And more Jewel including what the heck chips


Here’s something else we saw at Jewel today. Both boys were appropriately disgusted…


And we’re now stocked up on mac & cheese for something like 2 years. Two stores, 20 boxes, four transactions (Mr. 11 went through self checkout by himself all self important like), plus two free kids club apples, a jar of clearance jalapenos, and 2 bags of Goldfish for $9.28. We cut up the apples and had ‘em with lunch, so that was handy!

Target Hanes is a good deal shopping


Stopped by Target this morning — the girl behind me was buying three boxes of Kraft mac & cheese. Oy! She was very on her phone so I didn’t even try to tell her, and now I feel partially responsible… lol.

So my net cost for the above after Checkout 51 was about $16.00.

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s back to Jewel we go


Mr. 7 and I found ourselves driving past Jewel again this afternoon, so stopped in. Not pictured: One Kid’s Produce Club free apple (guess why?). Also, his cat photobombed here… NOT from Jewel, lol. Always check your clearance sections — mine already had new and different stuff from this morning.

4 clearance Angel Soft tissue, $.69 each. Will go back and post redeem two $1.00/2 coupons from the 8/10 RP.
3 Kraft mac & cheese shapes, $.87.
2 Kraft shredded cheese, $3.98. Used $1.00/2 from the 8/3 SS.

Paid $6.95. Will get $2 back when I post redeem the Angel Soft coupons, dropping that to $4.95. (Oh, and I also redeemed the $4.00 in coupons from this morning’s trip and got back that cash, while I was at it!)

Guess where I shopped shopping


First you have to admire my artistic stairs photography, though, since my table is completely covered with school supplies at the moment… Both boys needed back-to-school shoes (Mr. 7′s are literally falling apart — and yes, I’m using that word correctly, lol). So I went to Kohl’s armed with coupons and for about $108 I got: Shoes for both boys, an insulated lunch tote, four packs of boys’ underwear, clearance swim trunks, clearance tee, and a clearance skirt — plus I got back $20 in Kohl’s cash, which I may use online tomorrow to get some of the Lauren Conrad leggings here if they are still in stock.


Then, if you follow the matchups you can probably tell by the photo that I shopped at both Ultra and Jewel on the way. I’ve seen these Trans-Ocean crab packages on clearance for $.99 at two Jewels now — I think they are changing out the packaging, since they don’t exp. til Oct. and identical ones in new packaging were $2.99. I have some old $1.00/1 tearpad coupons in my stash that I will bring in to post-redeem on those. And yes, my Jewel had the signage by the mac & cheese about one transaction, shapes & premium only.


2 Kraft shredded cheese, $3.98 after instant savings. Used two $1.00/1 from the July AY.
Breakstone sour cream, $1.29 after instant.
2 Kraft mac & cheese shapes, $.58 after instant.
4 Trans Ocean crab classic, $3.96. Will post-redeem $4 in coupons.
Clearance turkey roast, $4.99.
Flat-out, $2.88. (This was marked 2/$5.00, grr.) Used $.75/1 peelie from the package.

Paid $15.24. Will get back $4.00 when I post-redeem coupons, for a net cost of $11.24.

Ultra Foods

4 boxes Quaker Squares, $5.52 after instant savings. Used two $1.00/2 tearpad coupons.
2 Quaker old fashioned oats, $2.76 after instant savings. Used $1.00/2 tearpad coupon.
2 Brown n Serve, $2.00.
Grapes, $.75.
Corn, $.72.
2 dozen eggs, $1.96.
2 packs Udi’s gluten free buns, $7.98. Used expired $2.50/2 printable from way back.

Paid $16.57.

Quick ALDI trip for portobello pizzas tomorrow


(Ignore the edge of school supplies at the top here, I was sorting them out for both boys on our table today!) I decided portobello pizzas sounded good for tomorrow, so stopped by ALDI for the mushroom caps and more. Also: The organic strawberries were $2.28 and looked 10x better than the conventional ones at $1.29. I was going to spring for the extra $.99. But I see on my receipt that she just rang them as strawberries, so I got the organic for $1.29. I guess that makes up for a few weeks ago when they double charged me for something else? lol

Organic strawberries, $1.29 (see above).
Blueberries, $.99.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
2 lb Vidalia onions, $.99. Will get $.25 back from Checkout 51.
Lime, $.15.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Four packs portobello mushrooms, $7.96.

Paid $12.84 with $.25 back = $12.59.

Making money on the CVS brandstravaganza shopping


Did you take advantage of the CVS brand free after ECB digestive extravaganza yet this week? They sent me a $4/$20 in email, so I decided to roll all my ECB into nice new fresh ones with longer expiration dates. :)

Dean’s milk, $2.99. Will get back $.25 from Ibotta.
CVS 114 dose fiber, $9.99. Used $1.50/1 from the magic machine.
CVS Purelax, $3.99.
CVS acid reducer, $6.99.
CVS anti-diarrheal, $4.99.
CVS antacid, $2.99.

Used the $4.00/$20.00 coupon and paid with $26 in ECB + $.84. Got back $29.95 in ECB ($1.00 for milk, and everything else was the free after ECB promo) + $.25 from Ibotta. Net cost: I made $3.36 restocking my medicine cabinet.

  • If you want to play, see the full list of free after ECB CVS brand products in this week’s CVS deals.

