Reader deals 4/23/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.



  • Outlander says: “I found this book at my library to help with Windows 8.1. No, I’m not a senior. :)”

Bridal gowns

  • To add to yesterday’s collection, Mandi says: “For wedding dresses- try house of hope in Barrington. Some of the dresses are older, but alot of them were donated from wedding boutiques for the tax write off. I found mine there -never been worn, beautiful hand beaded detailing all over the dress. I just had to get it hemmed. All the dresses are $50. The veils range in price. Also the ladies that work there are very friendly. They also have formal dresses for bridesmaids/ mother of the bride. Check their website, they have particular hours. Hope this helps!”


Cost Plus World Market

  • From John W: “Weds. April 23 is World Market’s one day BOGO coffee sale on their house brand 12 oz. coffees, which start at $5.99 (regular and decaf, it’s a very good deal on decaf). So, get 6 coffee for $17.97, use a 10% off coupon (via email or the 4/13 World Market ad, or joining at to make it $16.17, plus members (World Market Explorer) will get double coffee credits, enough for one free bag of coffee in the future (you can get the expensive kinds for free, too). So that’s 7 bags of coffee for $2.31 each, a great deal on good coffee.”


  • Theresa posts on Facebook: “In today’s Chicago Tribune, the back cover of the wrap-around for the sales inserts has a nice Brach’s candy coupon – $1 off any one Brach’s product, 12 oz. or smaller. Expires 6/1/14. Wanted to point it out, since it is easy to miss.” Yesterday, I got this in my hand-delivered ads and Rachel got it in her mailed ads.


  • On the allergy rebate, Suzann wonders: “Do you have to buy the 48 count? If you could do the 24 count as Jenny at the Southern Savers blog points out your mm would be over $14.00.” The rebate doesn’t seem to specify a size.

Fannie May

  • Sent over by feelgood: “Easter Candy Sale – Up to 50% @ Sale items, low to high sort - items from $1.99. And, these coupons stack with sale prices: 53119  - 30% off $30 purchase 11999  – 15% off any purchase”

Food 4 Less

  • On the 4/$8.00 cereal that gets you a free gallon of milk, ellen says: “you could use the cereal coupon that came with the sunday paper.” There was a $1.00/1 and samples with some Sunday papers, but I got mine with Saturday’s Sun-Times.


  • Raegan posts in Hot Deals: “Some of the EB Farms 5oz salads have $1/2 peelies on them too.” I have seen them at Meijer recently as well.
  • Regarding post-redeeming store coupons, Ashley says: “Yes from experience it works just as well. It’s any coupon they said.” Yes, this is one thing I have never had a problem with at Jewel, lol.
  • Theresa emails: “Jewel pizza Catalina”
    jewel digiorno

Piggly Wiggly

  • Outlander found: “New Piggly- Wiggly in Carol Stream has gallons of skim milk on special for 99 cents (49 cents after Ibotta) because it expires on 4/26. Even found a gallon of Organic milk for $1.99 exp. 4/29. Time to make quiche, rice pudding…”

Reader requests

  • A Target question from Eva: “Anybody know prices for strawberries, blackberries, clementines kiwi.  Either locations schaumburg rd or army trial rd.  I know prices vary”
  • One from Charlotte: “Speaking of tablecloths… I want a runner or two for my dining room table. Any idea where I can get some cheap? :)”


  • Cari found: “From Totally Target ‘Buy 2 Zyrtec 10 mg Liquid Gels 25 ct ($16.19) & Visine Allergy Drops ($3.23) = $35.61 -.32 (use 10% Off Visine Eye Drops Target Cartwheel x5/3 -$8.00 (use two $4/1 Zyrtec Adult Product 12 ct+ 4-13-14 SS1 x5/2 -$1.50/1 Visine Product HERE = $25.79 – $10 (get back two $5 Gift Cards for buying the 2 Zyrtec thru /26 = $15.79 for all after coupons, cartwheel & gift Cards plus submit for the $20 Visa Card for buying 3 qualifying products HERE‘”
  • A reminder and a find from feelgood: “If you haven’t used them yet, today (4/23) is the last day to use the THANKS and SPRING mobile coupons for $1.00 off $1.00 fruit ,vegetable, and meat purchases. Went to the Lemont Target a few days ago and they had 24-oz chicken drumsticks marked $3.19 with $2.00 off clearance stickers. After the $1.00 mobile coupons, paid $0.19 for each!”


