Gluten free Ultra Foods shopping

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I stopped by Ultra Foods for Udi’s today, since we are down to our last loaf of gluten free bread here… Come oooonnnn, huge GF bread stockup sale! ;)

2 Udi’s gluten free bread, $7.98. Used two $1.00/1 printable coupons.
2 Ronzoni gluten free pasta, $2.00. Used two $1.00/1 printables.
Grapes, $1.16.
Clearance Pirate’s Booty, $.50.

Paid $7.84. I’m so sad the self checkouts are gone from the Lombard store in their huge remodel, it takes forever to check out now!

Jewel pork roast shopping

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I know, I wasn’t going to shop til spring… but thought a big Crock Pot pork roast sounded good for tomorrow, and you can’t start a roast in the morning if you don’t have it in hand, lol. So Mr. 8 and I went straight from the school bus stop to Jewel today. Oh, and the regular chunk light StarKist pouches were included in the $.69 sale, not just Creations!

2 StarKist tuna pouches, $1.38. Used $1.00/2 printable.
Carlita salsa, $1.00. Used $.50/1 from the February Big Book of Savings.
3 Essential Everyday kidney beans, $2.67. Used long-ago $1.00/3 printable (no longer available).
Dannon yogurt, $.50.
Milk, $1.99.
Pure Squeezed Minute Maid, $2.50. Got back $.75 from Ibotta.
3 bags de Wafelbakker’s pancakes, $7.50. Used three $1.00/1 here (ZIP 30303).
Pork roast, $8.37.
4 Perdue Short Cuts, $12.00. Used four $1.50/1 from the 1/25 RP1.
2 Fresh Express salads, $3.00. Used two $1.00/1 from the January Big Book of Savings.

Used a $5.00/$40.00 store coupon that came in the mail and paid $23.04 with $.75 back for a net cost of $22.29. I was also going to buy Cuties clementines, but they were incredibly awful — I mean, moldy, splitting open, squished. :( Oh, and look: 5 Monopoly tickets. Mr. 8 is convinced we are going to win $1,000,000…

Mr. 8 and Me, our Presidents’ Day in Pictures

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It’s good to be 8… on a holiday… with Mom… This morning Mr. 8 and I dropped Junior High Guy off at a friend’s house, then visited the library. A big bag full of books and some major magnetic construction later, he proceeded to eat his way through the Caputo’s samples (orange slices! Egg & ham breakfast biscuit! Antipasto salad!) and then through a pizza lunch buffet.


Now he’s recovering from lunch with all his best stuff during the LEGO Ninjago portion of our day — the library had some new and VERY EXCITING DVD out, apparently.


Yeah, I just got about $10 worth of mostly produce. Highlights: Avocados from Mexico, $.69 each (print $1.00/3 here). Bunch spinach, $.59. Cauliflower, $.69/lb. 12 oz mini sweet peppers, $.99. Treasure Cave cheese crumbles, $1.99 (print $.50/1 here). Pint cherry tomatoes, $.99.

Jewel AND CVS shopping on a Sunday morning

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Stopped by CVS and Jewel this morning — couldn’t find the little Brookside things anywhere at CVS, but we were out of milk and I had ECB that needed rolling, so:

Dean’s milk, $2.99. Got back $.25 from Ibotta.
Colgate Total Advanced, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 from the 2/1 Colgate insert.
2 L’Oreal Advanced, $9.00. Used the $4.00/2 printable coupon.
Metamucil, $16.29. Used $2.00/1 from the 1/25 PG and $4.00/1 CVS coupon from the magic machine.

Used $5/$15 that came in email and $14.00 ECB. Paid $2.38 and got back $7.00 in ECB ($1.00 milk, $2.00 Colgate, $4.00 L’Oreal) and $.25 from Ibotta for a net cost of $9.13.

Then over at Jewel


Has anyone found the Lee Kum Kee sauces that are advertised BOGO? My store didn’t appear to carry any.

2 President Rondele, BOGO at $6.49. Used a FREE President coupon from a long ago online promo to get both for free.
Jewel water, $1.99. Used $.50/1 from the Feb. big book of savings.
Bananas, $.56. Will get back $.11 from SavingStar (ooh la la!) but already used the Checkout 51 offer on grapes earlier in the week.
2 Silk soy milk, $6.00. Used two $1.00/1 printables.
3 Essential Everyday kidney beans, $2.67. Used an old $1.00/3 printable (no longer available).

Paid $8.02 with $.11 back, for a net cost of $7.91. So for both trips: $17.04 net cost for the day.