Hard to find school supplies shopping


All of this was net $12.24. (Oh, and one bag of pasta chips is not pictured because I gave it to a friend.) I decided to run over and do another round with the school supplies coupon for things that are hard to find deals on, like sturdy three subject notebooks and 2″ view binders. Things that were free:

The Gold n’ Plump drumsticks were tagged $3.19 but apparently rang up $3.49, grr. Used the $1.00/1 clearance sticker and $1.00/1 from their site and those were $1.49. Everything else was expensive school supplies to get up to $25.00 for the gift card — Spent $18.24 on the REDcard and got back the $5.00 school supplies gift card (using the $5 when you buy $25 in this past week’s ad), plus $1.00 back from Ibotta, for a net cost of $12.24.

Fun at Ultra and Target shopping


So I have been running around all morning (which is why so quiet here!) — among other things, I stopped at Ultra Foods and Target. At Ultra…

Ultra shopping

2 Welch’s Farmer’s Pick juice, $2.76 after instant savings wyb two. Used two $1.00/1 from the 5/18 RP.
4 Old Spice deodorant, $3.92. Used two exp. $2.00/2 Old Spice products from the 7/6 PG.
Onions, $1.37.
Corn, $1.02.
Limes, $.20.
2 Fresh Express salads, $3.34. Used exp. $2.00/2 from last week’s Jewel ad.
Hot dog buns, $1.39.

Paid $6.50.

Target shopping


So first up, I’d read on Totally Target that Pasta Chips were on sale for $2.00 and buy one, get one free. Yup! You can print $2.00/2 Pasta Chips on Hopster.

  • So if your store allows a coupon on a “free” item, buy two for $2.00, use the $2.00/2 printable, and get two bags totally free.
  • If they do not, buy four bags for $4.00, use the $2.00/2 printable, and get four bags for $2.00, or $.50 each.


So here’s what I got (and thanks to Trish for the Gold n’ Plump coupons, since I forgot to print mine!).

4 Skippy PB singles, $9.16. Used 30% off on Cartwheel and two BOGO from the 8/3 SS, which scanned at $2.50.
2 clearance Gold n’ Plump split chicken breast, $4.38. Used two $1.00/1 printables here.
Van’s gluten free waffles, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 from their email list (unique prints).
Van’s gluten free pancakes, $2.79. Used $1.00/1 from their email list (unique prints).
2 gluten free Immaculate Baking ready to bake cookies, $6.58. Used two $.75/1 Target printables and two $1.00/1 manufacturer printables.
Purell, $2.69. Used $1.00/1 Target printable and $2.00/1 manufacturer printable.
2 Right Guard Xtreme Clear, $6.68. Used two $1.50/1 manufacturer printables and two $2.00/1 Target printables (no longer available).
6 Pasta Chips, $6.00. Used three $2.00/2 printables.
2 children’s Suave shampoo, $3.58. Used two $1.00/1 in the 7/27 RP2 and $1.00/2 Target mobile coupon (PACKITBACK to 827438). (There’s also a $1.00/1 printable here.)
Crayola crayons, $.50.
Crayola colored pencils, $1.29.
4 Post-Its, $3.96. Used four $1.00/1 Target printables.
4 Scotch tape, $4.08. Used four $1.00/1 Target printables.
Composition notebook, $.50.
8 packs Bic pens, $8.00. Used four $1.00/2 from the 8/3 SS and four $1.00/2 Target printables.
3 packs up & up pencils, $1.50. Used $1.50/3 up & up printable (no longer available).
6 up & up glue sticks, $2.34. Used two $1.50/3 up & up printables (adjusted down, no longer available).
4 Sharpie highlighters, $3.96. Used two $1.00/2 Target printables.

Used the $5 gift card when you buy $25 school supplies coupon from this week’s ad (hand that one over first!). Got $.10 off for bringing two bags and $.39 off for paying with REDcard. Paid $13.63 and got back a $5.00 gift card for school supplies, for a net cost of $8.63. That was kind of fun… :)

Quick replenishing shopping


We’ve been out of town for my brother’s wedding for the past few days (more on that later!) and just got in late last night — so today I dragged the kids to the library to return overdue books, then to ALDI and Pete’s to replenish our produce and milk collection, basically sans coupons. ALDI had organic strawberries for $2.29 and Pete’s had organic cherries for $1.99/lb, so that was pretty cool.


2 six packs SimplyNature applesauce cups, $2.98.
2 lbs grapes, $1.78.
Milk, $1.99.
Fit & Active wraps, $2.29.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Flour tortillas, $.89.
Eggs, $.99.
Blueberries, $1.29.
2 lbs organic strawberries, $4.58.

Paid $17.44. The eggs and milk might still be Villa Park grand opening prices.



Sara Lee bread, $2.50.
Cauliflower, $2.16.
Artichokes, $1.96.
Green beans, $.58.
Corn, $1.96.
Broccoli, $1.37.
Bananas, $.83.
Organic cherries, $3.14.
Sourdough bread, $3.29.

Got $.05 off for bringing a bag and used a $5.00 reward from my rewards card. Paid $12.99. Since we got in so late I kind of punted dinner today and have salsa chicken in the crock pot for later with our ALDI tortillas, with corn on the cob on the side and I’ll make guac with the avocados I picked up last week + some garden tomatoes! :)

Quick make a buck at CVS shopping


I was recycling my expired CVS CRTs and noticed I had a non-expired $2.00/$10.00 oral care coupon from the magic machine. Hmm. See if you have one too — I was driving right past CVS today so popped in and got:

  • 2 Oral-B 2 pack brush heads, $11.98. Used the $2.00/$10.00 oral care coupon and two $3.00/1 from the 7/27 PG.

Paid with $3.00 ECB and $1.97. Got back $6.00 ECB, for a net profit of $1.03.