  • From feelgood on the Hamburger Helper and beef rebate: “I think I’ll buy 4 HH instead of 3, plus the ground beef, in each transaction. 3 HH = $0.88 x 3 = $2.64 – one $1.00/2 MQ = $1.64 4 HH = $0.88 x 4 = $3.52 – two $1.00/2 MQ’s = $1.52″
  • He adds: “Shop & Save Market has Fresh 80% Lean Ground Chuck $2.39/lb. You could also price match Shop & Save’s Whole Sweet Seedless Watermelon $1.99 price at Walmart, if they have whole watermelons.”

Target deals midweek update — week of 4/21/14 – 4/26/14

Here is your Target deals midweek update for the current ad, which runs through 4/26:

Target updates through 4/26

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Cheap baby shampoo and more at Target


Target has released a new printable coupon for $2.00/2 up & up baby toiletry or skincare items! Prices can vary by store, but:

  • Lotion or baby wash run around $1.49, so $.49 each when you buy two with coupon.
  • Detangler runs around $1.34, so $.34 each when you buy two with coupon.
  • Shampoos run around $1.49, so $.49 each when you buy two with coupon.

(Thanks, Couponing for 4)

Plastic wrap deals


Fran had emailed looking for plastic wrap deals, and it reminded me of two things, so … here goes! First, on Amazon you can really stock up on the good stuff. Pick up 1500 sq ft of Kirkland Stretch-Tite food wrap for $18.19, eligible for Prime or free shipping at $35.00. Last time I posted this (several months back), everyone raved about Stretch-Tite quality and these rolls that last forever. :)


Secondly, there is 10% off Glad cling wrap on Target Cartwheel and a $1.00/1 Glad coupon to stack here. I don’t know how much Glad runs at Target, but it might be worth a look next time you’re in.

Know of any more plastic wrap deals? Please comment here!

Reader deals 4/21/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Mike says: “$2/1 CVS diapers on the link that takes you to the page.”
  • A report from feelgood: “Just got from CVS. 4-pk Scope TO GO is regular priced at $2.57, with a $3.00 ECB, Limit 2. Bought 2, paid $5.14, got a $6.00 ECB.
    $0.86 MM.”
    cvs scope togo

Internet service

  • From feelgood: “looking for cheaper internet service, you may want to look into this offer on Groupon. You can get up to 500 mb a month free, or 2 gb for $17.99. Don’t get the stick, it’s only for one device…the Photon is a hotspot and several devices can sign on at the same time. Uses 4G Sprint. Lots of mixed reviews on freedompop, though.”


  • Kari O. shares: “I found after Easter Fresh Turkey and Turkey Breasts for 99¢/lb at two different Jewel-Osco’s today. Not a bad price since there’s no minimum purchase and it’s not Thanksgiving. We got 2 for the freezer. I’m also searching for clearanced Easter hams too. Has anyone seen any markdowns on those?”

Mobile phone plans

  • April shares: “For a cell phone plan I use Family Mobile from Walmart. It’s based on Tmobile network . $45 per month includes unlimited talk and text + 5 gb Internet access. I think you can add additional lines for $10-15. The draw back that you can’t recieve any of text massages from Target with coupons”


  • A tip from Matt: “When you go to the resale shop look for ink that matches your printer. Every once in a while I find expensive ink for under $5. Sometimes the outer box is damaged and the ink is sealed inside.”

