Nuts and cheese shopping

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On the way back from Jewel today I also stopped at the Lombard Ultra Foods and they had a bunch of dairy clearance going. For instance:

  • Silver Springs horseradish, $.65.
  • Organic Valley 6 oz Muenster slices, $.99.
  • Four pack strawberry Dannon Oikos yogurt, $1.50.
  • Single Stonyfield Greek honey yogurt, $.39.
  • Single caramel something Yoplait, $.39.
  • Fat Free Breakstone’s sour cream, $.49.
  • Bailey’s creamer, $.99.
  • Queso Fresco, $1.50.

Plus little tubs of chicken livers, all around $2.00 each w/ $1.00 off stickers on them. Dozen Dutch Farms eggs were $1.49. But I just bought:

2 packs clearance Organic Valley Muenster, $1.98.
6 Kraft shredded cheese, $11.88. Used three $1.00/2 printables (no longer available).
3 bags Wonderful pistachios, $11.97. Used three $.50/1 from the 12/7 SS and will get back $7.50 from Snap Groupon and $.75 from Shopmium (use code GMEFHHTP on signup to unlock a welcome offer for 100% back on a Lindt bar).
Horseradish, $.65.

Paid $22.39 and will get back $8.25 for a net cost of $14.14.

Tried out Jewel MyMixx — Grab your free Seltzer!

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So I stopped at Jewel today and tried out Jewel MyMixx, and it was super easy! Just punch in your phone number on the keypad at checkout while they are scanning your items and you can see the coupons come off right as items are scanned. Here’s my free Canada Dry Sparkling water, which, by the way, is tasty…

Deals I spotted at the Glen Ellyn store


Here are a few deals I spotted — May vary by location.

  • Iceberg garden salad was tagged $.99 through 2/3. Free with the $1.00/1 coupon from the January big book of savings.
  • They had the baby bok choy that was on sale last week, now clearanced at $.49/lb. I got some. Now what should I make with it, hmm.
  • Carlita picante sauce was tagged $1.00 through 2/14.
  • Shank portion Cook’s ham down to $.99/lb, sell by dates of 2/4.
  • Dozen eggs were $1.49… and gone, lol.
  • Wholly Guacamole/spicy pico on sale for $1.99.

What I bought


Just a little trip:

Fresh Express garden salad, $.99. Used $1.00/1 from the January big book of savings.
Canada Dry seltzer, $2.99. FREE with MyMixx promo.
2 Butterball turkey sausage, $4.00. Used two $.75/1 printables here.
Baby bok choy, $.37.

Paid $3.31.

My crazy day of shopping in photos — Plus Panera and Target deals

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I’ve been running around all day — ComEd was working on the power in our neighborhood and left messages there would be intermittent power outages, so figured it would be a good day to get out of the house for a while. Of course when I got back it didn’t look like the power was out at all (nothing blinking!)…

So this morning I had coffee at Panera with a friend (hi, Laura!), then sponged off their wi-fi and coffee refills until it started getting busy in the lunch hour.


My Panera friend told me that turkey was on sale at Target, so I stopped over there and scored a 12 lb Butterball for $5.67 with REDcard. Turkey: It’s what’s for dinner on Super Bowl Sunday!

  • I also saw 10 oz cans of Cafe Bustelo tagged $3.00 through 1/31. (This was on Checkout 51 but appears to have run out of offers this week, boo.)


I had $20 Kohl’s Cash to use (MashupDad needed a new coat, gloves, and more last week), so ran through there as well. Check out these shark slippers — their mouth zips open! Mr. 7 has been asking for new slippers so I got these on clearance for his upcoming birthday.

  • Going to Kohl’s? Log on to their wi-fi in store for a $5/$25 mobile coupon.

So I got Skechers for bigfoot Junior High Guy, who’s rapidly outgrowing his shoes + the slippers for $26.84 after the $5/$25 mobile coupon, $20 in Kohl’s cash, and a random 15% off discount.


