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Who else visited the Wheaton Whole Foods moving sale today?

Who else stopped by the moving sale at the Wheaton Whole Foods today? They’re moving into the old Danada Dominick’s tomorrow, which should give them some desperately needed room — but today the old location was selling off the rest of its inventory at 50% off.

My friend Trish and I stopped over to check things out this morning, and the store was a zoo. The checkout line went almost to the back of the store when we got there, but it had died down quite a bit by the time we left around 12:30 (and they were even more picked over at that point — honestly not sure what they’ll have left by now).

If you remember shopping the Dominick’s going out of business sales a few years ago, the Whole Foods moving sale was kind of reminiscent of that (albeit with higher prices and fancier stuff) — but not as sad, since they’ll be reopening in a bigger and better location tomorrow rather than disappearing forever

While a lot of the shelves were completely wiped clean, there were some good pockets of products to choose from earlier today — including wine, cheese, gluten free items, and dairy free frozen desserts. The produce was very picked over, and don’t go in looking for meat, but they did have quite a few bakery items left this morning. (And watch the dates on the cheese, since some was a great price but dated to sell by tomorrow.)

This being Whole Foods, taking 50% off some of the items just brought them down to a more reasonable price — but there were still some bargains to be had! (And, the register was taking 50% off the price of items already on sale, and giving case discounts off wine.)

So I somehow managed to spend $58.53 today — but ended up picking up some random things we actually did need (mustard, soy milk, olives, celery, no sugar added peanut butter, bacon bits, and a new thermometer, of all things!) plus some fun additions to the pantry like nice cheese, black sesame seeds, chopped pecans, fancy salsa, a sushi rolling mat, and a little bag of whole wheat pot stickers — which I just had for lunch.

Anyone else stop by today? Get anything good?