Target deals midweek update — week of 10/19/14 – 10/25/14

Here is your Target deals midweek update for the current ad, which runs through 10/25:

Target updates through 10/25

  • Moneymaking pain relief. There is a $5 gift card right now when you buy three select Chattem health care items, that overlaps with our in-ad coupon this week.
  • Oral care in-ad coupon deal. Another use for the in-ad coupon (or text CARE to 827438) for a $5 gift card when you spend $15 on personal care! Buy one Listerine Naturals 1L for $5.49, a Colgate Kids Mouthwash for $3.99, and two Kids Colgate Toothpaste for $2.79 each. Use the in-ad coupon (or text CARE to 827438). Get 5% off Listerine with Cartwheel deducts $.27). Use $2.00/1 Listerine Naturals Mouthwash printable. Use $1.00/1 Colgate Mouthwash in the 9/28 SS. Pay $6.79 and get a $5 Target Gift Card. Thanks, Couponing for 4.
  • Cheap baking mix. Krusteaz mixes are as low as $1.52 for cornbread. Use $.55/1  in the 10/5 SS and get $.75 back from Ibotta to make it net 12 cents! You can also choose other mixes like waffle or pancake for a little more.
  • Cheap pasta sauce. Barilla pasta sauce is on sale for 1.69 this week. Use $.75/1  in the 9/7 SS and get $.75 back from Ibotta to make it net 19 cents!
  • Salsa deal. Herdez 16 oz salsa is B3G1 at $1.99 through 11/1. There is also 30% off on Cartwheel, so $4.18 for four! Thanks, Totally Target.
  • Yes to coupon. Print a $2.50/1 Yes to product on Facebook when you share. This one doesn’t have size restrictions and the line is 5% off this week, making the $3-ish trial size items about $.34 after coupon! Thanks, Totally Target.

Reader deals 10/20/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Sent over by feelgood: “Nice Meijer mPerks digital coupon” UPDATE — $5/$15.
    mars meijer

Reader requests

  • From cj: “Shop Your Way Rewards-I heard that if your account is inactive for a short time, they will add addtl points to your acct to get you to use the acct again. Anyone know how long? I have gone 3 weeks and am tempted to stop by Kmart this week if I won’t be receiving addtl points anytime soon! Thanks!”
  • Sanee asks on Facebook: “quick question–I *think I’ve signed up for everything there is to sign up for at CVS (I’ve got the loyalty card, and am enrolled in the prescription thingy too..) but I NEVER get these $/$$ coupons that are mailed/emailed! I know it’s just random but seriously haven’t gotten one in a LOOOOOONG time :( Anyone else? Oh, and not sure if anyone else noticed this too, but the MCM used to spit out ton of q’s, and now it’s like one, every time I go…..sniff sniff”


  • From Kristin: “There’s a good deal on Kleenex 4 box bundle packs. Buy 2 for $11.58 ($5.79 each). Use $.50 coupon from 9/14SS and $2 coupon from Target ‘It’s Savings Season’ booklet. Now you’re at $9.08 and get a $5 gift card back. $4.08 out of pocket for 8 boxes of tissue or $.51 per box!” Also, print $.75/1 bundle pack here when you share.”
  • Tori adds: “Don’t forget to use TWO .50/1 coupons from the 9/14 SS. Also if you don’t have the saving seasons book, you can print $1/1 Kleenex 4-pk or larger from Target’s site and use 2. The 2nd 50/1 bundle coupon will bring you down to $3.58, or .45 per 160 count box.”


  • A $1.00/1 coupon to check for in your stash for the Viva deal, from VB: “oh wait it was a booklet I got in a package of huggies diapers or something it also had juicy juice coupons and Crayola.”

Top ten Target deals 10/19/14 – 10/25/14

Here are your top ten Target deals and matchups from today’s ad, which runs through 10/25:

