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Zaycon Fresh is out of business — The Update

zaycon out of business

I’m updating today since I know a number of you have ordered from Zaycon in the past.

What’s going on with Zaycon Fresh?

Zaycon abruptly suspended operations as of 6/25/18

Here’s how their site reads as of June 25:

It is with deep regret that we inform you that as of today, June 25th, we are suspending business operations. Zaycon Fresh has put forth monumental efforts to endure recent challenges but conditions are such that this suspension is necessary. Updates will be forthcoming as we are able to provide them. For questions email: [email protected].

Zaycon is not responding to anyone

Zaycon has not been responding to customer emails and phone calls since June 25.

Zaycon has been cancelling future orders

Zaycon has been sending out mass emails and texts cancelling customers’ outstanding orders — but with no information on how and if payment will be refunded.

Zaycon is embroiled in a lawsuit

Zaycon is embroiled in a lawsuit with a previous investor, but at the time of this post has not filed for bankruptcy.

What you should do if you have an outstanding Zaycon Fresh order:

1) If you receive a text message this week saying your order is being delivered

Go and see if you can pick it up. Drivers were laid off by Zaycon earlier this week, but some have been finishing out their routes in order to drop off food that was already in the truck or ready to be picked up. I’ve had a couple of comments on Facebook that people did receive orders Tuesday and Wednesday; while others did not, so it seems to be hit or miss.

2) If you have outstanding orders out past this week (or your delivery does not arrive this week)

Contact your bank or your credit card company and disputing the charges. To do so:

  1. Search your email box for your order confirmation to verify how you paid for the order and the order date.
  2. If you paid via credit card: Call the number on the back of your credit card and explain that you would like to dispute the charge since the company took your money, failed to deliver the product you purchased, and has gone out of business,
  3. If you paid via debit: Call your the customer service number for your bank and tell them you need to dispute the charge since the company took your money, failed to deliver the product you purchased, and has gone out of business.

Banks and credit card companies have different dispute windows and policies. Good luck, guys! I’m so sorry; this is as much of a shock to me as to anyone else. 🙁

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Saturday 3rd of November 2018

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Linda Gilbert

Friday 13th of July 2018

Unfortunately I had a sizable credit on my account with Zaycon and it was used with 2 of my last orders. I had 3 orders pending delivery. I was notified one day before .my delivery in June and had deliveries scheduled in August & Oct. My bank will only go back 3 months. So out of $300 owed to me by Zaycon my bank will ctedit me $100. Better than nothing. But wish I had a way to get the rest from Zaycon


Tuesday 10th of July 2018

I bank at a credit union. I ordered in April and was told that it was cancelled in June. I got the money back in my account yesterday! Thank you for the idea!!


Monday 9th of July 2018

It was a big shock to us, too.

Banks are claiming that those past the 60-day window cannot file a dispute, but according to the Fair Credit Billing Act, you are entitled!

Here's a post I wrote that helps with the steps to take now. I hope it helps!


Sunday 8th of July 2018

I'm kind of annoyed that I'm out the money, but I have to remember that a) it was my first order, and I was waiting to see if it panned out before ordering more meat (obviously it didn't) and b) our family can afford to lose the amount we invested to find out if it was worth it. We got the recommendation from this blog and many like it, and I'd heard about them in the past, so I know that they WERE at one point legit. I'm really sad for the people that have been using this for years, and might have been out several hundred dollars or more. I saw stories of families that scrimp to be able to get the meat boxes, and now they're not coming. I wish they'd run a better business, to be honest.