Reader requests

  • An Ultra Foods question from Jeff: “Does anyone know if the aloha Hawaaian punch is included in the sale to use the 1.00 off coupon tia”
  • From benita: “I am looking for a wedding dress for a friend. Last year house of hope in arlington heights has a may bridal sale, but they are no longer running the sale. Goodwill and the Salavation Army is a hit or miss. Does anyone know of sample sales, charity shops, etc for wedding dresses. The wedding is a year away, so if the sale is later in the year that is ok.”
  • An idea from Samantha: “I had seen this in the Sunday Trib and it looked cool”
  • Martina says: “Low in Kellogg’s Raisin Bran as well. Thank’s again :0)” There is a $3.00/3 printable here. Anyone know of a good place to use it?
  • She also is: “Looking for a deal on Flushable Cleansing Cloths (Scott, Cottonelle…). Thank you :0)” This Amazon deal is one idea, any others?


  • For the Method deal, liz noticed: “theres a $1.00 off handwash method on my shopmium also!”
  • A baby food deal from andi: “check’s post (search Ella) on some of the recent baby deals. I got 4 pouches of Ella’s organic baby food for a friend for $0.40 total, or 10 cents each. TotallyTarget provides a link to a $1 printable, which works on a single item (obviously, you’ll need multiple printers as it’s 2 per [computer]). Then, Target text club for baby deals provides a $1.50/4 Target coupon. Lastly, I had 10% on Cartwheel (not sure when this expires). Had I been able to get ALL Strawberry apple, it would have been $0.06 total for all four. However, store was picked over, and I had to get other pouches with a ring price of $1.77 (the strawberry/apple was $1.39). Then used my redcard, of course.” Unfortunately, the Cartwheel expired 4/19.


  • Tamara found: “Free Glade Decor refills at Walgreens. $1 each when you buy 3. Buy 4 at $1 and use two $2/2 from rightathome.”


  • On the Hamburger Helper deal, Jane says: “I just printed up the rebate and it is limit 2 offers per address! I wonder how much ground beef is at Walmart anyway? That is $12.88 worth of free meat!” Not sure, but you could price match that as well!

Reader deals 4/20/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Feelgood found this Facebook contest with instant win and you can play daily. Prizes include an M&Ms ball: “M&M M-ball contest


  • A find from feelgood: “Went to CVS Saturday night, new tags were up for the Speed Stick Gear deodorant sticks. Noticed the Speed Stick Gear body spray was also tagged 2/$8 with the $3.00 ECB offer!”
  • And he found: “There is also a printable $1/1 Sparkle coupon here (works 2 times, hit PRINT again):”


  • Leslie comments: “Morning Star Farms is on sale at Meijers starting Thursday for the Chicagoland area. B3G1 @ $3.33. Meijer usually particapates in the National Cat’s.”


  • Experience from letsshop: “Epson can’t cheat with the re manufacturer ink ):” You may have luck with different models, though.
  • Kari O. says: “My in laws have an Epson printer and they use the super cheap refilled ink they buy off eBay. The only thing is the printer asks you EVERY time if you want to print with a non-approved ink because the quality may not be good. It’s works fine.”


  • Mollie W says: “Regarding the Magnum Ice Cream Bars. I took the Ultra Ad to my Target store and matched the price which was 2.50 a box of three. I used two coupon of 1.25 each and bought two boxes making that $2.50 for two boxes. Target will match prices at the cust. service desk.” Update — this may have been last week or an unadvertised sale, I don’t see them in this week’s ad.


  • From letsshop: “Did a good deal at Walgreens today , bought 2 Irish Spring body wash 2 for $7.00  free after using 2 coupons  4/6SS  $1.50/1 coupon and $4 RR Gear body wash is included in sale”


  • Outlander reports: “Speaking of Challenge butter, I wanted to price match it at Walmart, but they don’t carry it unfortunately. :( I printed a lot of those $1/1 Qs, so hopefully it will go on sale at Meijer again for $2 before they expire.”

