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Teeny Tiny Caturday with the Notorious BKG: So long, and thanks for all the scratching pads…

Welcome back to Caturday with The Notorious BKL and Friends: Teeny Tiny New Rug Edition. It’s the post itself that’s teeny tiny because I’ve been running around all day here; the rug itself is actually a handy 5×7 area rug that I impulse bought for $19.99 at ALDI today. But I probably didn’t think this purchase through as well as I should have,  because Bad Kitty Gnocchi is pretty sure that I actually picked her up the best giant scratching pad ever.

In this war between my new rug and her sharp little claws, Gnocchi will eventually prevail. At this point, it’s really more a question of how long it will last.

Sigh… thisiswhywecan’thavenicethings.


And while we’re on the subject of things I bought this week…

So I picked up three pairs of back-to-school shoes, because they were on sale online at Target last week. Target shipped these in a box large enough to fit my eleven-year-old, and here’s the photographic evidence to prove it! I do a lot of shopping online, but have been reading lately about how much packaging waste we create from the shipping materials. While I reuse and pass on as much of the packaging as I can, I still end up recycling more than I’d like.

Anyway, packaging like this certainly does not help. Target and Kohl’s seem to be the worst excessive packaging offenders in my experience, but what’s the most excessively packed item you’ve received?

So, how’s your Caturweek (or cat-free week) going?

See that expression? That’s an “I’m about to start clawing the heck out of this rug” expression…

And that’s it for this week’s Caturday! So, since that’s us for now: How’s your own Caturweek (or cat-free week) going? And… Be sure to tune in next time for the next episode in the exciting adventures of the Notorious BKL and Friends.


Wednesday 8th of August 2018

Cat lovers here might be interested in America's Got Talent this season. A Mother Daughter team that auditioned for the show brought their cats, which they trained. They made it through the first round. They were good. They just competed in the second round of auditions on Tuesday. They brought a second set of cats for the second round. 18 acts were in the second round on Tuesday, and they were one of the 7 acts that made it through to the live show. The live shows start this next Tuesday. There are going to be 28 acts participating in the live show. I have no idea which week the cats are going to make an appearance again. I assume it will take two live shows for everyone to appear. At the end of each live show, people can go online or call the 1-800 number and vote for their favorite acts that they want to go through. There is also a couple that do ballroom dancing that made it through to the live shows. He is 36, and his partner is 71! They were also on Tuesday evening. The 71 year old did splits. They might be rebroadcasting that show this Sunday. I am not sure. They also have a program on tomorrow Thursday, but I am not sure what the show is going to be about. The show is on NBC.


Sunday 5th of August 2018

My cat used to use our entire stairway as a "scratching post"! It was made of exactly the same material as her actual post, so I guess she had an excuse. We installed her post in the landing but she still used everything Berber! She scratched up the wooden door trims also when she'd go through the house in the middle of the night "tearing"! Except for her shedding (which was not her fault) those are basically the only 2 things that she ever did I forgive her, she was an awesome pet and we still miss her dearly. I love your cats!


Saturday 4th of August 2018

Your cats are fabulous.

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