Went to CVS after all — TP and water is the stuff of life


I started thinking about it, and realized that the Scott TP deal at CVS is actually pretty good. Here’s what I got tonight:

Four 18 double roll packs of Scott Extra Soft TP, $27.96. Used three $1.00/1 Scott from the 9/14 SS and one $.55/1 printable here.
Nestle Pure Life water, $2.44.

Paid with $24.50 in ECB and $4.70. Got back a $10 CVS gift card, for a net cost of $19.20. That works out to 13.3 cents per single roll equivalent of TP, plus a free case of water.

Net $6.92 Dollar General clearance shopping


Stopped by Dollar General today to check out their 50% off clearance sale. It was really picked over already and in no sort of order — everything just thrown into large cardboard boxes and then a couple of random clearance sections in the regular aisles. But I ended up with: 3 seed packets ($.01-$.02 each), scissors, glue sticks, pencils, dried cranberries, two packs beef jerky, two packs o-cel-o, Pantene gel, Emergen-C, 2 Maybelline nail polish, Elmer’s glue bond stuff, and Cascade. Paid a total of $11.92, and should get back $5 for Cascade from the rebate offer here.


Seriously, this is how it looked. I poked through for a while before losing patience, but who knows what else could be in there, lol. Some highlights — noting that this is a clearance sale so your store might not have or might have different items, but some coupons you might want to clip and bring just in case:


2 packs Old Spice soap, $.75. Use $1.00/2 any products in the 8/31 PG. Old Spice Body wash, $1.75 — print $1.00/1 here. Jack Link’s jerky, $1.47. Gerber baby food, $.55. Snuggle sheets, $.75 — $1.00/2 8/3 RP1 exp tomorrow. Print $1.00/4 Gerber 2nd foods. $1.00/2 in the 9/7 RP2. Pantene stylers, $2.25. Use about to expire $2.00/1 in the 8/31 PG.


Garnier conditioner, $1.30 — Use $2.00/1 in the 9/7 RP2. Glad fall sprays, $1.38. Use $.55/1 Glade premium room spray or $1.00/2 Glade fall collection products. Kotex liners, $1.25. Suave Professionals, $1.00.


Maybelline Color Show nail, $.75-$1.35. Use $1.00/1 in the 9/7 RP2. CoverGirl lip gloss, $2.00. Clear, $2.00. Use $1.50/1 in the 8/24 RP1. Aussie, $1.35. Use $1.00/2 8/17 SS or print $.75/1 here. Resolve carpet, $1.63. Mentos gum, $.18.

$20 on groceries… $42 on gas. Hmm.


So I spent less than $20 between Ultra Foods and Jewel today… then filled up the gas tank on the way home, and, $42 later… what’s wrong with this picture? lol ANYway, I’ll just tell you about what I bought at Jewel, because I absentmindedly put away the Ultra Foods stuff.

The Lombard Ultra Foods, though, is remodeling — the produce section is bigger, they’re moving stuff around, and they had a bunch of clearance carts. Things like: Horizon organic strawberry milk singles, $.40 each (exp. 9/13). Nutella to go, $.60. A lot of Jason and Alba body wash type stuff for $5-$6. PB chocolate granola thins for… something like $1.15. 3 packs yeast, $1.15. Generic not-Nyquil: $1.25 a 20 pack, $1.00 a 10 pack (um…). School supplies, but the prices were pretty bad other than Prang watercolors for $1.88 if you still need the fancy ones. Organic Lundberg jasmine rice, $2.65. Plus some tilapia, perch, other fish on sell by today clearance. Oh, and the “Driscoll’s” raspberries in the ad? Yeah, they’re actually Well-Pict, so can’t use the coupons.

Went to Jewel for produce, believe it or not!

Bananas, $.27. Will get $.25 back from Checkout 51.
Paula apples, $.91.
3 bags Fresh Express salad, $4.50. Used buy two get one free coupon from the Big Book of Savings.
Clearance gluten free ice cream cones, $1.00.
8 Yoplait yogurt cups, $4.00. Used $1.00/8 here. Will get back $.25 from Checkout 51.

Paid $8.37 with $.50 back for a net cost of $7.87.

Dollar Tree shopping and finds


I stopped by the Villa Park Dollar Tree across the street from ALDI today, looking for the PediaCare that deranged.me found at hers. Alas, none — but if you do spot it at yours, there is a $1.00/1 in the 9/7 SS2 to make it free. I did buy a thesaurus — it’s a good one for Junior High Guy, who needs it for English (I’m sorry, LANGUAGE ARTS) homework when he doesn’t finish at the Library (I’m sorry, MEDIA CENTER — wow am I old). Plus a couple packs of light bulbs and two 4-packs of Playtex Gentle Glide (free with the $1.00/1 in the 8/24 SS, which has no size restrictions).

  • What deals have you found at your Dollar Tree lately? Please comment here, because everyone’s store has something different.

As always, Dollar Tree inventory varies by location, so no guarantees you will find these products in your store. This is just an idea of what you may find and stuff to look for.