Top ten Target deals 4/21/14 – 4/26/14

Here are your top ten Target deals and matchups from today’s ad, which runs through 4/26:

Target deals week of 4/21

  • In ad coupon: $5/$25 bath tissue or paper towels. Text PAPER to 827438. For the even better $10/$25 coupon, text BATH to 827438.
  • Method hand wash, 3/$8.00. Print $1.00/1 Target coupon here. Get 5% off with Cartwheel. AND get $1.00 back from Shopmium – thanks, liz!
  • Select Glade, $2.99 and B3G1. Print $2.00/2 here. Check and your 4/6 SS for more coupons. Stack with $1.00/2 mobile coupon (THANKS to 827438). Also get 5% off with Cartwheel. Get $.50 back on a jar candle with Checkout 51. Get $.50 back on a jar candle and $1.00 back on two wax melts with ibotta.
  • Get a $10 gift card when you buy two select formula. Shows Enfamil and Similac tubs for $24.99. Print $2.00/1 Similac here (90210). If included, use $5.00/2 Similac SimplePacs or $2.00/1 Ready to Feed in the 3/23 SS. Stack with $2.00/1 Similac mobile coupon (BABY to 827438).
  • Arm & Hammer 19 lb Clump & Seal cat litter, $9.99. Use $3.00/1 in the 2/9 SS or March AY. Print $3.00/1 here.
  • Hanes men’s, women’s, and kids’ socks and undergarments, B2G1 mix & match. Use $5/$20 intimates mobile coupon (OFFERS to 827438). Get 5% off select mens’ and women’s with Cartwheel. Update: There are Cartwheel offers for kids’ now too!
  • Up & up nail polish remover, $.89. To get three for $2.06, use $.50/$2.00 up & up nail care mobile coupon (OFFERS to 827438) and get 5% off with Cartwheel.
  • Market Pantry lunch meat, $2.50. Print $1.00/1 here. Get 5% off with Cartwheel.
  • Archer Farms 10-12 oz coffee, $5.00. Print $1.50/2 here or use the mobile version (OFFER to 827438). Get another 5% with Cartwheel.
  • Hormel P3 protein packs or Rev wraps, $1.50. Use $1.00/2 Rev in the 3/2 SS. Print $1.00/1 P3 here. There is also a $1.00/2 P3 in the 3/16 SS. Update: Get 15% off P3 with Cartwheel to make them 28 cents with the printable.

Reader deals 4/19/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Dollar Tree

  • Outlander shares: “I found at Dollar Tree big boxes of Kellogg’s Fruit Loops so 3 free after $3/3 Qs. And also Honey Bunches of Oats Greek yogurt, so 50 cents after $1/2 from 4/13 SS1.”
    dollar tree cereal

Internet service

  • Priscilla comments: “Don’t forget if your kids qualify for reduced or free lunch you should qualify for Internet Essentials through comcast for 9.99 a month internet.”


  • For anyone still heading to Target tonight for Bounty, new2q says: “There is also a $1/2 bounty rolls Q in the energizer battery packs that had ‘ Save over $20 PG items ‘ . These where the 20- pack batteries that were free after rewards at Office Max.”
  • And Samantha says: “There is also a $1 off 6 pack or larger Bounty when you text offers. You know, if you need some more PT ;)”
  • A tip from Kari O.: “Target will tell you it’s the discretion of the manager or cashier to accept or not accept coupons. I’d suggest buying the items then returning to customer service for a refund of your “missed coupons”. They allow that for at least 3 days, sometimes a week.”
  • Jaimene says: “The Target mobile app has ALL of the mobile coupons and bar codes Including the special deals and baby mobile coupons” You may still have to be signed up for the mobile coupons in order to get them in your app.

Ultra Foods

  • Something to look for from Linda: “When buying the Keebler crackers, look for peelies for buy 2 boxes of crackers, get a dozen eggs free!”

Whole Foods