Target deals week of 10/19

  • GE LED lighting, B2G1 free. Use $2.00/1 and $1.00/1 Target coupons here.
  • Kids’ and pets’ costumes and accessories, $5-$25. Check Cartwheel for up to 40% off quite a few.
  • Lalaloopsy, Imaginext, B. Toys, Barbie, and Hot Wheels BOGO 40% (same brand only). Lalaloopsy dolls are $17.00 and there is also 15% off on Cartwheel to make them $11.56 each after both discounts. Check Cartwheel for offers on some items from the other brands as well.
  • In-ad coupon: $5/$15 personal care (deodorant, body wash & bar soap, hand & body lotion, feminine care, first aid). Text CARE to 827438 for oa mobile version or print here.
  • Online ad: Hillshire Farm American Craft sausage 12 oz, $3.29. Get 50% with Cartwheel. Use $1.00/1 here or $1.00/1 here to get it for $.64. Note the picture shows the regular rope but that is 14 oz, not 12, and the Cartwheel is showing up as a match so I think they just put the wrong picture in there.
  • GoGo SqueeZ 4 pack, $2.00. Use $1.00/1 in the 8/3 SS.
  • Libby’s 100% pure pumpkin 15 oz, $1.69 or 30 oz, $2.89. Get 5% off with Cartwheel. If you also need evaporated milk, use $.50/2 Libby’s and Carnation evaporated milk in the 9/14 RP and stack with $.50/2 Carnation Target coupon here.
  • Green Works cleaning, dishwashing, and laundry, 10% off. Use $1.00/1 Target coupon in the 10/12 SS. Get 10% off with Cartwheel. Stack with $.75/1 here under 90210.
  • Pillsbury maple brown sugar cake mix, $1.25. Get 20% off with Cartwheel. And check your stash for $1.00/2 tearpad coupons.
  • Hershey’s snack size Halloween candy, $2.50. Use $1.50/2 Target coupon here. Get 5% off with Cartwheel. Stack with $1.10/2 here. There is also a $1.50/3 in the 10/19 SS.

Reader deals 10/17/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Debbie emails: “Hey just a heads up.  I ordered some games from the vintage Hasbro sale.  I thought frustration free packing meant no annoying plastic clamshells that are so hard to open.  What it means is no packaging at all. Just the plain brown box its shipped in. Games and instructions were in loose plastic bags stuffed in the mailing box. I wanted these for gifts and was very disappointed.” Interesting, I ordered a vacuum listed as “frustration free” and it still came in its original box inside another box perfectly fitting around it. Not sure what frustration I was freed from….


  • If you want more than just your freebie, maggie points out: “There’s a 50 cents off 2 coupon for Ortega in the 9/28SS”


  • A Coke deal report from ally: “Out here in NW IN doesn’t work anymore- the sodas are just $3 (not from the $5 price :( so have to buy more to get to $15″

Food information

  • Anne shares: “I subscribe to the CSPI’s Nutrition Action Healthletter.  This month (October), they had an article on sugar substitutes, and they rated aspartame as an “avoid” and sucralose as a “caution”.  They cited studies that linked aspartame to cancer and sucralose to leukemia (study not published yet).  The article is not available yet on their website, but I highly recommend a subscription to this newsletter.  It helps cut through the hype on nutrition and health studies.”
  • And peaches adds: “I used to subscribe to Nutrition Action, and I got it on their website for $10 a year. I let my subscription lapse. even though I love the newsletter. I got an offer from them a few months ago to let me renew for $8 for one year. I might resubscribe if the offer is still good. When I clicked on the link that somebody gave, it looked like the price for a one year subscription had gone up to $20. They are totally unbiased, and they look at all the research out there before they pan something. Often times they will pan a study that receives a lot of publicity, and they will say why the study is not valid.”


  • A find from Rachel: “Just got back from jewel. They had chi chi’s salsa on sale for $1.50. With the $1 off coupon from makes a great deal!”
  • A tip from Christina on Facebook: “I went to jewel today for the honey crisp apples that are on sale for $1.29/lb. I was planning on buying quite a few but when I got there they only had a small amount and none of them looked good. I asked if they had anymore and it took some time but they brought out brand new, in the box, chilled and fresh apples. They looked amazing. Just a hint to your readers… ask for more of something if the produce doesn’t look too great! The ones that were out were not even worth the sale price!”

Loyalty programs

  • Valentina S. shares: “Free Kellogg’s codes from FREEPOINTSFRENZY (100 points) added 10/13 * UGOTTALOVEABONUS (100 points) added 10/13 * WEHEARTSURPRISES (100 points) added 10/13 * 3CHEERS4BONUSPTS (100 points) added 10/13 * HOORAYFORFREEPTS (100 points) added 10/13 * ELVESLOVEBONUSES (50 points) added 10/9 * MAGICOFBREAKFAST (20 points) added 10/9″


  • A heads up from Marion regarding a deal shared yesterday: “Unfortunately I don’t think the $5/2 tq is a match to the smaller sized bags of food. Maybe the cat but definitely not the dog.
  • A question from KRISTINA on the Scrubbing Bubbles Catalina: “Does anyone know how long this goes for?”


  • SmartShopper shares: “I just called and the Palatine Domino’s location is also participating from noon – 1:40pm. I was told to order on-line or come into the store. No phone orders. Here is the address for those in this area: STORE #2721 450 E Dundee Rd Palatine, IL 60074 (847) 359-4200″


  • Kristen reports on the up & up diaper deal: “I did this deal on Tuesday and it worked perfect!”