So then I had a $5.00 Goodwill coupon from my Goodwill Rewards. (Different Goodwill regions have different promos, but the one by me has a card and you get $5 back for every $75 you spend in store, etc.) Unfortunately, I spent a lot more than $5.00, lol: LOFT sweater, these two cool bowls, and a lightweight Land’s End Jacket for spring (it has a little rain brim on the hood and one million pockets!) for $17.28 after my $5.00 coupon.

  • If you’re a thrift store shopper, be sure to sign up for the cards at both Goodwill and Savers for occasional extra savings!


Got home just in time to get Mr. 7 from the school bus, then the whole snack + homework extravaganza. Got this lovely potroast (+ veggies) in the oven, ate a belated leftover lunch at like 3:30 PM, then enjoyed the Junior High Guy snack + homework extravaganza… and now we’re back in deal business.

That’s my day — how’s yours going? ;)

11 Bucks at ALDI later…

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Stopped at the Villa Park ALDI (on Roosevelt) today to replenish our cauliflower supply. Found this Little Salad Bar guacamole snack pack on sale for $1.49 each (exp 1/28), so two of those fell in my cart by accident, lol. They also had some kind of organic superfruit Greek yogurt on clearance for $.59 each and chicken leg quarters with $3.00 clearance stickers (big packs originally around $7.00 each at $.95/lb, so a good price there too).

3 heads cauliflower, $2.97. (Two were on the smaller side, but still a great price!)
2 avocados, $1.98.
5 lb flour, $1.28.
2 snack pack boxes guacamole, $2.98.
Baby carrots, $.49.
1 pint grape tomatoes, $1.19.

Paid $11.08. Now MashupDad has some cauliflower to tide him over since he used the last one up making more low carb rolls last night — I think I might make some roasted chili garlic cauliflower later this week, too.

That’s Nuts CVS shopping

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This week CVS decided to email me a $6/$30 coupon. OK, I’ll spend that. So:

  • Six cans Planters nuts, $30.
  • Used $6/$30 and three $1.00/2 coupons. ($1.00/2 in the 11/16 or 1/25 SS or print $1.00/2 here.)
  • Paid with $17 ECB and $4.42.
  • Got back $10 ECB for a net cost of $11.42, or $1.90 a can.

It’s a little disturbing to me that the Planters now only take up a teeny tiny portion of one shelf, and probably 3/4 of the nuts they carry are now CVS Gold Emblem or Abound store brand. Give me choices! :)

Coffee shopping

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So CVS sent me another $5/$15 Happy New Year email coupon this week — I’m not sure how I got on the “nice” list for CVS Santa, but I’ll take it while it lasts. So…

3 bags Starbucks coffee, $20.97. Used previously available $2.00/2 printable and the $2.00/1 printable here.
CVS anti-gas, $9.99. Used $2.00/1 from the magic machine.
Dean’s milk, $2.99. Will get $.25 back from Ibotta.

Used my $5/$15 and $21 in ECB. Paid $2.42 and got back $15.99 ECB ($5 Starbucks, $1.00 milk, $9.99 anti-gas tablets) + $.25 from Ibotta for a net cost of $7.18.

$10 of produce at Caputo’s shopping

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Stopped at the Downer’s Grove Caputo’s today, where they had 3 lb Halos clementines on sale for $.99. They were on the squishier side, but still better than the 3x more expensive ones I saw at ALDI and Target yesterday — so I bit, lol.

3 lb onions, $.69.
8 lb potatoes, $.99.
Pint grape tomatoes, $.99.
Bunch spinach, $1.49.
Yellow bell pepper, $.36.
8 oz mushrooms, $.99.
2 lbs strawberries, $2.58.
3 lb clementines, $.99.
2 honeycrisp apples, $.73.

Paid $9.98. Seems like a decent amount of produce for $10… :) They also had gallons of organic milk for $5.99, if you’re in the area.

What $19 buys you at ALDI, what $19 buys you at Target

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So I was looking at recent shopping trips and realizing that I often spend the same net amount at ALDI without coupons as I do at another store with coupons. Last week I spent about $21 at ALDI and $21 at Jewel, and today (since I was going a little stir crazy) I ventured out and spent about $19 at ALDI and $19 at Target. This time I got more for my money at Target, I think, but often it seems to about balance out — do you guys find this, too?

