Got frustrated and just went to Costco shopping

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This morning I stopped by Jewel looking for more portobellos on the last day of the sale — they had about five really yucky ones left, so I passed. I did, however, see a bunch of $1.00 clearance gefilte fish at the Lombard store (and dates are wayyyyy out there, so no worries) — and also found a $1.50 OYNO Catalina someone left sticking out of the machine at self checkout, so the trip wasn’t a total loss. Bought two gefilte fish for MashupDad ($2.00), 2 ears corn ($.25), 100 sq ft Glad wrap ($1.99 & used $1.00/1 from the 5/3 SS1 and got $1.00 back on Ibotta). Used the $1.50 Catalina I found to pay $1.94 with $1.00 back for a net cost of $.94.

Then I decided to head down the road to the Villa Park ALDI for the last day of cheap blueberries. Turns out they didn’t get any in, because that’s how my day is going, lol. They did have a bunch of 40 oz peanut butter on clearance for $1.99, but I passed because I’m working on this healthier eating thing and it was full of sugar and hydrogenated oils and such. There, I bought organic popcorn ($1.79), clearance 16 oz cotija ($1.99), avocado ($.79), clearance olives ($1.25) = $5.92.


So then I said the heck with it and drove a little further down the road to Costco, where I found 2 lbs of blueberries for $6.49. OK, then! Costco:

Milk, $2.45. Got $.20 back on Ibotta.
2 lbs Oscar Mayer Selects lunch meat, $7.99.
Almond butter, $10.79.
2 lbs blueberries, $6.49.
Organic half & half, $5.99.
Skinny Pop, $6.59.

Spent $41.01 with $.20 back for a net cost of $40.81. Net cost for the day: $47.67 — and a horribly inefficient way to shop, but it’s always fun to browse around Costco.

Taste Test To Come

Later on I’ll do a taste test of Skinny Pop vs. SimplyNature. They both contain just popcorn, oil, and salt, while 18 oz Skinny Pop runs $6.59 at Costco, or 36.6 cents per oz. The 6 oz bag of SimplyNature cost $1.79 at ALDI, or 29.8 cents per oz. Both are non-GMO and gluten free, but the ALDI brand is also organic.

Mariano’s and a hair cut, two bits!

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OK, yeah, a lot more than two bits… but I got a badly needed hair cut this morning (what do you think?). That put me much of the way toward Mariano’s, so I decided to also go check out their Memorial Day sale.


This wants to be crooked… but if you printed the $2.00/1 Sabra hummus coupon I told you about yesterday, it’s on sale at Mariano’s 2/$5.00 through 6/3 — so just $.50 after coupon! I also saw that they’ve dropped the price on Udi’s bread to $4.00 with no end date, so if you picked up $1.00 coupons at the Gluten Free Expo you might be able to score some gluten free bread for $2.00 on Double Daze next Wednesday.


And, here’s what I picked up:

So Delicious yogurt cup, $1.99. Used a $1.00/1 printable coupon (no longer available) and got $1.00 back on Ibotta already.
2 Sabra hummus, $5.00. Used two $2.00/1 printables.
2 bottles of Tide, $8.00. Used two $2.00/1 from the 5/3 PG.
Bob’s Red Mill gluten free pancake mix, $3.67. Used the $1.00/1 printable coupon here.
Jennie-O frozen turkey breast, $7.11.
4 Driscoll’s strawberries, $5.00. Used four $1.00/1 survey coupons (that were a gift, since I’m not up to the $1.00 reward level yet!).

Paid $17.81 with $1.00 back for a net cost of $16.81.

Went to Fresh Thyme today, too

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Stopped by Fresh Thyme today too to take advantage of that whole double ad Wednesday thing because Mr. 8 and MashupDad both quite enjoyed last week’s $1.99/lb cheddar — and today was the last chance!

3 blocks mild cheddar, $1.86, $1.96, $1.90.
2 Kettle chips, $3.00. Used $1.00/2 printable here.
Driscoll’s raspberries, $.77. Used $.50/1 survey coupon.
Asparagus, $1.85.
3 avocados, $2.31. Used $1.50/3 hangtag from… not sure, honestly.
Italian parsley, $.44.
Red grapes, $1.91.

Paid $13.28.

$.39 avocados shopping

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Stopped by the Villa Park ALDI on Roosevelt earlier today to take advantage of the last day of the $.69 avocado sale — and they’d marked them down to $.39 each! I bought 12, lol — they’re perfectly ripe to use right now, so I’m going to make a giant batch of guacamole tonight and freeze some. (Just leave the tomatoes out for freezing because they’ll get watery and freeze in quart bags — you can always add some fresh diced tomato in once you thaw it.)