So, here are a few deals I spotted:


But wait, there’s more:


And more…


And more…

  • Greek Honey Bunches of Oats. Use $1.00/2 in the 8/10 SS or print $1.00/2 here.
  • Ortega black beans. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • Physicians Formula eyeliner. There are no current coupons, but this seems like a good price for PF.
  • Hormel pepperoni. If you printed the $.55/1 coupon that was available last week, use here.



Target food chopper and shorts shopping spree


I never spend this much at Target! But I dropped my food chopper (that I use ALL the time) and broke it — cracked the bowl right across the bottom. So I was looking at food choppers at Target and got sucked into this Ninja, on sale for $19.99. It has double blades, y’all! And is $24.99 on Amazon, so I think I did OK, lol.

  • The deal on the shorts worked nicely; I bought four pairs of C9 by Champion shorts for Junior High Guy for next summer, if he becomes Junior Larger Guy at the same rate he’s been growing. Get the ones that are $7.99 each, and use the $5/$30 children’s apparel coupon and the 50% off C9 children’s shorts Cartwheel offer. Threshold ($/$$) coupons don’t generally affect Cartwheel, so that gets you four pairs of shorts for $10.98, or $2.75 each.
  • The deal on the Garnier did not work so nicely; I bought a styler with a buy three get one free tag under it, and it did not come off as free. I got my $ back at customer service, but watch your receipts — and it may be only the weird one pictured on the tag.

What I bought today

Four pairs of C9 by Champion shorts, $31.96. Used the $5/$30 children’s apparel coupon and the 50% off C9 children’s shorts Cartwheel offer. I think she may have put the $5/$30 in twice — I see two $5 Target coupons on my receipt and only used one.
Ninja food chopper, $19.99.
3 Barilla gluten free pasta, $5.37. Used $1.00/3 boxes of Barilla pasta.
Smuckers Fruit-Fulls, $3.99. Used 40% off on Cartwheel and the $1.00/1 printable here. Got $1.00 back from Ibotta + another $.50 back from Ibotta for the Sept. teamwork bonus.
Colgate toothbrush, $.94. Used $1.00/1 mobile coupon (THANKS to 827438) which adjusted down to make it free.
3 Garnier shampoo, $8.97. Used three $2.00/1 from the 9/7 RP and the $1.00/1 mobile coupon (SAVINGS1 to 827438).
Garnier styler, free with purchase of shampoo (see above). Used $2.00/1 from the 9/7 RP.
Clearance 500 ct up & up ibuprofen, $5.13.
5 Nature Valley granola bars, $12.50. Used three $.50/1 from the 8/3 SS and two $.50/1 printables.

Got $.10 off for bringing my own bags. Paid $3.55 on a gift card and $45.38 on REDcard (after my Garnier refund; see above). Got back a $5.00 gift card for Nature Valley and $1.50 from Ibotta for Fruit-Fulls + teamwork bonus for a net cost of $39.88.

A couple of deals

photo 3

This one I saw on Hip 2 Save yesterday. Look for tags to get a $5 gift card when you buy five boxes select Nature Valley granola bars, Fiber One bars, Larabar. The Nature Valley crunchy are $2.50 each, so: Buy five for $12.50. Use five $.50/1 coupons in the 8/3 SS or printable here. (Remember the limit of four “like” coupons at Target, so make sure at least one is different.) Pay $10 with a $5 gift card back for a net cost of $5 for five, or a buck a box.


StarKist tuna pouches are on temporary price cut for $.99. Use the regional $1.00/2 in the 7/27 SS1 (not in Chicago Tribune) or the $1.00/2 printable here to get them for $.49 each.


Barilla gluten free pasta is on price cut for $1.79. Use the $1.00/3 printable here to get it for $1.46 a box.

Bought a lot of stuff with expiring coupons shopping


So I went to Pete’s Market today because I found four $3.00/2 Galbani printables in my stash (no longer available, but you can print $1.00/1 here) that were expiring in the next couple of days and I didn’t want to waste them! Four of the mozzarella balls are already in the freezer, one will become Caprese salad today or tomorrow, and we’ll see on the rest. I also had three expiring $1.00/2 Planters printables, so used those on peanut butter.

  • Note: The Vermont organic applesauce cups listed at $.99 in the ad rang up at $4.39 — they corrected the price at checkout for me after looking at the ad, but you might want to bring the ad up with you if you were planning to buy those today as well.

Pete’s shopping

8 Galbani mozzarella balls, $20.00. Used four $3.00/2 printables (no longer available).
6 jars Planters peanut butter (Natural was included, too!), $8.94. Used three $1.00/2 printables (there’s also $1.00/2 in the 8/24 SS).
5 organic Vermont applesauce cups, $4.95.
Meat ends (roast beef today), $1.59.
Cauliflower, $1.85.
3 ears corn, $.73.
16 oz mushrooms, $1.98.
Gala apples, $1.66.
Oranges, $1.38.

Paid $28.83.

ALDI across the street shopping


10 avocados, $4.90.
Corn tortillas, $.33.
Flour tortillas, $.85.
Tortilla chips, $1.19.

