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Seasonal Spring ALDI Finds, April 2022

ALDI has been turning over their seasonal Finds in a big spring refresh lately, so let’s run down a few, with pix of what I’ve spotted in store lately. Have you seen any more new seasonally tagged items in your own local stores recently? Comment here!

spring seasonal finds at aldi in April 2022

It’s always fun to try something new… or to Find a returning favorite.

As always, prices and availability can vary by area.

Seasonal ALDI Finds, spring 2022

vegan non-dairy dessert bars at aldi

Winter Finds are always fun (remember all of that cheese, chocolate, and charcuterie?), but spring is a close second. Why? Well, because of our first section here, of course…

Seasonal frozen products

chocolate covered fruit bars at aldi

Seasonal frozen products are heavy on the treats this spring, and there’s something for everyone, here:

  • Earth Grown vegan ice cream bars, $3.99
  • Sundae Shoppe dark chocolate covered fruit bars, $3.59
  • Sundae Shoppe fusion ice cream bars, $3.29
  • Bomb Pops, $2.97
  • FatBoy cookies ‘n cream ice cream sandwich, $4.48
  • FatBoy toffee crunch sundaes, $4.78
  • Jonny Pops organic ice pops, $3.99
  • Specially Selected spring assorted macarons, $4.59
  • Magnum Mini variety pack, $4.97

Yeah, a lot of brand names this time. But I know some of you have been waiting for the non dairy ice cream bars, so take a look for those!

And man, these macarons are getting more expensive — but they’re just so darn cute, though. Oh, one non-sweet frozen Find I did spot: Jennie-O 32 oz frozen turkey burgers, $6.79.

Sweet spring Finds on the shelf

sugar cones, waffle cones, and cake cones on the shelf

Let’s just stay sweet for a bit though, shall we? If you choose the more traditional ice cream route instead of going for the pre-made frozen treats, you know summer is coming when ALDI starts stocking supplies for cones and sundaes. Look for Benton’s sugar cones, waffle cones, and cake cones — but so far only the sugar cones were tagged at my store, at $1.69. I also saw tubs of Betty Crocker rainbow and chocolate jimmies, at $3.42.

funnel cake kit at aldi

And hey, funnel cake fans — look what’s back! Baker’s Corner funnel cake kits, at $2.99 apiece. Other sweet shelf stable spring Finds this year include Betty Crocker gel food color, $3.58, and Baker’s Corner giant marshmallows, $1.99.

Spring deli Finds

potato salad, macaroni salad, and coleslaw

And just in time for Memorial Day and more cookouts: Deli Finds galore. Just for instance:

  • 30-32 oz Park Street Deli macaroni salad, original potato salad, mustard potato salad, or coleslaw, $3.39
  • 8 oz Sartori shaved cheese, $3.49
  • Grillos Pickle de Gallo, $4.75
  • Bel Giogioso snacking cheese, $2.99
  • Park Street Deli fully cooked baby back pork ribs 24 oz, $8.99
  • Budweiser bratwurst 12 oz, $4.99
  • Little Salad Bar Mediterranean orzo or lemon cavatappi pasta salad 11 oz, $4.49
  • Little Salad Bar Caprese or rotini pasta salad 20 oz, $4.99
  • 32 oz Park Street Deli fresh cut salsa, $4.69
  • Parkview cheddar jalapeño smoked sausage, $3.29
  • Appleton Farms grilled or fajita chicken strips 12 oz, $5.39
  • Emporium Selection habanero jack or chipotle cheddar deli cheese slices, $2.49

Beyond cookouts, there is so much else you can make and enjoy with seasonal Finds, too.

chipotle cheddar cheese at aldi

Just for example: The chipotle cheddar cheese makes just awesome grilled cheese sandwiches — especially when paired with a milder creamy cheese, such as Havarti.

jalapeno cheddar smoked sausages at aldi

Huh, I guess I’m on a spicy foods theme here: But you might remember these jalapeño cheddar sausages from the new cheesy smoked sausage & rice recipe from earlier this week. So tasty!