For $16.19, I bought 12 avocados, 2 lbs Vidalia onions ($.79), knockoff Atkins bars ($3.99), the cutest little set of bowls ($2.99 on clearance), raspberries ($1.29), and pork chops (supposed to be half off $5.75 but she rang them in as $2.00). I normally don’t buy ALDI pork chops since they’re solution added and cook up watery, but I punted because I didn’t know what to make for dinner and am now making skillet salsa verde pork chops. (Oh, and I’ll get back $.25 on Checkout 51 for avocados. It’s something!)


Seriously, aren’t these bowls adorable? They’re plastic and I think perfect for kids’ snacks, fresh berries, etc. There was a lot of other clearance in the store today, but this is all that spoke to me. What have you picked up at your ALDI lately?

Jewel, Ultra, and Random Clearance deals

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So I went to the Lombard Jewel and Ultra Foods today — Jewel for the $1.99 blueberries, and Ultra because I had a couple of FREE expired coupons I needed to use … before they got too expired even for Ultra! Found all sorts of unexpected clearance and such, so here’s what’s what in case you’re also in the area.

Ultra Foods

Random clearance included:

  • Expiring Kraft 30 oz mayo, $.99. Use $.50/1 in the 5/10 SS for $.49 mayo.
  • Expiring unsalted Challenge butter quarters (just freeze them!), $.99. For $.24 butter, print $.75/1 here after you play the spin to win game.
  • Apple Cinnamon GoGo Squeez 4 packs, $1.15. Use $1.00/2 in the 4/19 SS to get them for $.65 each.
  • Ronzoni gluten free pasta — all about to expire, and with prices ranging from $.40-$.69 for the same exact boxes. Print $1.00/1 here.


Here’s what I got:

Silk milk, FREE with expired coupon from some mailed promo.
Tostitos salsa, FREE with expired coupon from some mailed promo.
Dutch Farms sour cream, $1.25.
7 boxes Ronzoni gluten free pasta, $2.80.
4 boxes GoGo Squeez, $4.60. Used two $1.00/2 from the 4/19 SS.
2 Challenge butter, $1.98. Used two $.75/1 printables (above).
Kraft mayo, $.99. Used $.50/1 from the 5/10 SS.

Paid $7.89.



At the Lombard Jewel:

  • Melt organic spread was clearanced at $1.98. Use the $2.00/1 printable coupon here to get it free. (Note: We’ve tried this before and it was not a hit with dairy free Junior High Guy — but perhaps your family enjoys it?)
  • Goya salsa was not on sale — I was just looking at the price because there’s $.75/1 Goya salsa under ZIP 07738.
  • Look on the front of Ortega taco shells on a special cardboard display for free Six Flags kid’s ticket or discount adult ticket peelies. I didn’t peel, so anyone know the details on these?


HEADS UP: I did the free Kraft salad dressing wyb two Fresh Express salad blends MyMixx deal. Unsurprisingly, the MyMixx discount didn’t come off, but they put it in manually for me. Keep an eye on your receipt if you try this one.

Kraft dressing, $2.59. FREE with MyMixx deal (manually fixed).
2 Fresh Express tender leaf salad blends, $4.00. Used two $1.00/1 from the April Big Book of Savings.
2 pints blueberries, $3.98.
French’s mustard, $1.50. Used $.50/1 from the 5/10 SS.

Paid $7.19. So $15.08 all together today. And the 40% more, by the way? Means “40% more than our 14 oz size,” not that you’re actually getting any extra mustard. Thanks for the math, French’s! lol

Net free CVS shopping

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Just a quick note since I’m about to go eat a Sunday breakfast cooked by MashupDad (yay!). Stopped by CVS this morning and:

  • Heads up — the $7.00 Physicians Formula ECB did not print on the $6.99 concealer, and they had to generate it manually.

I had a $10/$40 coupon in email this week, so used that with all the deals I told you about in this week’s CVS matchups (including the cheap milk, free Playtex, money making Glade, free Physicians Formula and more) to get all of the above for a net cost of free after coupons, ECB, and cash back sites. What did you get at CVS today?

May be done for the week shopping

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I just added up all the grocery/HBA shopping I did this week and I’m at a net cost of $78.55, including these above trips to Caputo’s/Fresh Thyme/ALDI yesterday. I try to keep it around $75 (although hmm, do the plants here count? if not, I’m at $75.21, perfect!) and was well over last week after the Costco fun. I’m thinking I might actually relax this a little bit now that I’m doing less coupon shopping and more whole foods (the foods, not the store) shopping, but we’ll see. What’s your weekly target these days?


