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I tried the gnocchi in this week’s ALDI ad…


One of this week’s seasonal special buys at ALDI is Specially Selected pumpkin potato or wild garlic potato gnocchi at $1.99. I shopped hungry today, so impulse bought the wild garlic potato gnocchi (as well as a little jar of sun dried tomato Priano pesto sauce for $1.29), then cooked up the pack tonight for myself and the kids while MashupDad was out of town.


You’ll note that the ad shows the pumpkin potato variety, which was probably a good call. The wild garlic ones are honestly a rather unappetizing shade of grayish green (and didn’t cook up any prettier, lol). They were, however, pretty darn tasty, and went well with the pesto sauce for a super quick, affordable, and easy meatless meal that was a hit with the kids, too! Mr. 9 dubbed it “little squishy spaghetti.” 😉


I’d recommend giving the gnocchi a try on your next meatless Monday, while they’re still available in stores. Note that the pesto is pretty strong, so use sparingly — about half of their small jar was plenty for the whole pack of gnocchi.

Your turn: Out of curiosity, what special or seasonal buys have you impulse bought at ALDI lately?


Wednesday 12th of October 2016

We splurged on the ready to bake pumpkin cream cheese cookies. OMG. Yummy. Thank goodness there were only 12 otherwise I would have gained a few pounds!!

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