Spring Finds for the pantry

simply dressings at aldi

Next up, as we move back over to stock the pantry with seasonal products: New salad dressings for all your warm weather dinner salads. Tuscan Garden Simply dressings will run you $1.99 per 16 oz bottle, and are available in ranch, white balsamic vinaigrette, or raspberry vinaigrette.

polynesian and avocado serrano hot sauces

Or, if you’re feeling spicy: Check out Burman’s premium hot sauce, at $2.99 per 9 oz bottle. I saw Polynesian sweet & spicy and avocado serrano at my store.

pickle ranch and bacon cheddar chips

Now, let’s get snack-y and crunchy. Clancy’s loaded bacon cheddar or pickle ranch potato chips are back for the season, at $1.69 per bag. Other snack food Finds include:

  • Clancy’s butter twist pretzels tub, $4.29
  • Savoritz crispy wave crackers, $2.29
  • Casa Mamita Mexican street corn flavored big dipper corn chips, $2.29
  • Clancy’s salt & vinegar or cheddar jalapeño potato chips, $1.79

My college kid is a pickle chips fan — I don’t get it myself, but he’ll be quite pleased.

Seasonal Finds to drink

sparkling watermelon juice

All that salty snack food make you thirsty? Never fear: Refreshing spring drinks are here. Just a few I saw so far:

  • Nature’s Nectar watermelon lemonade singles, $1.39
  • PurAqua flavored Italian sparkling mineral water 16.9 oz six packs, $4.95
  • Nature’s Nectar sparkling watermelon juices 4 pack, $3.79

There are a number of seasonal adult beverages coming soon, too, for those of you in states where ALDI sells alcohol.

For instance: I haven’t seen this out in my own stores yet this month, but 4 packs of Espritza Bubbly Rose are listed as a new seasonal Find on ALDI’s site. I reviewed this one a couple of years ago, and it’s quite nice for the summer.

What ALDI seasonal Finds are you looking forward to seeing in stores this spring and summer?

Jan Wishau

Sunday 1st of May 2022

I stopped a young man with his dad, and a full shopping cart, at Aldi tonight and brazenly asked him if he was the cook of the house. He said, "I try." I proceeded to tell him about the Mash Up Mom FREE Aldi Meal Plans. He said it sounds good and was going to look up Just saying I can't help myself telling others what a WONDERFUL thing it is to have Mashup Mom Meal plans. Aldi closed at 8:00 tonight. We arrived at 7:15 pm with our meal plan in hand I took one page and gave my husband the other. We walked out of Aldi at 7:32 pm with just what we needed to make a week worth of meals. I love that the meal plan makes for quick and easy shopping. I love the way that last week you had me buy the pesto pasta and use it for both the naan pizza and the pasta dish. No waste! I definitely wouldn't have taken the time to meal plan on my own to use up all the pesto. My husband typically makes the meal while I work. He is not one who really loves to cook. However, your instructions are easy for him to follow and the meals are tasty and satisfying. He now embraces the cooking. We use to eat out after most work days as we were too tired to grocery shop and cook. Now we seldom feel a need to go to restaurants as your meal plan provides everything we need to make a wholesome hot meal within a half hour or so. I have posted about your meal plan on Next Door app, distruibuted it at Bible Studies, and provided copies of it to our adult children. I also use your Subscribe & Save Amazon strategy to buy all my supplements and coffee with the added cheap items from your list. Thanks for the informative price comparison this week between Aldi and Walmart. website is a HUGE BLESSING to me as it saves me time, money, and we are eating healither. Thank you Rachel for your amazingly helpful website.


Friday 6th of May 2022

Thank you so much for the kind comments, Jan. I'm so glad that the meal plans are working for you, and thank you for sharing them with others! :)

Jan Wishau

Sunday 1st of May 2022

We broke open the Forest Fruit flavor plant based Earth Grown Vegan ice cream bars on our way home from Aldi tonight. Wow! Are they good! We usually buy So Delicious non dairy ice cream bars. I think these are just as good. Would not have found them to try without your post. Thank you for that.


Friday 29th of April 2022

Thanks for always sharing the Aldi finds. I follow your menu but since there are only two of us, I just take ideas. Hubby is not a leftover person. Thanks again! Great job!