Target deal — Cheap up & up diapers!


Here’s a nice up & up diapers deal for you at Target — as low as $.07 per diaper! Deal runs through Saturday 10/18.

While your per diaper cost will vary by size, the size 2 giant packs have 172 diapers, so that works out to $.07 per diaper.

(Thanks, Hip 2 Save)

Reader deals 10/16/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Maria shares: “Something to do this weekend…..This Saturday 10/18 and Sunday 10/19, The Chicago Architecture Foundation is sponsoring Open House Chicago. It’s a free festival that offers behind-the-scenes access to more than 150 buildings across the city. More info at


  • Don posts on Facebook: “I read most of the reviews from several sources as I have been looking for a Humidifier and although a refurb, I decided to take a chance on this one [$49.99 shipped] – I just thought I would mention this.”


  • Kelly reports: “The new Angelo Caputos in Carol Stream had 2 POUND bags of baby Carrotsi for 79 cents. Use 25 cents off from Checkout 51 (if it stays) and get them for 54 cents or 27 cents per pound. Even without Checkout 51, it’s still a great price. Also, the blackberries on sale were NOT Driscolls brand and they rang up incorrectly at $2.49 (should be $1.89). I caught it and they amended it easily. ” Unfortunately, the carrots offer did not come back today.


  • Alicia comments: “1. It’s my first year with trick or treaters and I’m super excited, but I just started noticing how ridiculously expensive candy is this year! My mom suggested getting some glow sticks instead, which I thought was a great idea. The kids are already getting lots of candy, and these should still be glowing the next day. Michael’s has them on sale this week, too: a 50-pack of bracelets for $4.99, B1G1 1/2 off. 2. On that note, anyone know when trick or treating is happening within city limits this year? I know sometimes it varies by town or neighborhood. Couldn’t find much online about it.”


  • From Lisa: “I looked 4 Starbucks coupons today too as Kroger has an awesome deal on both the K Cups and bags. These are in the Bourbonnais Store and are on select flavors (found in the coffee aisle not the clearance section). They are 3.99 which is an awesome deal by itself but if you buy 3 you save 3 so only 2.99. I had some $4/2 coupons (IP,s) that were posted on krazykroger so I paid .99 ea but was looking to buy more. If you have some IP’s now is the time to use them. I have no clue if you could find this in another location but they had quantity in Bourbonnais. They even had some on and end cap by the coffee right by the registrars.”


  • DON says: “Organic cinnamon is a very good price as well” It is $2.00 for the 1.5 oz jar.


  • A find from Liza: “I seen [Soda Stream] in clearance yesterday at the Meijers on 95 for 27.00″
  • Pam shares: “This ‘Happy Dance’ credit go’s to Jill Cataldo… Just wanted to let you know cuz I didn’t see it posted here…. Suave Shampoo & Conditioners, Lotions and Deodorant are on sale $1.39 WYB 5 ($1.50/1 in 9/28 RP) Free Suave Stylers and Treatments are on sale too $1.39 WYB 5 ($2.00/1 in 9/28RP) Free Purine Dog or puppy chow 4-4.4lb ($1/1 7/27 RP)or cat chow ($1/1 8/17RP ($3.99 WYB 4, stack w Target $5/2 9/21SS .49 cents ea Purine Begging party poppers dog treats $4.99 WYB 4 ($2/1 9/7SS) stack w Target $5/2 9/21SS .49 cents ea Wishing everyone a little ‘Happy Dance’ today ;)

Online deals

  • From me, on the Ninja blender: “Ooh, this is very similar to the one I have. It looks just slightly cosmetically different, and the number is different though the watts are the same. I absolutely LOVE this thing. It handles whatever I put in there. Smoothies were smooth, margaritas amazing, mojo marinade was super quick, and breadcrumbs easily from a rock solid baguette. The single serve cups are also very convenient. It is easy to clean but you have to be careful because it is incredibly sharp.”

Reader requests

  • Barb B asks: “Locking for the best price for contact lenses. Any recommendations?”
  • VB responds: “I order from I always checkout to check for codes. Occasionally a 25% off code is released so look up future ad scans to see if you should wait. I also use cash back sites to increase savings. They have a verification process but the longest I have had to wait was maybe 5-6 to get my contacts.”
  • One from Gale: “I have a dear Jewish friend that is celebrating her birthday this coming Sunday. She hinted that she wanted a new Afikoman Bag. I called several Judaica stores and find that they are closed to celebrate Sukkot until Sunday. Anyone know of a store that I can get one at?”
  • A question from Jay: “I’ve never heard of raise before or have used it. Sounds neat. Have you used it in the past without any trouble?” I have a few times with no problems.