Paid $7.40 and got $.25 back from Checkout 51 for tortilla chips.

Jewel shopping


Then down the street to Jewel … yeah, that’s a lot of stores, but I felt like shopping today, lol.

4 Eckrich smoked sausage, $7.96 after instant savings. Used four of the $1.00/1 printable coupon here (ZIP 07738 then reload) and $1.00/1 on Facebook.
Farmland bacon, $3.99 after instant savings. Used a $.55/1 peelie on the package.
Clearance Finish Quantum, $.99.
Two cans Bush’s beans, $2.00.
Bush’s Cocina Latina beans, $2.79. Used free can when you buy two Bush’s variety beans coupon from the July Big Book of Savings.

Paid $10.85 and got one pan sticker. It’s a start?! So all in all, I spent $47.08 today and got back $.25 for a net cost of $46.83.

Net $12.76 at Target shopping + bonus Goodwill outfit


Stopped by Target today for a small trip — come oooon, more grocery coupons!

2 Chi-Chi’s salsa, $3.42. Used two $1.00/1 printable coupons (ZIP 77477) and then got $.25 back on Checkout 51.
4 boxes Playtex Gentle Glide tampons, $27.96. Used four $3.00/1 manufacturer coupons and two $1.00/2 Target coupons.
4 Ortega low sodium taco seasoning, $2.40. Used two $1.00/2 Ortega coupons.
2 boxes Van’s gluten free waffles, $5.98. Used two $1.00/1 unique print coupons from their email club.
2 Evol burritos, $2.48. Got 5% off on Cartwheel and used two $1.00/1 printable manufacturer coupons (no longer available).
2 boxes Smuckers Fruit-fulls, $7.98. Got 40% off on Cartwheel and used two $1.50/1 from the 8/24 RP.

Got $.10 off for bringing two bags. Paid $23.01 with REDcard discount, and got back $10 in Target gift cards for the Playtex and $.25 from Checkout 51 for a net cost of $12.76. P.S.: Smuckers is insane — $3.99 for four applesauce pouches? $.89 is much better, lol.


And here’s my bonus Goodwill outfit of the day — something like $8.64 for both pieces with tax. Because you can’t donate stuff without then going right back in to buy some more, lol.

Didja miss me? $16.08 at Fresh Thyme shopping


Hope you are having a lovely long weekend too — we spent the day up at my mother-in-law’s so the kids could swim on one of the last weekends the pool is open, then made a quick swing through Fresh Thyme Deerfield on the way home. They have grass fed beef for $2.97/lb this week! But, I really have to start using up some of the meat in my freezer before buying more, so passed on that and picked up:

Seeded sourdough bakery bread, $3.99.
4 bags Kettle chips, $6.00.
3 lb yellow onions, $2.00. (Yes, too much, but we just ran out and I didn’t feel like making another stop.)
2 containers blackberries, $1.54.
3 ears of corn, $.50.
Seedless watermelon, $1.77.

Paid $16.08.

Blew the grocery budget at Costco shopping


Never go to Costco hungry… although I guess I didn’t do that badly! Although everything I got is a decent price, it’s just all so BIG that I got up to $67.49 here in the blink of an eye.

64 oz Horizon Organic half & half, $4.49.
5 lb Namaste gluten free flour blend, $8.99.
48 oz minced garlic (no HFCS in theirs!), $4.39.
Aller-tec, $9.99.
18 KIND bars, $17.99.
2 lb strawberries, $5.49.
4 packs Kirkland lower sodium bacon, $14.99.

I already told you about the Children’s Aller-tec, but the organic half & half is also a very good price — the 32 oz bottles of Dean’s run about $2.50 ($2.19 on sale), so it’s cheaper to get the organic at Costco than to buy the conventional at the store, in the absence of a great sale. And as for things I didn’t buy: The rotisserie chickens are still $4.99, and wild caught sockeye salmon was $8.99/lb, which was very tempting!


The Namaste Gluten Free Perfect Flour Blend was an impulse buy, because it already contains Xanthan gum and everything and…


It says it substitutes cup for  cup with regular wheat flour. So this I have to try! At $8.99 I think it was a good buy, since the same bag is currently $22.68 on Amazon.

What good Costco buys have you spotted lately?

Shopping without ki-ids… cause they’re back in schoo-ool…


Here’s to peaceful weekday morning shopping without kids. I love my kids. But grocery stores make them fight. What’s up with that? Do yours do it too — they can’t walk through a store without nudging and sniping at each other the whole time? So anyway, I stopped by ALDI and Pete’s Market today, mostly to replenish some produce:


Fit & Active wraps, $2.29.
2 lb Green grapes, $1.78.
3 lb navel oranges, $1.99.
Baby carrots, $.69.

That’s $6.87.

Pete’s Market

Corn, $.99.
Cauliflower, $1.54. (I’m making this again!)
Mushrooms, $.99.
Apples, $1.19.
Whole grain Italian bread, $3.29.
“Meat ends” (looks like all roast beef), $1.67.

Saved $.05 for bringing a bag, and paid $9.79. That’s $16.66 — no kids, no coupons. :)