Ultra Foods Lombard finds

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I stopped by Ultra Foods Lombard today to rent a free Redbox with a code they’d texted — well, the Redbox was wiped out with nothing we wanted, but ran back to look at the dairy section and the clearance was again fully stocked as of about 1:30 PM. No pix because they were mopping up a spill and the aisle was crazy, but they had Organic Valley lactose free milk half gallons for $1.99, Dole OJ $1.50, Chobani yogurt cups $.69, low fat 16 oz organic sour cream $1.25, and more.

  • Also look for these $3.00/2 Farmland pork products tearpads hanging in the meat section.

And I bought this Dean’s sour cream on clearance for $.39, but just noticed it rang up as Yoplait yogurt. Oops! No wonder it was so cheap. Spent $1.92 on this OJ + not-yogurt today.

Bonus -

First person to comment here that they want it gets my unused today only free Redbox code via email, because I am NOT going back out today.

$36 of freezing cold shopping

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It’s rather rare that ALDI is the most expensive leg of the trip, but blame MashupDad and his knockoff Atkins bars. ;) This morning I took a little drive down Roosevelt Road and stopped at ALDI, Ultra, and Pete’s Market. Highlights:

  • Green grapes $.99/lb. at Pete’s and $.25 back on Checkout 51.
  • FREE Bayer aspirin at Ultra with the exp. $2.00/1 in the 1/4 SS2.
  • CHEAP Red Gold tomatoes at Ultra — $.49 after instant savings, minus the $.55/3 printable.
  • CHEAP apple juice at Ultra — $1.25 minus the $.50/1 printable.
  • Clearance organic tortilla chips at ALDI for $.99.
  • 3 lb clementines at ALDI for $2.29.

Not too bad, but I’m now definitely thinking a big hot pot of chili is in order for this evening… brr.

Went to Target, how about you?

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Stopped by Target today and did the Bear Naked Granola deal (these were $3.49 at my store), the Mott’s applesauce deal, and… the SpongeBob Valentines non-deal. Plus a baby shower gift, shhh.


At the Lombard store Nutella was tagged $2.84 through 2/14, making it $.84 after the $2.00/1 coupon in the 2/1 SS. Immaculate Baking dry mixes were tagged $2.65 through 2/21. Dozen Market Pantry eggs were $1.70, and there’s 5% off on Cartwheel to make them $1.62.

Ultra Foods has my new favorite dairy clearance section

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The Lombard Ultra Foods remodeled recently — did yours? I think the prices have gone up in general, but it’s really pretty in there now, complete with sushi bar. Anyway, they also expanded their organic foods section, which is great for clearance deals. Today I saw:

  • Dozen Organic Valley free range large brown eggs, $1.99.
  • Amish organic 1% milk half gallons, $1.99.
  • Quarts Organic Valley 2%, $1.49.
  • Quarts Organic Valley chocolate milk, $1.59.
  • Organic Valley sliced Provolone, $1.50.
  • Chobani Greek dulce de leche 4 packs, $1.50.

They also had some GoGurt and Simply OJ on clearance, some Bailey’s creamer, and some shredded Borden cheese (but that looked terrible).


So here’s what I got at Ultra and Jewel. The organic eggs are for a friend, since our chickens are keeping us steadily in eggs over here now — I just stopped into Ultra for the Crest and ended up with all this other clearance stuff. (Yes. I paid for toothpaste. But I like regular Crest!)

Ultra Foods

Clearance organic eggs, $1.99.
Clearance Organic cheese, $1.50.
Clearance organic chocolate milk, $1.59.
3 Crest, $3.00. Used exp. $2.25/3 in the 12/28 PG.
Clearance Simply OJ, $1.07.
Clearance Pirate’s Booty, $.50.
Clearance Snyder’s gluten free buffalo style pretzel sticks, $2.50.

Hmm, where’s my receipt. Something like $10.50, but $2.00 of that was someone else’s eggs.


Clearance Perdue roaster, $5.17.
6 Hunt’s fire roasted tomatoes, $4.80 after instant. Used two $.50/3 in the 1/18 SS.
4 Brown n Serve, $3.20 after instant.
Salad, $2.00. Used $1.00/1 from the January Big Book of Savings.
Arm & Hammer Baking Soda, $.99. Will get $.99 back from SavingStar.

