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Three kinds of sugar in Swanson broth… oops


Today I stopped by the Villa Park Dollar Tree for papers (decided on three, plus the delivered on tomorrow will make four) and found Swanson Tuscan chicken broth on the shelf. Bought four of those with two $1.00/2 printables, three Curad bandages (used $1.00/1 from the 5/10 SS, which didn’t scan but they punched it through), and paid $5.12 for the lot — $3.00 of which was papers, and $2.12 for everything else.


Then — and this is my bad, I’ve been trying to read food labels in store and avoid buying most products with added sugar, but — I got my broth home and found that “Tuscan” apparently means added sugar, dextrose, and corn syrup. Come on, Campbell’s, really? (In case you’re wondering, the nutrition info says 2g sugar per cup, 8g in the whole carton, so it could be worse — But I’m not sure why it needs to be there at all. 🙁 )


Saturday 30th of May 2015

These companies are the worst!


Saturday 30th of May 2015

Campbell's I find has a lot of not good ingrediants in there products same with kraft. Thank you for even pointing out the high fructose corn syrup in hotdog and hamburger buns. Which brand of hotdog/ hamburger buns have you come across that has been a better alternative. I'm even shocked how many things have MSG.


Saturday 30th of May 2015

It my pleasure to meet you today at the Dollar Tree!


Saturday 30th of May 2015

You too! Sorry for holding up the line. :)

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