  • At ALDI, though, I was in and out of the store in probably 15 minutes.
  • My Target trip took almost an hour — finding things, waiting for security to chase the guy in front of me who tried to pass a fake $100 bill and for them to void out his transaction (!), arguing with the cashier about the difference between a “purchase” and a “transaction,” having to stop at customer service because a mobile coupon didn’t come off… plus the time printing, clipping, and loading coupons before the trip.

So in couponing you also have to think: What is your time worth? I like Target, I’m happy with what I bought, and I like wandering around and the unexpected finds. But ALDI has been getting more of my shopping dollars over the last couple of years, because they always have cheap produce and because it’s just so darn easy.


Organic vanilla soymilk, $2.29.
Pint blueberries, $1.99.
6 oz blackberries, $.79.
Organic apples, $3.29.
Red bell pepper, $.79.
Mushrooms, $1.49.
Gluten free bread, $3.99.
Strawberries, $1.99.
4 organic avocados, $2.29.

Paid $19.24 and got back $.25 from Checkout 51 for apples, for a net cost of $18.99.


Enjoy Life gluten free bars, $2.99. Used $1.00/1 from a recent Mambo Sprouts booklet and got $1.00 back from Ibotta.
2 Hormel Natural Choice lunch meat, $5.68. Used two $.50/1 printables.
3 boxes Pure Via, $5.37. Used 10% off on Cartwheel, three $1.00/1 store coupons, and three $1.00/1 manufacturer coupons.
Plum organics mini pizza things, $3.33. Used $2.00/1 printable coupon. (Then found the Ibotta offer had disappeared, oh well.)
2 PF Chang’s appetizers, $5.98. Used $1.50/2 manufacturer coupon, $3.00/2 mobile coupon (THANKS to 827438, didn’t come off) and 5% off on Cartwheel (didn’t come off), so got a refund at customer service.
2 pack clearance Silk vanilla soy milk, $4.05.
Clearance Archer Farms chipotle cheese, $2.08. Got 5% off on Cartwheel.
Mug, $1.99.
2 packs O-Cel-O sponges, $2.00. Used two $1.00/1 printables (no longer available).
10 Yoplait yogurt cups, $5.00. Used $1.00/10 Target printable coupon and $.50/8 from the 1/4 SS.

Got $.10 off for bringing two bags. Paid with a $5 gift card and $18.61 on REDcard (saved $.90) = $20.23 with $1 back from Ibotta for a net cost of $19.23.

CVS Bayer + Flintstones money maker

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Thanks again to Julie for sharing this deal — I went and did it at my CVS today, where they were fully stocked on both Bayer and Flintstones. Note: The coupon did beep, but after going over all the fine print several times, they put it through.

4 Bayer chewable 36 ct low dose, BOGO50% off at $3.29 = $9.87.
2 Flintstones vitamins, BOGO50% off at $8.49 = $12.73.

Used two $10/3 Bayer Brands coupons from the 1/4 SS2 and $2.00 in ECB. Paid $.97 and got back $6.00 in ECB (on the spend $20 get $6 ECB Bayer brands deal), for a $3.03 money maker. It’s not as big a money maker as if you find the low dose Bayer in stock at Walmart, but probably a lot easier than chasing it down there by the coupon’s 1/11 expiration date.

Punted with coupons I had with me CVS shopping

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CVS sent me a surprise Happy New Year $5/$15 coupon, so I popped over there in the snow intending to get the Sundown Naturals Gummies and the little Zarbee’s things. They had neither, so I put this together with the Finish coupons I had sitting in my purse from yesterday’s abortive Target trip. (Oh, Lombard Target Saturday: Finish was $3.99 and sold out.)

Dean’s milk, $2.79.
2 boxes of Finish tabs, $8.00. Used two $2.15/1 from the 1/4 SS1.
Bengay, $4.99. Used $2.00/1 from the first aid kits earlier this year.
Caramel, $.33.

Used my $5/$15 coupon and $4.00 ECB. Paid $1.55 with $3.00 ECB back (for Bengay), for a net cost of $2.55. I did get my quarterly $1.00 ECB out of the machine today, so does that make my net cost $1.55?