Paid $14.44 with $.99 back for a net cost of $13.43. Got 13 Monopoly tickets because about everything was a bonus item, apparently. I won… 8 more tickets. Gah! lol

$20 in non-coupon shopping

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A couple of days ago I went to Target and shared my (net $21.50) couponing trip with you, and today I went to ALDI and Pete’s Market and spent $19.68 with no coupons. I’ve been thinking lately about how my shopping patterns have changed over the past few years, and now do about half-and-half couponing trips vs. just shopping the sales at ALDI & produce stores. I’m curious: If you’ve been doing this a while, have your shopping patterns changed too — and, why?

I’m definitely buying more produce than I used to, and have changed where I buy it now that I have more nearby options (and the days of consistent and easy MM Catalina and overage deals are long gone). But, I still buy all of my HBA products with coupons (here’s my $.90 CVS trip from this week, lol).

And here’s what $19.68 bought at ALDI and Pete’s today:


Mini sweet peppers, $.99.
Gluten free cornbread mix, $2.99.
Baby carrots, $.25.
Grapfruit, $.39.
Blueberries, $1.79.
Blackberries, $.99.
Organic rice cakes, $1.59.
Parmesan shreds, $1.99.
Corn tortillas, $.33.
Flour tortillas, $.85.

That’s $12.37.


2 organic Lacinato kale, $1.50.
Grapes, $2.44.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and paid $7.31. (Just went to Pete’s to check on the whole Jif PB thing since it’s right across the street from ALDI — but now I’m going to make me another batch of Lacinato Kale + Avocado Nest Eggs!)

Oh wait — I just saw $.25 back on blueberries on Checkout 51, so I guess it’s $.25 better and not totally without coupons… ;)

Net $21.50 at Target — FREE Zantac, $.02 Tabasco, more

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Stopped by the Hillside Target this morning, where they apparently gave up plowing the lot at some point — so I got my workout trying to push the cart through the slush back to my car. (In retrospect, I should have just carried the bags and abandoned the cart, but!) Here’s what I picked up today:

2 boxes Finish, $5.98. Used two $2.15/1 from the 1/4 SS1.
2 bags gluten free Perdue Simply Smart, $11.98. Used two $1.50/1 printables.
Farmland bacon, $4.99. Used $.75/1 from the 1/25 SS.
Gold n’ Plump whole chicken, $5.79. Used $1.50/1 from their email list. Used $5.00/$20.00 meat coupon from Sunday’s Target ad (or text MEAT to 827438) on this and the above.
2 Tribe hummus, $4.00. Used two $1.00/1 printables from Facebook to get them for $1.00 each.
2 Rudi’s gluten free bread, $9.98. Used 25% off Cartwheel offer and two $1.25/1 printables to get them for $2.49 each.
Silk cashew milk, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 printable.
2 Tabasco, $2.04. Used two $1.00/1 from the 1/4 RP1.
2 90-ct Ziploc sandwich bags, $2.50. Used $2.00/2 printable and $.75/2 Target mobile coupon (SNACKS to 827438). Got back $1.00 from Ibotta.
2 Ziploc containers, $2.88. Used $2.00/2 printable. Got back $1.00 from Ibotta plus a bonus $1.00 for redeeming both Ziploc rebates on Ibotta.
2 Zantac, $15.18. Used the store, manufacturer, and Cartwheel stack to drop those to free.
2 Glade spring sprays, $5.98. Used two $2.00/1 printables and the $1.50/2 Target printable to pay $.48 for both, and will get $1.00 back from Checkout 51 for a little money maker.

Got $.10 off for bringing two bags. Paid $25.50 with REDcard and will get $3.00 back from Ibotta and $1.00 back from Checkout 51 for a net cost of $21.50.


So the Ziploc deal is kind of nice — if you have the $2.00/2 printables, use here (they have been bopping in and out of stock). Even if you don’t, 90 ct Ziploc sandwich bags are on price cut 2/$2.50 through 2/28, and select Ziploc containers are 2/$2.88. So:

  • Buy two 90 ct bags (didn’t these used to be 100 ct??) for $2.50.
  • Buy two select containers for $2.88.
  • Now you’re at $5.38.
  • Use $1.00/2 containers in the 1/11 SS1 or printable here = $4.38.
  • Use $1.00/2 bags in the 1/11 SS1 or printable here = $3.38.
  • Use $.75/2 Ziploc Target mobile coupon (SNACKS to 827438) = $2.63.
  • Get back $1.00 on Ibotta for bags, another $1.00 on Ibotta for containers, and a $1.00 bonus for redeeming BOTH bags & containers on Ibotta for a net cost of better than free for all four products.

(Thanks to Couponing for 4 for the Ziploc deal)