  • Alicia shares: “VIllage Discount Outlet on Milwaukee near Western (and it looks like some of their related stores, too: has 1/2 off everything in the store October 25th and 26th. The store is HUGE and has really reasonable prices (cheaper than Goodwill, for sure). Most t-shirts were between $2-4, decent kitchen stuff priced around $4, etc.”


  • From Shirley: “Here is what I did: 2 stayfree, 2 Tresemme keratin shampoo, 2 Tresemme keratin conditioner and 2 Tresemme keratin heated treatment. $4.99 x 2 + $4.09 x 2 (PM online price) + $4.99 x 2 + $6.99 x 2 = $42.12 – 2 x $1/1 IP for stayfree – 2 x $6.99 IP for Tresemme keratin heated treatment (It was available to print last month- buy shampoo & conditioner get heated treatment free) Paid $26.14, got back $25 in gift cards for a net cost of $1.14. If you have 3 x $5/2 Tresemme MQ, that is even better.” Although the coupons are limit two, so having three may not matter.

Another free personal care Target scenario


The other day I told you about my fun overlapping gift cards Target shopping, but here’s another scenario if you don’t have the $3 Playtex coupon and missed printing the $2.00 TRESemme coupon:

  • Buy four select TRESemme stylers for $15.96.
  • Buy four Axe deodorant twin packs for $15.96.
  • Buy two select Stayfree pads for $9.98.
  • Now you’re at $41.90.
  • Use the $10 gift card with $40 purchase select brands mobile coupon: Text BRANDS4 to 827438.
  • Use two $5.00/2 TRESemme in the 9/28 RP = $31.90.
  • Use one $3.00/2 Axe deodorant printable and two $2.00/1 in the 9/28 RP= $24.90.
  • Use two $1.00/1 Stayfree in the 10/5 SS = $22.90.
  • Get back $25.00 in gift cards: $10 for mobile coupon, $5 for Tresemme, $5 for Axe, and $5 for Stayfree.

Target deals midweek update — week of 10/12/14 – 10/18/14

Here is your Target deals midweek update for the current ad, which runs through 10/18:

Target updates through 10/18

  • In-ad frozen coupon. For a few ideas, check here, here, here, and here. And please share your scenarios!
  • Reynolds baking cups. For those of you looking for a place to use the $1.00/2 Reynolds baking cups coupon, the 32 ct foil cups were on price cut for $.99.
  • Cheap Triaminic and Theraflu. Look for a $5 gift card when you buy three. These are $5.69 and $5.99. Use the $2.00/1 coupons for each in the 9/21 SS. There is also a $1.50/1 Theraflu in the 10/12 SS. You can also print $1.00/1 Theraflu here and $1.00/1 Triaminic here when you sign up. Finally, stack the $3.50/2 Target coupon here that is not limit one per person. So your best deal is on four Triaminic and two Theraflu if you can print three Target coupons. Start out at $34.74, bring it down to $12.24 with coupons, and get $10 in gift cards back for a net cost of $.37 each! Thanks, Totally Target!
  • Clorox Green Works stack. We got a $1.00/1 Target coupon in the 10/12 SS. There is a $.75/1 here under 90210 to stack with it. Plus, there is a price cut through 11/8 that takes 10% off all of the products, making toilet bowl cleaner as low as $2.06, so $.31 after stack. Thanks, Totally Target!
  • Stacking gift card deals. If you text BRANDS4 to 827438, you get a mobile coupon for a $10 gift card with $40 purchase of participating brands. It was also in the 10/5 Sun-Times RP. Well, this includes Stayfree, Playtex, and TRESemme, which each have their OWN individual gift card deals going on for a nice double dip. So for buying three TRESsemme, four Stayfree, and two Playtex, Rachel got back $30 in gift cards — $10 for the BRANDS4 coupon, $5 for TRESemme, $5 for Playtex, and two $5 gift cards for Stayfree. For Stayfree, use $1.00/1 printable here under 90210. For Playtex, used $3.00/1 printables (no longer available?) or $1.00/1 in the 10/5 SS and $1.00/2 Target coupon here. For TRESemme, use $5.00/2 from the 9/28 RP and $2.00/1 printable.
  • Halloween Nabisco snack packs. The multi-packs of Nabisco with Halloween packaging are ringing up BOGO 50% as part of this week’s sale on Halloween candy and snacks. These are $6.99, so $10.49 for two. Use two $1.00/1 here under 77477 to bring it down to $8.49. There are 20 in each package, so $.21 per snack bag. Thanks, Couponing for 4.