And yes, that’s a lot of stores — yesterday was coffee and shopping with a friend day, and Caputo’s & Goodwill are in the strip mall with Panera, kitty corner from Fresh Thyme. We also went to Goodwill, but I didn’t buy anything! Including these somewhat disturbing plates….


Raspberries, $1.29.
8 avocados, $5.52.

That’s $6.93.


Kumato tomatoes, $.65.
5 limes, $.50.
Campari tomatoes, $.22.

That’s $1.39.

Fresh Thyme

Bulk nutritional yeast, $.60. 2 packs sliced mild cheddar, $2.13 total.
2 Earth Balance baking sticks, $5.98. Used two $1.00/1 from the Gluten Free Expo.
Earth Balance shortening sticks, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 from the Gluten Free Expo.
Cayenne pepper plant, $1.67.
Chives plant, $1.67.
2 Earth Balance organic frozen veggies, $3.00. Used $1.00/2 printable from their e-club.
Van’s waffles, $1.99.
Enjoy Life cookies, $2.50. Used $1.00/1 from the Gluten Free Expo.
Chicken brats, $2.66.
2 packs blackberries, $1.76.
2 bunches parsley, $1.00.
3 red bell peppers, $1.00.
Red grapes, $1.05.
Vidalia onion, $.39.
Tuna steak, $5.49.

Paid $31.73.

Coupon free shopping under $20

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Realized I hadn’t been to ALDI in a week, so popped over to see what’s new. The answer? $1.99 pints of blueberries. Then, Pete’s Market is right across the street… :)


Strawberries, $1.49.
2 pints blueberries, $3.98.
2 packs tortillas, $.66.
3 avocados, $2.37.

Paid $8.65.


Romaine lettuce, $.50.
4 limes, $.50.
Apples, $1.36.
Green onions, $.33.
Portobello mushrooms, $2.84.
Poblano peppers, $.86.
8 oz mushrooms, $.98.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.

Paid $10.85. So, $19.50 all together — and I’m doing a lot more shopping without coupons lately, how about you?

Costco cheese garlic and cinnamon shopping — Plus some prices

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I’ve been shopping like a crazy person this week and am over budget… but somehow we were out of shredded cheese, which we use all the time. I’m tired of waiting for a great stock up sale, so just went to Costco and bought us 5 lbs for $11.99. (This works out to $1.20 per 8 oz package equivalent — Sorry, Kraft, you had your chance…) Junior High Guy brings sandwiches for lunch almost every day, so he gets the turkey and the Udi’s bread. The garlic… that’s for me. 😉

Udi’s bread, $7.59.
5 lb shredded cheddar-Jack, $11.99.
2 big bags Skinny Pop, $6.59.
3 lbs peeled California garlic gloves, $6.39.
Big thing of Saigon cinnamon, $2.59.
Almond butter, $10.79.
2 lbs Oscar Mayer Selects turkey, $7.99.

And somehow, that’s $54.87 worth of food. Welcome to Costco, lol.


Say hi to Chris from and then check out these cereal prices — Kashi Organic Promise 28.8 oz Sprouted Grains or 44 oz Berry Fruitful were just $2.97, while 40.7 oz of Cheerios will run you $4.35 after instant rebate this month.


Some great prices on allergy medicine with instant rebates this month. 365 ct Loratadine (Claritin) for $8.99, 365 ct Aller-Tec (Zyrtec), $11.99, and two 8 oz children’s Aller-Tec, $6.99.


Two dozen organic eggs for $5.99! And a few more random prices:

  • 6 pouches Tasty Bite Madras Lentils, $9.99. (They were sampling these, yum.)
  • 44 oz organic raw honey (from Brazil), $11.59.
  • 12 boxes Annie’s organic mac & cheese, $9.59 (after instant rebate this month).
  • 24 pack Edy’s Outshine bars, $6.99.
  • 3.5 lbs Oscar Mayer turkey bacon, $6.99 (after instant rebate this month).
  • Vitamix, $359.99 (I think the demo lady said this weekend only).

Remember your cheap apples at ALDI

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ALDI in the Chicago area still has 3 lbs Red Delicious apples for $.99 through tomorrow 5/5 — I bought some last week and they were so good I picked up another bag today! Also get $.25 back on Checkout 51 if you haven’t claimed your produce rebate yet this week, dropping your net cost to just $.74.

Here’s what I picked up today:

Cauliflower, $2.29. Might make more of these low carb cauliflower waffle rolls!
6 avocados, $3.54.
El Milagro corn tortillas, $.33.
3 lb Red Delicious apples, $.99. Will get $.25 back on Checkout 51.
16 oz quesadilla cheese, $3.99.
8 ct Hot Shot ant bait, $2.99.
3 poblano peppers, $1.29.

Paid $15.87 with $.25 back for a net cost of $15.62.