with garlic & rosemary. Rosemary chicken & white bean soup is the perfect filling comfort food.

chicken soup with random roasted vegetables

Or, try roasting up your veggies next time to give your soup extra depth of flavor. Chicken soup with random roasted vegetables uses up the random odds and ends of veggies from your fridge, and is jam-packed with filling flavor, veggies, and protein.

Leftover Chicken Soup Recipes

bowl of leftover chicken soup

Leftover chicken also works great in soup. So, let’s start with the basics: Whenever you have leftover chicken, it’s super easy to make it into classic leftover chicken soup. So much fresher, tastier, and better for you than canned, too.

turn chicken soup into taco soup

If you get bored with eating plain old chicken soup the next day, though, here’s an easy hack to turn your leftover chicken soup into a quick and dirty chicken “taco” soup! Just stir in a few extra ingredients to punch things up and spice up the flavor.

leftover chicken taco soup

OK, yes, I’ll readily admit that tacos are my comfort food. If you want a legit taco soup from the beginning, try this one instead. Leftover chicken taco soup is an easy way to create an entirely new meal out of leftover chicken, with just a bit of underlying heat. This one always hits the spot, and the sweet corn and bell pepper really pop against the smoky, slightly spicy broth.

leftover chicken soup with butternut squash and kale

It’s not all tacos and spice, though. Leftover chicken, so many veggies, and seasonal squash bring hearty fall flavor to this leftover chicken soup with butternut squash & kale. Slightly sweet soft squash plays off of the slightly bitter & chewy kale, to veggie-packed perfection.

tuscan style chicken and white bean soup

What else can you do with leftover chicken? Well, pop some into this fresh & filling Tuscan style chicken & white bean soup, why don’t you! Jazz up your bowl with a little shredded Parmesan + a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.

salsa verde chicken soup

Last but not least, one more easy and slightly spicy way to jazz up leftover chicken. Easy salsa verde chicken soup brings comfort food goodness to your life, using the shortcut magic of leftover shredded chicken + a jar of salsa. (I like to top mine with sour cream and/or shredded cheddar, and serve it with tortilla chips or strips.)

Sausage and Bacon Soup Recipes

Not in the mood for chicken? No worries. Jam-packed with veggies, lentils, BACON, and smoky goodness, rustic mushroom lentil soup epitomizes hearty home-cooked comfort food in a bowl. Enjoy all of the complex flavor and texture here; this filling soup is a meal in and of itself.

What do you do when you crave comfort food, but are pressed for time? Make soup, of course: 30 minute kielbasa tortellini soup rides to the rescue! Meaty, cheesy goodness meets mushrooms and spinach, packing in all of the flavor in a fraction of the time.

broccoli cheddar soup with sausage

Broccoli cheddar soup is classic for a reason, but adding smoked sausage makes it a little more filling and interesting. Broccoli cheddar soup with sausage makes for another easy & warming soup idea to add to your fall dinner rotation.

It’s Fall, Y’all: And soup is good food

fall soup recipe roundup

Are you convinced, yet? Soup. Is. Just. The. Best! And, I hope you find a new favorite or two here.

More soup? See also: 15 Filling Soup Recipes for National Soup Day, from a couple of years ago.

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Monday 14th of November 2022

My name is Jeri. I'm glad I found your website! I also subscribed. Can't wait to try some of your recipes!

I am a frequent Aldi shopper and love the way you put pictures of the finished product and the ingredients you use. I just wish Aldi had more low salt options.

Anyway, thanks!!!