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Saying Hello to HelloFresh: A Review and a Discount Code for You

This post has been sponsored by HelloFresh. All opinions here, however, are my own.

Here’s a tasty detour from the normal meal plans I’ve been bringing you (and let me just take a moment to point out what a nice change of pace it was to have someone meal planning for me! 😉 ). HelloFresh recently sent over a meal plan box containing all of the ingredients and recipes for three dinners for a family of four, which gave me some new dinner ideas to help expand my normal repertoire.

One thing I found very helpful, actually, was that their recipe cards included exact measurements for each ingredient rather than just, say, “the packet of dill” — allowing users to easily purchase the necessary ingredients and re-create their favorite recipes again later. You can also view entire recipes on their site, which is very useful for future reference or if you misplace one of the recipe cards that comes in your box — as well as to help gauge whether your family will enjoy their recipes.

She knows there’s something good in here!

The ingredients for all three of my HelloFresh meals, other than the very basics like cooking oil, salt, and pepper, came packaged and insulated nicely in one large box. For quality and food safety purposes, I was happy to see that the meat was packaged by itself at the bottom of the box under the ice packs while most of the other meal ingredients were packaged together by recipe in three separate bags (which were reusable for kitchen scraps).

While specific meals will differ each week, let me tell you about my experience with each of these three meals that I made from my HelloFresh box and my thoughts on the process as a whole — and then I’ll also share a great HelloFresh discount code for those of you who want to give HelloFresh a try for yourselves!

HelloFresh Meal 1: Pork and Thai Basil Stir-Fry

After removing all of the meal kit ingredients from the box, I decided to start with this Pork and Thai Basil Stir-Fry with bok choy, basmati rice, and Sriracha lime sauce. (While all of the ingredients looked fresh and lovely out of the box, I wanted to use the included bok choy sooner rather than later for optimal freshness.)

I don’t generally cook with Thai basil because it has a stronger more licorice-y flavor, so this is not a recipe I would originally have gravitated to. Sometimes, however, it’s good to move out of your cooking comfort zone and try new things: Although this was honestly not my favorite of the three recipes (precisely because of the Thai basil), both MashupDad and Mr. 10 loved this stir fry and have requested that I make it again soon. They were both quite pleased to find a new favorite!

And are these not the cutest little containers for soy- and fish sauce you have ever seen? Mr. 10 has claimed the empties for a project of his own making, so they’re getting a second life here.

A quick note on cooking times here: While the recipe said it would take a total of 20 minutes, it took me closer to 30. This is probably due to the fact that I’m a slow chopper, but most home cooks probably are, no? So just something to be aware of when you’re making your own HelloFresh meals.

HelloFresh Meal 2: Phantom Tortelloni Bolognese

I learned something while making this Phantom Tortelloni Bolognese (buried under a panko gratin crust): The difference between tortelloni and tortellini is that tortelloni is larger, averaging about 5g rather than tortellini’s 2g. See? Educational and tasty. 😉 This second recipe was an especially big hit with the kids, and the leftovers somehow disappeared back to IMSA with High School Guy. Oh, and that’s one thing that I should mention: The portions in each of the three meals I tried here were generous, and we ended up with leftovers more often than not.

As with the first recipe, this tortelloni took a little longer to make than suggested on the enclosed recipe card — but that’s my only quibble here. Everyone enjoyed this easy all-in-one weeknight meal, which also had a very nice presentation.

HelloFresh Meal 3: Creamy Dill Chicken

Last but not least: Creamy Dill Chicken with Roasted Potatoes and Green Beans. Somehow I never remember how much I like cooking with dill, so this recipe was another enjoyable change of pace — and the easy dill-dijon sauce added a bright pop of flavor to finish. Again, the freshness and quality of the ingredients here was fantastic; no complaints on any of the produce or meats I received.

My overall HelloFresh Review

I appreciated the variety and convenience of the HelloFresh meals I tried, as well as the clear step-by-step illustrated directions provided for each recipe. The pre-packaged ingredients in the HelloFresh box also help avoid food waste: How often do you buy a full container of a specific ingredient to use in a single recipe, then never end up using the rest of it? HelloFresh is a handy option for busy families looking for easy, healthier meal solutions, whether you choose to use it regularly or only occasionally when life gets too demanding.

While ordering HelloFresh is more expensive than grocery store shopping, it’s less expensive than comparable meals would run you in a restaurant — with the satisfaction of feeding your family a home-cooked dinner, to boot.

A HelloFresh discount code for you

And that’s my review — so how about a HelloFresh discount code for you! Mashup Mom readers can now score $30 off their first HelloFresh box (new customers only) with code MASHUP30. You’ll have three options to choose from, including classic, veggie, and family plans, and can choose how many people to cook for (two to four people), and how many nights per week (two to four meals). You can also pause, modify, or cancel your subscription at any time.


Tuesday 28th of November 2017

I have toyed with trying this since we are missing 2 at college. Do you think a meal for 4 would feed 5: 2 adults, 2 teen girls and 1 13yo boy? Sounds like it would be really tight, but I will always serve a salad with the meal and possibly fruit since that is our norm. What do you think?


Tuesday 28th of November 2017

We had leftovers in two of the three meals but not with the chicken one. The tortelloni filled my whole 12.5" cast iron skillet as shown in the photo above (and you could also add, say, garlic bread to help bulk up any of the pasta meals), while the stir fry filled a whole big pan (and you could always add a bit more rice to a stir fry meal).

Adding salad and fruit would definitely help, too, but some of the meals would stretch better than others. So, it may be tight, but you could always give it a try with the discount code, since you can cancel at any time if it doesn't work for your family.